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Found 3 results

  1. Artist: Prosper Title: The Speed of Sound Label: Joof Recordings Date: October, 2007 1. Atlantis 2. Falls & Rises 3. Future Perfect 4. Nights of Belgra 5. None of Those 6. On The Run 7. On Wheels 8. Purple Fish 9. Untitled Dreams 10. Zero Tolerance Merry Christmas b*tches. Man I wanted to dump all over this thing. So badly. Jokes were coming to me while I wasn't even thinking about music. But I couldn't. Well...maybe a little. First off this is the third album from Serbian Nikola Vujnovic and it is a digital release. How to describe...a mix of progressive and psy with a little euphoria sprinkled over the top like the sweet confection it is. Think of full-on crack. There is nothing psychedelic about this. You'll find more psychedelia in a Teletubbies episode. It's commercial sounding and cheesy at times. When f*cknut said he was going for the music I almost lost it. Of course you are dinkus, we all are. We just don't feel the need to say it. You're play by play was wholly unnecessary. That said you will find some ass wiggling tracks here. It's fairly strong on groove. Also some of the tracks began as simple full-on yet continued to develop. This is music that you listen to at the club when you're smashed out of your gourd and think it's the most awesome music that you have ever heard. Loud and shiny you never want the night to end. But then comes the hangover and you can't believe you did that last night. Beatport
  2. Artist: Various Title: Future Cuts Label: Timecode Date: October, 2007 1. Twisted System - Psychopath 2. Concept & Scorb - Dissident Factions 3. Phyx - Kansas City Shuffle 4. Multistate - HQ Part 2 5. Mantis - Blood Red 6. Xatrik Vs. Kid X - Wild Card 7. Lost & Found - ScannerV2.0 8. Outer Signal Vs. B-55 - Unstoppable 9. Hydraglyph - Cigarettes & Silver Bullets (Multistate Remix) 10. Artifakt - The Pole To say that Timecode was the king of South African psytrance during the last decade is like taking swim lessons in Mississippi. 26 people drowned last year which is down from 45 the year before the sign was posted. Timecode delivered the whole package with dark melodies and booming power. But it was more than the king. King doesn't adequately describe them here. Let's see... Ah, got it. Timecode was like the Godzilla of South African psytrance. Brutal force and acidic fire he doesn't care about your city your house whatever this thing is and well... Your car is a bucket anyway. It's one of their best and captures the label at the height of their game. I highly recommend it. Timecode Bandcamp Mdk
  3. Artist: Audio-X Title: No One Can Stop Us Now Label: Wired Music Date: October, 2007 1. Jackpot 2. My Rave (Audio-X rmx) - Eskimo 3. The Things People Say 4. N.O.C.S.U.N. - Audio-X & Hyperceptiohm 5. In My Head 6. So High - Audio-X & Cosmonet 7. The Way (Audio X rmx) - Wrecked Machines 8. Future Shock (Part 1) - Audio-X & Lifestyle 9. Open Your Eyes 10. Everytning's Gone - Audio-X & DJ Noronha "I am the ringmaster...Do you wish to challenge me?" Your fly is open. "Bass in yo face London!" Don't you dare drag Public Enemy in this clusterf*ck. I'm pretty sure they would punch all you right in the face. "Why must I deal with this sh*t every f*cking day?" So...you're writing the review for me then? "No One Can Stop Us Now" Ohhh...see what they did there? So clever. Got a better one... No One Can Stomach Ur Nonsense. "Because I got a song in my head" The pain continues. "So high" Is what I would have to be to buy this. Oy vey. This is the poster child for sh*tty full-on. Burn that non-sensical cover into your brain and scald like an Arby's lunch binge. There is not one redeemable quality here. The reason I review a lot of music (a lot of it bad) is so that people out in the real world can be responsible with their hard earned or stolen cash. If you reinforce bad behavior the child will keep repeating the action. That's why when they do something so mind numbingly stupid you whack 'em so hard they never make that decision again. Back to the favela gentlemen. Psyshop Beatspace The balls on this company to charge me $15.23 for this. Mdk
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