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  1. hi guys i've been wanting to purchase Lish's debut, Dejavoodoo, for awhile, but cannot seem to find it in stock anywhere. if someone could recommend where to get it, or have a copy they'd like to sell, please let me know. thanks, peace!
  2. dude, you could've bought it at the show! i'm still absorbing this cd. i really don't like the vocals (track 5 i think), and there's a few other things i'm a bit iffy about. but expectations usually tend to throw me a bit, i really need to play it alot more before i can adequately rate it.
  3. the Freq remix of All Seasons was one of my favourite tracks of last year. i'm very keen to hear this new version. he seems to like re-editing and remixing his works (Lifeline Reedit, Nyquist - Singularity (Freq Revision), 2 versions of Brazil, Space Needle/Noodle). i guess it's that relentless pursuit of perfection which makes his music such a powerful force. can't wait to get the new album! but this compilation is getting ordered right now to tide me over
  4. this album has been in constant rotation for months now. every track is individual, and each has developed their own little space in my mind. some favourites are Epo Orc, My Voices Don't Like You and The Pay Per View Sound. also, the intro and lead in on 95.5 Radio Joint is exquisite. a rock solid bottom end with some seriously stompy bass provides a hefty foundation for some of the most insane grooves i've heard. the percussion flickers to and fro, with some perfectly filtered breaks reversing on themselves before flicking back forward and re-joining the track's movement. the snyth work is minimal, but fits the vibe here very well. the noises have character and their movement is fluid. the focus here is very much on rhythm though, so don't expect melodies. highly recommended
  5. this is beautiful music, no part dominates (ie no deafeningly loud obnoxious basslines), but all elements complement each other as the chugging journey slowly yet surely moves higher and higher. i really enjoy this album. is there a difference in style between 'Igneous' and 'Igneous Sauria' projects? i'm keen to check his other stuff....
  6. yes! this is the track which got me first into Atmos' sound, and the progressive style in general. this track is filled with magic for me.
  7. this thread has been really helpful for me, and there have been some great suggestions. alot of the older stuff here had completely passed me by my one recommendation would be Frogacult!! i bought their album last week, and have been getting lost in their swirls ever since. lovely organic forest-grooves
  8. Hello all, after loving Headcleaner for some years, I recently got Second Brigade and was sucked right back into the Atmos-universe. I really enjoy the vibe of Atmos' tracks, and especially the slick percussion and 'growing/building' nature of his trance. I was wondering if you guys could recommend some of his better tracks/remixes which are not on his 2 albums. Also, I haven't yet heard the album Atmos released on on Flying Rhino with Echolab. How many tracks are by Atmos, and is it worth getting? Thanks in advance for suggestions!
  9. hey i'm an australian travelling through the UK, and i've never been to Bristol. is this location in or near the city centre? i'm definitely coming, just bought a ticket online. can't wait to see Ott!
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