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  1. I am currently exploring this album. Sounds like something I was looking for! Thanks a lot. I also hope the composer is doing well since 2003. I also tried Electrypnose's Le Tireur de Ficelles, but it's not as tough as I remember it.
  2. Sorry for resurrecting old topic, but I just discovered Dark Nebula recently and I'm delighted. Before, this gave me headaches. Now, this harsh atonal madness clicks somehow. I know this is nowhere how tough it can get, but it's where I'm now. Love Robotic Tongue, Sacred Scars and Dreamfuel. Favorite track: Toxic Reality... or most tracks on these albums. Other albums are either too minimalistic, or don't have the sheer twisted rule-breaking atmosphere of these three. And yes, I am fishing for more recommendations like this. Something twisted but playful at the same time. It can b
  3. Synsun - Phoenix has been growing on me a lot. I don't understand why the album has such a low rating on discogs. The first track is a blast, I like it. The Phoenix track 8 is a perfectly designed sound mayhem, it reminds me of The Lone Deranger a lot. And the next track 9 sounds like slowed down "Star Shpongled Banner" and "Around The World in a Tea Daze" slowed down, which I also love. There's a lot of talent to create something so similar to the maestro Posford. Thank you for the tip!!! I will need to give Conduktor a second chance, I heard it once years ago when I preferred the Unmade
  4. There's one recent quote I heard, that sums it up perfectly. "If you sell your soul for the devil's offer, think you will be the same person to enjoy the result?" Yes, there is freedom from something, but once you are committed, there is for example the freedom to be with the one woman you love. You also hint at the problem with religion. Atheists of 19th century destroyed religion, but they provided nothing that would promote family stability, sexual restraint and state integrity as much as religion. Also, by removing God or anything higher than human, human authority is the highest
  5. There are majority leftists on the forum? Well, I would be an exception then. I am nearly everything, or was, and abandoned all that for good reasons. I am the process and I am thorough. Conservatism is something I have acquired and did not abandon yet, if I ever will. There is nothing anti-system about being a leftist, haven't been for generations. All that the system needed was to take over schools, teach false economics, burden students with debt and offer them free stuff from the government, paid by printed money (see the false economics). That's it, the left is the system now, if it ever
  6. Please ask Iron Sun! He seems to get it. Maybe it's some Arabian or Indian influence in Goa, but a few repetitive and fast notes in most Goa albums, in suspenseful mood, how hard is it to miss? Anyway, once upon a time I learned about Ektoplazm, the place of free music. I downloaded lots of albums and they all rubbed me the wrong way. Notably - Easily Embarrassed - Tales of the coin spinner. Lots of things I found on Ektoplazm were something weird, like Space Granny (Babuska). Maybe I'm biased against free stuff when it comes to quality. People shouldn't tell me if something is from Ektoplaz
  7. Ethnoscope: Right, I especially liked two songs of theirs: Jävla Sladdar and Odin's Kraft. The whole album sounds nice, but it fallen aside because it's quite relaxed. It doesn't distract from the pain of workout, the way that Infected Mushroom can! - I will look for Protonica's least minimalist album. - Robert Elster made an album? Must hear it! Thanks for the tip! - Ticon's latest album is in my probationary folder. Casual listens didn't hook me, so it will be put to the test in practice, next workout. - Soul Kontakt sounds nice! I'll see if I can put his EPs together to make
  8. Hello dear fellow listeners! I hope I am not breaking any local rules. I did search for "rules", but only found rules for reviewing. So please have a look over this and tell me in your best opinion, what are you missing in that list? I am looking for some new stuff in my collection, but having a hard time to find it. I am not a big Goahead. I'm more into the Swedish trance (you know, with drums) and progressive. I can't get into most Discogs recommendations, sometimes it looks like I already picked out all the good stuff. But it's been years! Something good had to come out meantime. Atmo
  9. Some of my most ambient favorites. Do you have anything that goes well with that? Thom Brennan - Mist, Strange Paradise (Secret Faiths of Salamanders) Markus Guentner - Theia Ishq - Sama Solar Fields - Extended Loscil - Plume Sync24 - Source Proton Kinoun - Apeiron Kyoto - Scapes and Spheres Lauge - Pusterum Om - Viaje al Interior
  10. Interesting. Gods and monsters is a very chaotic album. But it has several very good tracks - I mean, melodies. Inca Steppa is good, Immaculate Crucifixion, City of the Sinful, Tanta Pena, even the song Perfect Crime are great. I can get used to some of the rest. On their latest album Golden Sun..., I failed to detect any good melodies. It's all top quality and big style, but the melodies are simplistic, it's mostly just one big ethnic soundscape. I'd call it elaborate emptiness, as far as melody is concerned.
  11. Yes, yes and yes, all the time. However, after years of study and thinking I'd say all these supernatural phenomena can be explained by science, through a new interpretation of knowledge we already have. We only need to understand that we live in a world of invisible plasmatic matter, called "dark matter". This matter however uses the very same natural forces as ours - electric, magnetic, and so on. I have been through a lot, but nothing that couldn't be explained by conversion of matter or by interaction electric fields of the visible and invisible matter. The only difference is, that d
  12. I practice Atheism often. It's not easy - you have to know how to refute logical fallacies and creationist arguments, it takes lots of biology and geology to be an atheist nowadays But actually, my primary "religion" is Theosophy. It's rather a philosophy, a method of expanding the consciousness. I use it, because I have many strange experiences and nothing else really fits on them but Theosophy. People have classified it as agnostic pantheism. I don't know if there's a God, but he better be at least as big and complex (as the) universe, or I'm not impressed. I don't know about God, bu
  13. SA? What is that? South African psytrance? This may include this and more: Frozen Ghost, Shift, Zion Linguist, Hiyarant, Hydraglyph, Pitch Hikers, Rubix Qube, Headroom, Parana, SCAM, Artifakt, Broken Toy, Dirty Motion, The Commercial Hippies, Protoculture, Rinkadink, Phyx, Slug, Tickets, Chemogen, Brethren, Psymatix, eXcell, Biorhythm, emp, Smugg Juggler, Multistate, Glitch, Lost&Found, Twisted System, Enough Weapons, Vivid, Plus Minus, Terrorbyte, Bruce, ON, Archive, Deliriant, Lil' Faerie, Chaos Defined, Fright Rate Any recommendations, based on what I already posted that I like?
  14. So far, good hits were Son Kite - Colours and also somewhat less Cosma - Nonstop. I imagine Blue Planet Corporation - Blue Planet is a good choice too, but my memory is a little hazy. I know I liked it enough to put it into the library, but workout needs something harder. Khetzal - Corolle and Jaia - Fiction are very nice albums, but not with enough regular beat, Khetzal has a lot of ambient phases and Jaia too, but they're named apart (the gate tracks) and can be deleted. This one's way too much cryptic and crunchy. Almost not a music As for Goa, I admit I need a rest
  15. Yes, it's another recommendation topic, but don't switch back. This summer I've picked up some regular exercise, an hour every day. And I need some good music to keep me going. I have my favorite albums, but there's too few of them and I can't listen to the same music too often. So I went forth to explore the various trance genres more in depth. And found out that I don't really like it that much. These are the classics I know AND love AND found very good for workouts: Astral Projection - Amen Aural Planet - Power Liquids Green Nuns OTR - Rock Bitch Mafia Human Blue - Misstar
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