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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, May I introduce you to a brand new label? www.DigitalReprints.co.uk Digital Reprints Records is dedicated on bringing intelligent electronic music from artists known for their unique sound aesthetics to the physical realm. Each release contains previously digitally only available tracks that deserve a place at a collectors music library.The Limited Edition releases are of high quality 8-panel digipacks with booklet and slipcase. The artwork will complement the music it encloses in an onomatopoetic way. ​ Printing of those releases is funded through Kickstarter and available exclusively to the backers of each project. Each release is strictly limited to 100 numbered copies. All backers will be credited in the booklet of the release. ​ If you want to be part of our community and to make sure that you'll be one of the few for our first release subscribe to our newsletter or just follow this thread. More info to follow soon
  2. Hello, I'm Julien, co-manager of the French label Nirmãtã Music with Tetuna (french producer). A label oriented morning and melodic Full On. I introduise you our 1st track released few weeks ago. SOUNDCLOUD / BEATPORT The next one will come at the beginning of May... Contact : nirmata.music@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/NirmataMusic https://www.instagram.com/nirmata_music_label See U soon on the dancefloor
  3. I am an oldschooler Goa fan, and as most people at my age we don’t do good with digital releases, especially if you have the collectors bug. But this is the 21st century and since our music is not commercial either, it makes sense that a lot of releases are only digital. Free, quality digital only releases, don’t make things any easier for me. So what happens with that? So far I was able to push those releases to the back of my mind and pretend that they do not exist. However, there are some releases they keep coming back to haunt me. Notably, these are: The two lives of Hol Baumann Live At Sonic Live Nuit Hypnotique #4 The live versions of Elysium tracks: Live Versions The Live Remixes So I decided to print them myself and make them look like a proper release. They don’t look professional by any way, but still they are good enough to quench my thirst. For some time. And then it hit me. Kickstarter, 100 copies limited edition, 2xCD 8-panel digipacks. I didn’t see any reason they artists would refuse, I wouldn’t lose any money since all expenses would be included in the Kickstarter campaign price (if successful), all the extra income would go to the artists (I have a full time job, I don’t do it to make money, if any), could it really happen? Ehh, no. Too many things to consider for someone that has no experience in things like that would probably make my first try a disaster. And here I am, asking your advice, help, recommendations. Do you think that there is a market for that? Would you contribute to the campaign? Do any current label managers, artists, graphic designers want to help/get involved or just express your opinion? Everyone getting involved would be paid of course and the sum asked would affect the final amount price asked on kickstarter. For now other albums/comps I would like to see released in physical format are: LSD’s digital releases All Is Not Lost, All Is Dub (The Remixes) The Cerronnos Dub Rituals EP Zion604’s digital releases (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven) Entheogenic’s digital releases Gaia Sophia, Enthymesis, Anthropomorphic, A Singularity Encoded Please get involved. What I only need at this point is your opinion. Discuss away
  4. Artist: Alan Dep Title: "Kalan" Label: Zombster Records Format: WAV, Mp3 (320, 192) Catalog: ZMB113 Alan Dep strikes back! After the good debut with its "Four Elements" EP our kid once again delivers some floor-friendly melodic trance…if you're tired of repetitive psyprog that's absolutely worth a listen! Get your copy here http://btprt.dj/1yeQ2dT /// Zombster Team http://www.beatport.com/label/zombster-records/24601 https://www.facebook.com/ZombsterRecords http://soundcloud.com/zombsterrecords
  5. I thought there was gonna be another lost buddha album or something but nothing happened? The last 2 releases were absolutely great, Zelur Project - Sounds Of Cosmic Lifeforms (buy it!!!) and Lost Buddha untold stories live version.. but last release was a year ago?
  6. Release Title: Serious Psy Trance Release Genre: Third Solo Album Catalog Number: GLRCD006 EAN/UPC: 5060147128550 Release Date: 03.08.2012 Music Genre: Psy Trance Mastering: Ghost Label records Replication: Eurodisc S.A. Physical Distribution: Arabesque Distribution Digital Distribution: Feiyr.com Graphics: Open Source Format: CD Jewel Case @DJopensource
  7. Hi everyone Fish 'n Trips records is an Australian based psytrance label looking for new submissions for upcoming releases. After some well received work from Spunje, Atomgrinder, Boom nasha, Funkadelicasy and friends we are excited to announce a new schedule of submissions being taken to support the already thriving fish fun. You can find a little more info about us and the proposed releases here but we strongly encourage you to send us your best material now. Please use the form here.... http://fishntripsrec...ic-for-release/ https://docs.google....xVmVmeUsxUHc6MQ Find us online here... http://fishntripsrec...ress.com/about/ http://www.beatport....s-records/23636 http://fishntripsrecords.bandcamp.com/ Currently seeking music for “Twisted Mysteries 2.0 and 2.5″ – Dark, Edgy, full on and twighlight with a little darkpsy 145 – 160 BPM (series) “The Master Baiters” – Pumping and pounding Psygressive and progressive 134 – 140 BPM (new series) Ep’s, albums and singles in Psytrance, Hi-tech and darkpsy Some psybient and downtempo music In Other news we have also just released Spunje's debut. This challenging crossover album has been getting some great support from Dj's as it bridges new gaps between ethnic downtempo, drum n bass and psychedelic trance all rolled into one nice and totally genuine package. Dont miss Spunje this season with his incredible sounds and delightful delivery. Visit our bandcamp page now and join the journey thousands of others are taking for the first time. http://fishntripsrec...p.com/album/anu http://www.beatport....ease/anu/895850 Thank you for your consideration, Good times @fishntrips_recs
  8. Freakuency records is the first progressive trance label from the trance paradise,Brazil. provided with the main national artists of progressive trance, Freakuency comes with the idea of uniting even more artists, promoters and listeners a good psychedelic progressive. Visit our links below to learn more about our releases, casting and more.. Live Act: ProtoActive Pakman Subsistence Analog Drink Abstract Sunrise Erotic Dream Echoactive Fehja Natural Notes Soulscape Djs Sets: Gajah Claudio Pessin Narayana http://www.facebook.com/FreakuencyRecords
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