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  1. Artist: Koan Title: Circe's Touch Remixes Vol. 1 Label: Section Records Date: December, 2011 1. Circe's Touch (Original) 2. Circe's Touch (Asura Remix) 3. Circe's Touch (Krusseldorf Remix) Koan is a Russian duo who have been at the forefront of chill-out music. Have you been to their Discogs page? Take a look over there and see how many releases they have. Plenty to explore. Which lead me to this digital ep. You get the original of course which is tear jerkingly beautiful and full of emotion. Heavyweight Asura lends a remix and the beauty continues. By far the most interesti
  2. Artist: Logic Bomb Title: The Grid Label: TIP.World Date: December, 2011 1. Checksum 2. Kalibrator 3. Bitter Hitter 4. Sinister Science 5. Sonic Algebra (High Octane Remix) 6. The Grid 7. 4th Dimension 8. Knorrar 9. Frontline MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! I hope everyone had a happy holiday season. I know I did. There is nothing like watching your 2 year old son tear into some wrapping paper to get his gift and then play with his toys for hours. Yeah, I loved Christmas as a kid, but this was 10 times better. But let's not lose sight of the reason fo
  3. Artist: Shantifax Title: Delete Automation Label: SarnarSchourt Records Date: December, 2011 01 - Formatio Reticularis (122 BPM) 02 - Hushushush (85 BPM) 03 - One Thing (95 BPM) 04 - Ancient Fields (feat. Irrsinn) (118 BPM) 05 - Desert Trip (feat. Tommy Mirror) (120 BPM) 06 - Aquarius (138 BPM) 07 - Grau N (137 BPM) 08 - Out Is In (90 BPM) Although I wasn't personally a fan of his second album, his debut speaks to me. It's very creative, floating amongst genres like a butterfly. So much so that it is difficult to properly pin down just where it belongs in the electronic music spec
  4. Artist: Various Title: Exploration of Space and Time Label: Dimensional Records Date: December, 2011 CD1: 1. Ekoplex – Close Your Eyes (6:17) 2. Jikooha – Eternal Dreams ( 8:53) 3. Cosmic Silence – Cosmogenesis 2012 (Jikooha Remix) (8:22) 4. PequalNP – Reimann Hypothesis (8:12) 5. Laughing Skull – Dry Bones Vision (8:27) 6. Psychomental – Transmitter (9:10) 7. Enichkin – Easy (7:40) 8. Lexx_Resident – Time Travel (10:31) 9. Crossing Mind – Optronic Circles (8:14) CD2: 1. Enichkin – Blugdayushiv Zyuk (6:50) 2. Ekoplex – Forest Shaman (edit) (6:50) 3. Electrypnose – Where Is The Exit
  5. Artist: Various Title: Christiania Selection Label: Iono Music Date: December, 2011 1. I got to - TIME IN MOTION AND FLEXUS 2. Sexofrenic - XSHADE 3. Offbeat Meeting - LIQUID SPACE 4. Red Zone - SONIC SENSE VS TIME IN MOTION 5. Atlantic Spirit - STATIC MOVEMENT VS IMPACT 6. Maximum Overdrive - ACE VENTURA 7. Keep Walking - INFINITY 8. The last Jedi - MOTION DRIVE 9. Cometic - YOTOPIA When you're the king, you run sh*t. Nobody at the ad agency thought this might be a little creepy? Ghetto crown...you know they give away free crowns at
  6. Artist: Various Title: Freaky Forest Label: Troll N' Roll Records Date: December, 2011 01 - Total - Freaky Forest 2004 (144 BPM) 02 - Trance-Ingvars - All The Answers (146 BPM) 03 - Toxic Anger Syndrome - Trollskogen (149 BPM) 04 - Gubbology - Monster Quest (147 BPM) 05 - Aremakki - Cream Delivery (140 BPM) 06 - Oliveira - Wednesdays (147 BPM) 07 - RotSystem - Uven (146 BPM) 08 - Katastrof - Oiije (144 BPM) 09 - SEKT - Sleten Horunge (163 BPM) 10 - Varanta - Mystical Temple (148 BPM) This is the debut release from this Swedish label with nothing but Swedish
  7. Artist: Various Title: Spectral Circuitry Label: Ektoplazm Date: December, 2011 01 - Xamanist - Restart (140 BPM) 02 - Magic & Witchcraft - Erotic Nightmares (139 BPM) 03 - Ekoplex - Elewa (143 BPM) 04 - ManMadeMan - Technoid Energized (142 BPM) 05 - EvsY - Headbanger’s Wall (145 BPM) 06 - Planewalker - Sine Qua Non (143 BPM) 07 - Rigel - Crying God (145 BPM) 08 - Amygdala - Wintermute (140 BPM) 09 - Sound Field - Technological Terror (Jikkenteki Remix) (138 BPM) 10 - Phobium - No Longer Current (90 BPM) "I am insane...and you're my insanity." This is the 2nd compilation r
  8. Artist: Scorb Title: Reanimated Vol. 1 EP Label: Trick Music Date: December, 2011 1. Mutoid (Reanimated Rmx) 2. 13.5 Hours (Reanimated Rmx) Scorb (Yod Onsen) has always been a bit of a mixed bag for me. Never really got into his early stuff although now when I go back and listen to his first album, I can really appreciate how ahead of his time he was. I love the direction his music has taken lately with releases like Abre Macabre. His music wasn't always that melodic, but instead focused on evolving and twisting textures. Weird sounds and samples...like an alien drive thru safari. Tri
  9. Artist: Various Title: Sideform - Web of Life Remixes Label: TesseracT Studio Date: December, 2011 1. Web of Life (Float Remix) 2. Web of Life (Original) 3. Web of Life (Relativ Remix) 4. Web of Life (Flegma Remix) 5. Web of Life (Lyctum Remix) 6. Web of Life (Ovnimoon Remix) NSFW Image Ok maybe that's a little too far. But...you did f*ck up though...right? Do you even know what the word remix means? Galloping bass line or machine gun bass line it's the same.fucking.track. It's disposable...you chew it up and spit it out ready to devour the next cl
  10. Artist: HelixNeubla Title: Trip To Infinity Label: Gliese 581C Date: December, 2011 01 - HelixNebula - Off The Ground (148 BPM) 02 - HelixNebula - Diving In Positive Energy (145 BPM) 03 - HelixNebula - Trip To Infinity (142 BPM) 04 - HelixNebula - Through Space, Through Time... (147 BPM) 05 - HelixNebula - Beyond Boundaries Of Human Imagination (145 BPM) 06 - HelixNebula - Helix Nebula (140 BPM) 07 - HelixNebula - Silicon Galaxy (145 BPM) 08 - HelixNebula - Dancing World (148 BPM) 09 - MentalImage - Mental Spores (115 BPM) "I hardly need to sleep anymore, I feel wonderful! It's lik
  11. Trance2MoveU

    Lamat - V

    Artist: Lamat Title: V Label: Morphonic Records Date: December, 2011 1. Predators LAMAT AND HAN SOLO 2. Perfect System (The Legacy) LAMAT 3. Cartell me about it (FFT rmx) LAMAT AND DSP 4. Remastered Controller LAMAT AND HAN SOLO 5. New Technologies LAMAT AND HAN SOLO 6. Mind Control Neuro Transmitor LAMAT AND HAN SOLO 7. The Resistance LAMAT AND ASTROMOVIL 8. Magnetic LAMAT AND INFERENCE Who's ready for some full on? Please? Not even for a twinkie? C'mon everyone, we can do this. Maybe. Lamat is Marcos A. Sánchez from Mexico and I'
  12. Artist: Radioactive.Cake Title: Subatomic Disco Label: Glitchy.Tonic.Records. Date: December, 2011 1 Geist (Intro) 2 Hemispherical Conflict (138 BPM) 3 Bending Rodriguez (137 BPM) 4 Dawn (137 BPM) 5 Harsh Softness (138 BPM) 6 Pure Progression (137 BPM) 7 Reality #26 (135 BPM) 8 The Dude Abides (137 BPM) 9 Onionbrain - Desert Song (Radioactive.Cake Remix) (135 BPM) "All I know is that this is different." I like cake. Who doesn't like cake? This is Robert Hundt founder of the label with I believe his 2nd release. So what's he got baking? A heaping teaspoon of darkness th
  13. Artist: Lyctum Title: Cassiopeia EP Label: Headroom Productions Date: December, 2011 1. Cassiopeia 2. Celebration 3. Digital Culture I'm gonna have to buy this guys album. This is the 3rd EP I've heard from Dejan Jovanovic and like all the others he displays a talent for progressive trance. Well, I suppose it depends on the type of progressive you like, but for me his music is spacious and rippled with depth. As I've mentioned before there is a mystical quality to his productions as if he's having dinner with a deity and instead of writing down what this deity says, he puts
  14. Artist: Wanderlust Title: Two Epoches, Before...and After Label: UAF Date: December, 2011 01 - Greek Kochairi 02 - Gusi-Lebedi 03 - Poltergeist 04 - Shelaho 05 - Whirlwinds 06 - Manager's Syndrome 07 - Tales Of Power 08 - Decameron 09 - Loki I'd be very, very careful who you talk to about that, because the person who wrote that is very dangerous." An Indian Terminator? Where the hell was this version?!? Suck it Arnold...you've been outdone. This is a free release from Imba over at UAF and while he has released a bunch of great stuff this ain't one of them. I like the Middl
  15. Artist: Mindblaster Title: The Collapse EP Label: Pyrethrum Records Date: December, 2011 1. The Fall of Empire 2. Other Worlds 3. Disorder I've neglected the releases from our friend over at Ektoplasm lately so since he performs a vital service for our community I thought I would put a few of his offerings under the microscope. Mindblaster is Ukrainian Andriy Tykhonov and I was quite impressed with this 3 track EP. It's powerful with punchy bass and orchestral touches that are very evident during the breaks. The atmosphere is dark (looking at the track titles will tell you that
  16. Artist: Doruk Title: Astral Colours Label: Ezel-Ebed Records Date: December, 2011 1. Alien In My Room (intro) 2. UFO 3. Astral Colours 4. Space Journey 5. Core Of The Universe 6. No Gravity 7. Astrophysics 8. Eyes Of The Moon 9. You Are Not Perfect Always on board for new goa trance I came across this a bit ago. It's a digital download and oddly enough the only place I could find it was on Beatspace. These are tracks made by Doruk in the years 2005-2008 packaged into a nice space themed album. Alien In My Room (Intro)- We begin with a brief intr
  17. Artist: Synesthetic Title: Into The Vibe EP Label: Spintwist Records Date: December, 2011 1. Klitsch n Chic 2. Into The Vibe 3. Twisker I got a ticket a few days ago for rolling through a stop sign. I'm pretty sure I stopped, but you know we're in a recession so cops gotta write tickets right? Thought for sure he was gonna let me go when he asked about my flawless driving record, but no. Ticket was only 30 bucks, but the court costs and ahem..."processing fee" make it almost $100. Don't you have real crimes to stop? I was less than 2 miles from my house so I was do
  18. Artist: Talpa Title: The Path Label: Sundance Records Date: December, 2011 1. J 2. The Path 3. You 4. Distraction 5. Lenjivac feat. Merlin 6. Instinct 7. Hidden Smile 8. Shall we dance 9. An accident in Talpania 10. Away Serbian goblin Goran Juric who, if you have been listening to psytrance, would know has been around a while. Lately he's taken his flair for the dramatic into the funky ass wriggling progressive arena under the Riddler project, but before that he was all about the symphonic and set the world (hmmm, we're kinda small for a world, perhaps a
  19. Artist: Maharishi Title: Sense of a Feather Label: Ouim.net & Space Baby Records Date: December, 2011 01 - Bhuvana (Intro) (105 BPM) 02 - Shadowland (feat. Extatic) (80 BPM) 03 - Liquid Trip (105 BPM) 04 - Satori (Punarjanma) (115 BPM) 05 - Maharani Deva (90 BPM) 06 - Angelic Tears (96 BPM) 07 - Call Of The Ancients (95 BPM) 08 - Satori II (Gourishankar) (110 BPM) 09 - Balance On The Edge (The Eagle Feather) (98 BPM) 10 - Satori III (Anapurna - Nirvana) (96 BPM) I don't think this is the guy. I mean it could be, but he seems more the type to be conf
  20. Artist: Chronos Title: Space Sweets & Logical Beats EP Label: Soundmute Recordings Date: December, 2011 1. Free Falling 2. Space Cake Nikita Klimenko is back with a short 2 track EP. Those of you well versed in the downtempo arena are no doubt already familiar with the work of this project. I thought it was just Nick, but Discogs tells me that he now has a partner. Of course whoever entered this EP gave credit to three guys that sound like they head up a Mexican law firm. Steps to the Great Knowledge from 2007 was quite good and their collaboration with C.J. Catalizer
  21. Artist: Bell Size Park Title: Escape From Planet X EP Label: Dimensional Records Date: December, 2011 1. Escape From Planet X 2. Reptillianz 3. Lost In Time Belgian indy label Dimensional Records is nipple deep in goa trance with re-releases of several discs as well as a couple of compilations of their own. So along comes this name from the past with a short 3 track EP with tracks from his upcoming album. I don't really know much about Shlomy and his music, but in their short lifespan, this label has yet to produce a turd. So I thought I would check it out. The firs
  22. Artist: Atati Title: The Full Spectrum EP's - Yellow Label: Blue Hour Sounds Date: December, 2011 1. Bana Moyi 2. Fluorospherical Pressure 3. The Molecula of Sacred Water Italian label Blue Hour Sounds is a relatively new player with a handful of comps and artist releases. Ianuaria's Beware of the Fish was a baseball bat to the head surprise forest release that I didn't see coming. So they focus on the details, and as the devil says... I've been snatching up their colorful artist EP's because I'm compulsive, but also because they are pretty damn good. But like potat
  23. Artist: Various Title: Dancing In The Dark Label: Push Records Date: December, 2011 1. Dancing in the dark - Tube 2. Golden Axe - Super Evil 3. I Robot - Anomalia 4. Human Race - Crazy Tone 5. No Name - Exaile 6. Rize - Metal Wizard 7. Razzes from hell - Tube Vs. Anomalia 8. Nothing can stop us - Iliuchina 9. Standby4action - Sidhartha Vs. Alienn 10. Brilliant Colours - Magneto From the label that brought you the eagerly anticipated Tube remixes (no it wasn't) comes their 3rd release Dancing In The Dark. Plenty of names of which I am less familiar, but as
  24. Artist: Various Title: Remix-ed Part 01 EP Label: Dropland Recordings Date: December, 2011 1. Damage (Concept Remix) 2. Physical Matters (Sinful Reactions Remix) 3. You Go Banzai (Z3ro Remix) Dropland Recordings is a Spanish label that has been making some noise lately. The two Malfunktion EP's with tracks selected by Mr. Smashed were well worth my time brimming with high energy and powerful twilight music. This EP is comprised of three tracks by him that were given the remix treatment by some heavy hitters in the genre. Damage (Concept Remix)- "Remote controlled cr
  25. Artist: Schizoid Bears Title: Bearsky Dreams EP Label: Forest Freaks Date: December, 2011 Nothing is more terrifying than seeing the dark side of something that always gave you comfort. What can I say, Santa loves the hoe, hoe, hoes! shortly after this pic was taken they found parts of little timmy in the freezer of the neighbor across the street who always waved to you on his way to work. "Now where dat Barbie b*tch at?" So the Freaks are at it again with a release from C. Monster and P. Tale. Two Lithuanians who love the dark side and first n
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