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  1. I am currently exploring this album. Sounds like something I was looking for! Thanks a lot. I also hope the composer is doing well since 2003. I also tried Electrypnose's Le Tireur de Ficelles, but it's not as tough as I remember it.
  2. Sorry for resurrecting old topic, but I just discovered Dark Nebula recently and I'm delighted. Before, this gave me headaches. Now, this harsh atonal madness clicks somehow. I know this is nowhere how tough it can get, but it's where I'm now. Love Robotic Tongue, Sacred Scars and Dreamfuel. Favorite track: Toxic Reality... or most tracks on these albums. Other albums are either too minimalistic, or don't have the sheer twisted rule-breaking atmosphere of these three. And yes, I am fishing for more recommendations like this. Something twisted but playful at the same time. It can be dark, but has to be rich and complex. You guys seem to act like you know a better stuff than this, so mind helping out, please ? :)
  3. Synsun - Phoenix has been growing on me a lot. I don't understand why the album has such a low rating on discogs. The first track is a blast, I like it. The Phoenix track 8 is a perfectly designed sound mayhem, it reminds me of The Lone Deranger a lot. And the next track 9 sounds like slowed down "Star Shpongled Banner" and "Around The World in a Tea Daze" slowed down, which I also love. There's a lot of talent to create something so similar to the maestro Posford. Thank you for the tip!!! I will need to give Conduktor a second chance, I heard it once years ago when I preferred the Unmade sound album. Sorry for listening so sporadically, there's been some health issues, so I'm gathering the albums for the hopefully near future!
  4. There's one recent quote I heard, that sums it up perfectly. "If you sell your soul for the devil's offer, think you will be the same person to enjoy the result?" Yes, there is freedom from something, but once you are committed, there is for example the freedom to be with the one woman you love. You also hint at the problem with religion. Atheists of 19th century destroyed religion, but they provided nothing that would promote family stability, sexual restraint and state integrity as much as religion. Also, by removing God or anything higher than human, human authority is the highest again. A Communist committee can take property and lives as they please, because they have the majority agreement and there is nothing higher than that, there is no God. Nietzsche correctly predicted that 20th century was going to be Bloodshed. I think we need God, the archetype of high-quality spirituality. But I think we aren't supposed to be LARPing ancient Middle East cultures. We need to really understand what they knew and rephrase it in today's modern knowledge. I tell you with all my future authority, spirituality is glorified plasma physics, but it won't make much sense to you, unless you experience something and have some theoretical background. This is not common knowledge. I think the present needs for average people are well served by Christianity plus Jordan Peterson's explanation. I don't think people are traumatized by excessive discipline. Discipline is an internal thing. If it comes from the outside, it's oppression and exploitation. Working men are exploited by taxes and by money printing. But we also have licentiousness and neglect. If you place infants in daycare, they will lack secure emotional attachment, they become very brittle, hysterical, unable to tolerate any disagreement. Then they get to college and we get kangaroo courts for not using fake pronouns. Freedom and discipline have not been tried yet. I don't think getting wasted is capitalist or not, alcoholism and hard drugs were much in use in socialist and national socialist regimes also, and the history of prohibition is complex. If you want capitalism, read on Capitalism and Protestant ethics by Max Weber, real capitalism (not cronyism) can be very sober and ascetic. Which I think is not healthy either. Just meet some real businessmen, not corporate employees, and ask if they are getting wasted, especially during a startup. We live in cronyism, not capitalism. I have even heard modern democracy called "participatory fascism", I think that fits. If cronyism is capitalism, then slaves picking cotton is gardening. Alcohol is a winter thing. We evolved to process alcohol, because it was a way to preserve fruit and sugar for winter and it also kills bacteria. Still other cultures ferment fruit, even monkeys do. But don't worry, other cultures retaliated against the evil colonialists with tobacco! I don't know about psychedelics. I think we share all the aesthetics, but I don't see the spirit, I sense spirit. Touch sense. Spirit is the powerful electric plasma substance that I live with, that courses in my body. That plasma itself is mind-altering and has its seasons, its ebb and flow, a will of its own. I do my best to alter my mind, but with absolute control over my chemistry. I'm altering my baseline, not exploring the upper limits. It's about power, voltage, that I am able to attract and conduct without failure. If marijuana taught me anything, it's that I need to be perfectly sober to face the power out there, can't have any distractions. Just having the touch sense and no sight of the spirit cuts down on distractions a lot. Doesn't mean I never saw anything, or that I don't want to see more. I do have a purpose. Hell, I could become a known figure eventually. But I want to have marriage and children, for me that is the ultimate test of functionality as a person, creating the sacred home where new minds are created and released as arrows to launch at the specter of society. But first I need to fix my soul, a part is broken in there. I need to fix my etheric body, it's a mess in some areas. It physically hurts and burns, it can be nauseating and exhausting, like poison. Some of the chakras and meridians need a real overhaul, regularly. That's another reason I don't want psychedelics, no way I am doing such shenanigans with damaged equipment. Who knows what I will have access to once the equipment is fixed.
  5. There are majority leftists on the forum? Well, I would be an exception then. I am nearly everything, or was, and abandoned all that for good reasons. I am the process and I am thorough. Conservatism is something I have acquired and did not abandon yet, if I ever will. There is nothing anti-system about being a leftist, haven't been for generations. All that the system needed was to take over schools, teach false economics, burden students with debt and offer them free stuff from the government, paid by printed money (see the false economics). That's it, the left is the system now, if it ever wasn't. The individualism, white ethnic in-group preference, having borders, low to no taxes, acceptance of economic disparity (in private sector), and some tongue-in-cheek racism, that's the new counter-culture. And I much appreciate Hasheeshian's remark, there is no freedom, only inside structures (such as the European-type civilization, that used to be a nice structure). Outside structures there is nothing to support you, inside there is some freedom and some restriction. The the more free you want to be from the cultural and political structures, the more structure you must have inside yourself, or you fail. Freedom is pretty much the same thing as discipline. You have as much freedom as you are disciplined. Freedom without discipline is license, or licentiousness, hence the liberals. I am everything, and that means both spiritually hippy and intellectual, skeptical and reverent. While I don't care for ethnic wailing in music, I can appreciate the spiritual quotes. "We humans are..." I care about the rest of the sequence and can offer my investigations. I've been born energy sensitive. I tell you, meditation is not just for relaxing. There are techniques to meditation (i.e. various yogas) that turn you into a live Alex Grey painting. His paintings are very accurate, although slightly cheesy (and he could stow that Obama pic). We are walking plasma reactors, of some kind. I've done it all, Shakti energy from above, Kundalini from below, a few other things that don't have a catchy name yet, it's all real, though not all safe. I could talk about myself more, in fact I did and deleted it, I did too much, it was getting awkward. I want to get to the important part. To join the Nietzsche club, there is no price too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. If you don't own yourself, you can't own anything else. You can't even love, because who is doing the loving? This is not some vanishing ego crap, you must always distinguish between the real ego death and just not owning, nor loving yourself. You can do backflips with the angels, you can hold the door for God. But unless you know, own and love yourself, none of your buffs will stack and you can tell goodbye to combos and synergy in your life. As Freud said, all you need is love and work. Work and love, and life is well spent. Love is a peculiar thing, because while you can fall in lust with a pretty... face, you can only love what you know, and what is virtuous. If you don't know yourself, you can't even accept love. And if you can't, off to the Jungian salt mines you go, and by salt I mean tears. Everything else can be taught, found, defined or envisioned, it's just stuff out there, been there, done that. But you, your soul, your true self, that's in a whole different league. As drab or unimpressive as it may seem, it's the whole difference between you having your bank card and someone else having it.
  6. Please ask Iron Sun! He seems to get it. Maybe it's some Arabian or Indian influence in Goa, but a few repetitive and fast notes in most Goa albums, in suspenseful mood, how hard is it to miss? Anyway, once upon a time I learned about Ektoplazm, the place of free music. I downloaded lots of albums and they all rubbed me the wrong way. Notably - Easily Embarrassed - Tales of the coin spinner. Lots of things I found on Ektoplazm were something weird, like Space Granny (Babuska). Maybe I'm biased against free stuff when it comes to quality. People shouldn't tell me if something is from Ektoplazm or not, so I don't get biased Wizzy Noise? Judging from the first song "Radical Payne", it's simple, repetitive, and yet so catchy! I like this! Thank you very much! I wish more artists knew the meaning of catchy. This is going to go well together, I actually read during workout, so simpler music is not bad. It reminds me of Son Kite - Colours in this aspect. Got any more of where that came from? Their Renaissance album has the highest rating I've ever seen on Discogs, with 47 votes. 12 Moons Solid State... That's somehow familiar. Will give it a second listen. Drone - 23 days - you're right, it's on the softer side. I'm not sure I actually have a niche for this. Too soft for the trance folder, too hard for the psychill folder, too normal for the electronic folder. OOOD is an odd one. The album is sometimes simple and loud, like Techno, then it changes, but it gets weird. I can tell it's very original, it's going to take some growing on me. It's not easy for me to review a lot of music at once, because I get deeply tranced out. Can't type. Oh, you understand! Maybe you can explain to others. Maybe there's a name for these repetitive Goa melodies. I will check out Oforia for sure.
  7. Ethnoscope: Right, I especially liked two songs of theirs: Jävla Sladdar and Odin's Kraft. The whole album sounds nice, but it fallen aside because it's quite relaxed. It doesn't distract from the pain of workout, the way that Infected Mushroom can! - I will look for Protonica's least minimalist album. - Robert Elster made an album? Must hear it! Thanks for the tip! - Ticon's latest album is in my probationary folder. Casual listens didn't hook me, so it will be put to the test in practice, next workout. - Soul Kontakt sounds nice! I'll see if I can put his EPs together to make some full-length mix. Algae Bloom is very, very good. Even though I dislike Ektoplazm As for the bad goa melody examples, that would be these albums. It feels like it's supposed to promote suspense, but a whole album of wicked suspense is too much. Hell, it's the whole genre of the suspenseful melody. It's everywhere, even in Khetzal - Corolle, although that album is great otherwise. After all these years, it just sounds to me like somebody long ago in Goa jungle had a troop of monkeys steal 90 % of their keys and was stuck with just a couple of notes, but still had to play a concert. And then it stuck and now many great artists are limiting themselves to just a few suspenseful notes, playing them extra fast, just switching a key here and there. There's just so much variety you can get out of a monkey-raided synth. I know Hallucinogen counts as Goa trance, but he's nothing like that. Here are some examples. I can tell they're good and they're trying their best, but they're held back by the Goa monkeys. Hypnoxock - Eurythmia [Goa Madness Records] (2017) Etnica - Alien Protein Filteria ‎– Sky Input, Heliopolis MFG ‎– New Kind Of World Morphic Resonance - Trip To The Stars Dimension 5 - TransStellar Good stuff found: GoaTree - Black Star Of The Death - this is Goa, but what comes to mind is freedom on the keyboard. This guy kept the monkeys from his synth with a shotgun. Maybe sacrificed a few of them to the goddess Kali. Ethnica - Mad crickets - just a song, but it proves that it doesn't have to be that way! I must check out the whole album. K.O.B. - Identity Mash - Filteria's alter. Pleasant surprise! Perfect Blind - Stratum - not trance, but captured my ear, must check it out. I've been persisting on a diet of Martin Nonstatic lately and this fits in. I think I will put it in dark corner with E-Mantra - Hermit's Sanctuary.
  8. Hello dear fellow listeners! I hope I am not breaking any local rules. I did search for "rules", but only found rules for reviewing. So please have a look over this and tell me in your best opinion, what are you missing in that list? I am looking for some new stuff in my collection, but having a hard time to find it. I am not a big Goahead. I'm more into the Swedish trance (you know, with drums) and progressive. I can't get into most Discogs recommendations, sometimes it looks like I already picked out all the good stuff. But it's been years! Something good had to come out meantime. Atmos sounds nice, but he's kinda slow for exercise. If I want ambient music, I go to Ultimae Records. Almost all of the listed music is fast and consistent enough for a 1-hour workout. But it's also trippy and interesting. All time favorites: human blue - misstarryas xperience, Base Basket Buffet Son Kite - Colours Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger, Twisted Prometheus - Robot O'Chan, Corridor of Mirrors Infected Mushroom - Converting..., I am the supervisor, BP Empire Raja Ram's Stashbag vol. 4 Sonic Elysium - Mahaon Astral Projection - Amen, Dancing Galaxy Aural Planet - Power Liquids Blue Planet Corporation - Blue Planet Filteria - Daze of our lives, Lost in the wild Green Nuns of the Revolution - Rock Bitch Mafia Vibrasphere - Archipelago (can't exercise to this though) Decent enough to keep: Andromeda - Sensations Antix - Lull Khetzal - Corolle Cosmosis - Contact, Synergy, Cosmology, Psychedelica Melodica... yes, he's nice to listen to. Jaia - Fiction Juno Reactor - Beyond the infinite, Transmissions Nystagmus - Immaculate perception Organix - Photosynthesis Pavel Svimba - Space Babuska (yes, really) Simply D - Fragrance of Violet (on the verge of commercial, but good side of the verge) Solar Fields - Earthshine (must honor the maestro) Sub6 - Saved (kinda short ) Tegma - Encoded decoded Transwave - Phototropic Chromosome - DMT Cowboys Mentalimage - Dreams 2 Cosma - Nonstop Good songs, didn't like the rest of the album: DigiCult - Star Travel Freq - Dreambody, Carbon-based lifeform Nova Fractal - Blindsight, Common Cold, Connect Ticon - We are the mammoth hunters Tandu - The System Hate list: (no good reason, just stuff that isn't like misStArRyAs Xperience) All the Goa trance that has all the same key lowly growly almost atonal pseudo-melody. Anything by Son Kite that's not Colours. Or Where the fields never end... New Infected Mushroom stuff. Except Army of Mushrooms. Most Eat Static stuff. Except Dead Planet. Can't get into Logic Bomb. X-Dream, The Delta, Trinodia Power Source - Cosmic waves Dark Nebula Hope list: something by Astrix Hydrophonic ‎– Aquabatics something by Ananda Shake
  9. Some of my most ambient favorites. Do you have anything that goes well with that? Thom Brennan - Mist, Strange Paradise (Secret Faiths of Salamanders) Markus Guentner - Theia Ishq - Sama Solar Fields - Extended Loscil - Plume Sync24 - Source Proton Kinoun - Apeiron Kyoto - Scapes and Spheres Lauge - Pusterum Om - Viaje al Interior
  10. Interesting. Gods and monsters is a very chaotic album. But it has several very good tracks - I mean, melodies. Inca Steppa is good, Immaculate Crucifixion, City of the Sinful, Tanta Pena, even the song Perfect Crime are great. I can get used to some of the rest. On their latest album Golden Sun..., I failed to detect any good melodies. It's all top quality and big style, but the melodies are simplistic, it's mostly just one big ethnic soundscape. I'd call it elaborate emptiness, as far as melody is concerned.
  11. Yes, yes and yes, all the time. However, after years of study and thinking I'd say all these supernatural phenomena can be explained by science, through a new interpretation of knowledge we already have. We only need to understand that we live in a world of invisible plasmatic matter, called "dark matter". This matter however uses the very same natural forces as ours - electric, magnetic, and so on. I have been through a lot, but nothing that couldn't be explained by conversion of matter or by interaction electric fields of the visible and invisible matter. The only difference is, that dark matter has a bit more loose atomic structure, so the atoms don't "lock in" their orbitals with ours, neither they reflect normal light. It however happily responds to conventional electric fields and likes to concentrate around and within layered conductive materials like human body. Furthermore, normal matter is just a condensed dark matter, specially in neutrons. You could see a halfway decent compilation work on this on dapla.org As for the secret of gravitational engine, try googling Keshe Foundation, this scientist claims to have discovered it, together with lots of other cool stuff.
  12. I practice Atheism often. It's not easy - you have to know how to refute logical fallacies and creationist arguments, it takes lots of biology and geology to be an atheist nowadays But actually, my primary "religion" is Theosophy. It's rather a philosophy, a method of expanding the consciousness. I use it, because I have many strange experiences and nothing else really fits on them but Theosophy. People have classified it as agnostic pantheism. I don't know if there's a God, but he better be at least as big and complex (as the) universe, or I'm not impressed. I don't know about God, but this spiritual enlightenment thing, that's real. I am tripping with my third eye blazing like little high-voltage coil... Well, but that's my private business. I'll see where it leads. If I'm religious about something, it's militant humanism. I have a great faith in humanity that we will work to get over this crisis and live in a new society where humans come first, and all the lowly isms like capitalism or socialism come second and must serve humanity. Right now it's the other way. I get real militant if someone doubts this to my face, that's blasphemy!
  13. SA? What is that? South African psytrance? This may include this and more: Frozen Ghost, Shift, Zion Linguist, Hiyarant, Hydraglyph, Pitch Hikers, Rubix Qube, Headroom, Parana, SCAM, Artifakt, Broken Toy, Dirty Motion, The Commercial Hippies, Protoculture, Rinkadink, Phyx, Slug, Tickets, Chemogen, Brethren, Psymatix, eXcell, Biorhythm, emp, Smugg Juggler, Multistate, Glitch, Lost&Found, Twisted System, Enough Weapons, Vivid, Plus Minus, Terrorbyte, Bruce, ON, Archive, Deliriant, Lil' Faerie, Chaos Defined, Fright Rate Any recommendations, based on what I already posted that I like?
  14. So far, good hits were Son Kite - Colours and also somewhat less Cosma - Nonstop. I imagine Blue Planet Corporation - Blue Planet is a good choice too, but my memory is a little hazy. I know I liked it enough to put it into the library, but workout needs something harder. Khetzal - Corolle and Jaia - Fiction are very nice albums, but not with enough regular beat, Khetzal has a lot of ambient phases and Jaia too, but they're named apart (the gate tracks) and can be deleted. This one's way too much cryptic and crunchy. Almost not a music As for Goa, I admit I need a rest from these identically sounding convoluted synth melodies. That's why I appreciate some more minimalistic yet original Swedish trance, like Human Blue, Son Kite and even tried Ticon. From Ticon I really liked the track "We are the mammoth hunters", but other than that his music felt a little blank. I can only emphasize how much I like Human Blue ‎– misStArRyAs Xperience. I think this one is a masterpiece, incredibly psychedelic and immersive, with pleasant and original sounds and my favorite melancholic moods. It's different from harder and darker legends like Hallucinogen, but I still put it at the top of my trance folder. Is that a fullon trance? I also tried Chromosome - DMT Cowboys which is not bad at all! Except it's the cheesiest trance music I ever heard. Lots and lots of Raja Ram in it. Not good for putting on loudspeakers when people might overhear. Another try was Kino Oko, but I don't know yet what to think about him. It was weird, but I don't know yet if good weird or bad weird. It only sounded like someone tried really really hard to be different and original. It's a little too downtempo for workout and too uptempo for easy listening, I don't know if I have an ecologic niche for it yet. Next I want to try Portamento - The Portal Power Source - Cosmic Waves Deto & Gleam - The Archives (the album art is terrible, but the rating on discogs is high)
  15. Yes, it's another recommendation topic, but don't switch back. This summer I've picked up some regular exercise, an hour every day. And I need some good music to keep me going. I have my favorite albums, but there's too few of them and I can't listen to the same music too often. So I went forth to explore the various trance genres more in depth. And found out that I don't really like it that much. These are the classics I know AND love AND found very good for workouts: Astral Projection - Amen Aural Planet - Power Liquids Green Nuns OTR - Rock Bitch Mafia Human Blue - Misstarryas Xperience Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger, Twisted Infected Mushroom - (middle era albums) Converting Vegetarians, Classical Mushroom, I am the supervisor Prometheus - Corridor of Mirrors Juno Reactor - Beyond the Infinitie Raja Ram - Raja Ram's Stashbag vol. 4 Vibraspheree - Archipelago (got to check back at early Vibrasphere albums again) Plus some non-trance: Bachelors of Science - Science Fiction (DnB) Shakatura - Shakatura ZubZub - The powers that beep The albums that were recommended on Discogs as similar but that I didn't really like: Filteria - Sky Input Man With No Name - Moment of Truth MFG - New Kind of World Transwave - Helium Etnica - Alien Protein Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation, Delta Aquarids X.Dream - Radio Shakta - Silicon Trip Human Blue - all the rest of his trance albums. Some tracks are good and the BBB album sounds similar, but none gives me shivers like the MX. Basically, I don't like these low and high-pitched dead-simple convoluted tunes repeated all over, in exactly the same key and mood, the tense, quirky lurky Goa atmosphere. I dare to claim that the examples above mostly don't suffer from this, They're highly melodic and the mood is different and the melody is in tune with the mood. Some mainstream feel is acceptable. The music is like a progressing story, not just a set of uptempo soundscapes. I have surely stumbled upon Goa gems of great complexity and genius, but I didn't feel like working out when listening to them. At the very least I need something at which I can read. (my machine can hold an ebook-reader) But many of the above uplift me from reading into... blissful trance, which is I guess the point of this music. There must be something ear-friendly, complex and melodic enough, rhythmic, trancey, psychedelic if possible, but not 604-like. It may be dark or light, doesn't matter, just interesting enough. I'll have to check out Chi A.D. - Infinitism, Blue Planet Corporation, Koxbox - The great unknown, Talamasca - Zodiac (yes, I practice astrology for fun), And I also kind of liked Filteria - Daze of our lives. Maybe because the name is funny. But enough about me. What is your workout music? One that either uplifts you from the pain into bliss, or lets you read a book while exercising? Lastly, I apologize for all the Goa Trance fans who's feelings I've rejected.
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