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  1. Artist: Various Title: Christiania Selection Label: Iono Music Date: December, 2011 1. I got to - TIME IN MOTION AND FLEXUS 2. Sexofrenic - XSHADE 3. Offbeat Meeting - LIQUID SPACE 4. Red Zone - SONIC SENSE VS TIME IN MOTION 5. Atlantic Spirit - STATIC MOVEMENT VS IMPACT 6. Maximum Overdrive - ACE VENTURA 7. Keep Walking - INFINITY 8. The last Jedi - MOTION DRIVE 9. Cometic - YOTOPIA When you're the king, you run sh*t. Nobody at the ad agency thought this might be a little creepy? Ghetto crown...you know they give away free crowns at Mr. The King up there. King of Christiania That's just the way it is. Iono has long been providing hungry trancers like me with quality progressive for years. Their style is melodic layers and danceable rhythms. Wide open and massive. Which brings me to this release dedicated the ahem...state of Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark. So let me get this straight. The homeless hopped a fence of an abandoned military facility and claimed dibs. They decided to start a society from scratch on land they didn't own? And the government was ok with this and let it happen? F*ck let me run down to the local YMCA and plant a flag and say that it's now called big titty town and only girls with big titties are allowed. Think they won't come? Well then like Christiania we'll legalize marijuana and the chicks will beat down my door. But no hard drugs you degenerates. Take that sh*t to Philly. Ever been there? What a f*cking cesspool. Go south on Broad St...it's like District 9 at that point. SO now all the hippies, homeless, artists, immigrants, and drug pushers live in the area. Sounds lovely. Of course the most famous part is Pusher Street where the weed trade thrives openly and they have had issues with violence. Go figure. They have their own businesses and even their own flag (album cover...red background and three yellow dots to signify the dots above the three i's. Apparently when they took over there was a lot of red and yellow paint lying around.) If nothing else it is a very interesting story. Sexofrenic- A quick trip to the smartest guy I know (Google) and I discovered that sexophrenic means: "An individual suffering from a sexual disorder involving several naughty personalities with insatiable libidos and absolutely no shame.” What the f*ck just happened? I remember looking up the definition of sexophrenic and then next thing I know my computer is full of porn and the track is on it's fifteenth play. Thank God I wasn't near any water. Yeah, f*ck you Pinnochio, I'm not fallin' for it. Yes, yes...I've heard it a million times...you've got wood. Never gets old. This is a grower. It's got lots of effects and moves along so smoothly you would swear it was in slow motion. Damn if this track doesn't make time stop. Offbeat Meeting- I recently reviewed his Looking Forward EP and thought it was all right. Nothing special. Now this track changes direction very early on and I like it way better than that EP. Very full sounding with lots of echoing sounds and then he gets busy with the 303. Any time you do that you have my undivided attention. Red Zone- Love this track because every space is filled with sound. It slinks around corners with short ethereal melodies that evaporate like steam. I was gonna say smoke, but weed smoke hangs around so long you could get high the day after. Not showy or powerful, just...mellow. Atlantic Spirit- These two may just have the track of the compilation. It's full of echoing sounds, spiritual vocals, and layers that go together like peanut butter and jelly. Cloud busting atmosphere and melodies that cannot help but put a smile on your face. Well done! Oftentimes a young jedi's training is filled with...missteps. Maximum Overdrive- Yoni wields the 303 like he's E-Mantra. And while I liked that bit, I felt the track was a bit unfocused. Stops and starts and too much time with not a lot going on. Keep Walking- "It's time for a commercial break." You really want me to sh*t all over this track don't you? Nikos Karamalakis from Greece seems to have made a good track with effects and lead stabs, but for some reason he put cheesy vocal samples in it. Check the ladies? Ugh. Musically it has some giddy up in its step with twisted bass sounds, but the break is my favorite part with its twinkling sounds and fat pads. Makes up for the gouda. The Last Jedi- "So this is the last of the Jedi." These are not the Happy Meals you're looking for.... Philip Guillaume from Switzerland produced a pretty good album with 2010's In The Dirt and on comps he's had a pretty good track record with me. He makes another track that makes you wonder where the time went. It's a bouncer with good effects and several layers. Good one. Cometic- Israeli duo Tomer Dayan and Yonatan Rimon close things out with a nice underground funker bigger than all outside. The light percussion has a bit of a jiggle and Lord knows I loves me some jiggle "Hi there, my name's Mike, wanna get a cup of coffee?" The melodies soar like they have jetpacks as the track bounces playfully along. Just a smooth way to bring the journey to a close. So another Iono compilation that doesn't disappoint. After the first track I thought it would be like Chinese food. Sure it's filling now, but you know you're gonna be hungry again in 20 minutes. But true to form they continued to make progressive trance with huge breaks and wide open atmospheres. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to get some lunch at my favorite spot. Try the dumplings! Psyshop Beatspace Saikosounds GoaStore Mdk
  2. Artist: Lyktum Title: Human Label: Iono Music Date: February, 2018 1. Divine Enchantment 2. Spirit Guide 3. Symmetry 4. Water 5. Golden Thinking 6. Dreaming 7. Visionary Realm 8. Sacred Plants 9. Freedom 10. Masters of Momentum Dejan Jovanović has been in the game for quite some time now and this is his 3rd release as Lyktum. Spelled with a "k" now because everyone knows that's the coolest letter in the alphabet. He usually straddles the line between progressive trance and psytrance, but with this release he backflips over it. It's layer heavy with a lot of smooth and drifting melodies. The way he blends the main phrases with the breaks sometimes gives goosebumps. The galloping bassline is still there, but he adds so many other things that it fades into the background nicely. He didn't reinvent the wheel of course, but it's still an exceptional album. Iono Bandcamp Psyshop
  3. Artist: Various Title: Beach Atmosphere Vol. 2 Label: Iono Music Date: August, 2013 1. Natural Culture OPPOSITE8 2. Life on earth SUNTREE 3. New world order (Egorythmia rmx) RITMO, NOK 4. Drums have been talking SONIC ENTITY 5. One Life (Zyce rmx) UNSEEN DIMENSIONS 6. Massive Attack SPACE HYPNOSE, STATIC MOVEMENT 7. Indaco SHYISMA 8. Sunset Blues AVSHI 9. Burn Out ROGER RABBIT As I'm scraping the ice off my car after the two feet of snow fell and my hands are slowly going numb, a beach sounds really f*cking good about now. Iono delivers part two in this series aimed at those who could use a little warmth and sunshine. It's chock full of the melodic progressive vastness that the label releases on a continuous basis. Now, this might be the frostbite talking, but...meh. I mean the progressive trance is good with plenty of delicious melodies and warm breaks. Iono does this better than anyone and that just might be the problem. No chances are taken here. It's a safe play doing things they've done for years. Changes in the time signature, echoing washes, and samples designed to make you think. All been done before by this label on many albums. I think it's time to think outside the box. Time to shake the progressive world up a bit. It's not bad, but for me it's beginning to get a little stale. Beatspace Psyshop Mdk
  4. Artist: E-Clip Title: Into The Void Label: Iono Music Date: June, 2014 1. E-Clip Vs. Zen Mechanics - Flashback 2. Human Instincts 3. Endless Symphony 4. E-Clip Vs. Future Frequency - Little Universe 5. E-Clip Vs. Zyce - Flying Objects 6. Cosmic Religon 7. Salvia Divinorum (Waio 30x Remix) 8. E-Clip Vs. Symbolic - Live Your Life 9. E-Clip Vs. Egorythmia - Star Stuff Me when I listened to his first album Shuma: And now me when I'm digging into his latest album. Yep. Needs more dick in a box. Look it's hard to catch lightning in a bottle. His debut was so epic and detailed that truthfully there was only one way to go. To this day it is still one of the greatest progressive trance albums as far as I'm concerned. And please don't take my lack of euphoria to mean this isn't worth your time because on its face this is a good album in the "psygressive" vein. There are some tracks here that will take you into that void and you will lose yourself. Problem is it has been done before and done better by he himself. The song structure feels too linear without all the dynamics of Shuma. Think of it this way...when you first tried weed you pondered the universe and came up with brilliant solutions to problems that the world inexcusably seemed to ignore. Eventually though you get tired of climbing out of mom's basement at 2:30 after a vigorous Call of Duty session and realize that your blow-up girlfriend can't take the punishment any longer and rather than leave you she just decided to self-deflate. Psyshop Beatspace
  5. Artist: E-Clip Title: Biointegrated Design Label: Iono Music Date: April, 2017 1. E-clip & Zen Mechanics - Sundowning 2. E-Clip & Mickey Noise - The One 3. Chemical Bond 4. E-clip & Subliminal Codes - Apex 5. E-clip & Avalon - Isotonic Tuning 6. Radio Entelechy 7. Semifluid Substances 8. Occult Lore 9. Welkin And the award for the most disappointing follow up album goes to...E-clip! "First and foremost I'd like to thank God for without whom nothing is possible. I'd like to thank my family. Of course I'd be remiss if I didn't thank all the expensive software that I used to pump out generic progressive trance tracks. They said we couldn't do it, but I believed! I'd like to thank the label Iono for getting fooled and believing in me after my successful debut album. I realize this is a step backwards with tracks that sound like all other progressive music, but sometimes you have to put in minimal effort and throw creativity out the window if you want to make a mediocre album." I'm exaggerating of course, but really this is not a positive step for this artist. The tracks themselves are decent, but they sound like everyone else. When you set the bar high with a superb debut and compilation tracks, not reaching it has to be disappointment. The lush details and atmosphere of his debut Shuma are noticeably absent as he seemed to move in a more minimal direction. Melodies are not as apparent in a series of tracks that fail to capture the imagination. I would blame it on excessive collaborations, but one, that's never stopped him before, and two, even if that was so most of the tracks are just his. Let me be clear it's not a bad album, but he has shown that he has produced much better stuff than this. Iono Bandcamp Digital Psyshop Beatspace
  6. Artist: Funky Dragon Title: Massive Label: Iono Music Date: 2007 1. Waiting For Something 2. Day After 3. Journey 4. Sunny Day 5. Massive 6. Who's There 7. Last Human 8. Yellow Summer 9. Wake Up I was Waiting For Something. Anything. Then came the Day After and the day after that and that something never arrived. To say it was an uneventful Journey barely scratches the surface. As I stared out my window at the Sun Day passing me by I realized I had made a Massive mistake. Time seemed to creep by with only mild and sometimes annoying stimulation. "Who's There?" I asked, knowing full well that like Peter I was probably the Last Human around with no one to hear my plea. Yellow Summer is the color of the day fading into night and also the feeling that my time was stolen from me. If I could float above myself I would scream and plead with my physical form to Wake Up and not make the mistake of letting the very Unfunky Dragon steal precious minutes. This is a CD of background noise where every track melts into the next with nary a distinguishing characteristic. This isn't progressive. It's minimal masquerading as progressive. Psyshop Beatspace
  7. Artist: Ailo Title: Concepts Label: Iono Music Date: November, 2007 1. Chronos 2. You 3. Contribution For A Healthier Mind 4. Subculture 5. Value of Life 6. Mrs. Annoying 7. Vibraless 8. Kiwi 9. Dewdrop 10. Yoohoo (l.u.) 11. Equilibria Etheria This is smoother than that guy. Beautiful soundscapes on a grand scale with ethereal pads, gentle accompanying sounds, and rich layers. What happened to these guys? This Greek duo released this one album and then disappeared. Did they retire to the wine country and live off the brilliance of their one album? It's mellow and relaxing with nature sounds, dubby bass at times, as well as entrancing feminine wailing. I'd call it singing, but I didn't hear any words. At times cinematic like the opening Chronos and other times quirky and glitchy sounding like Subculture. Value of Life sounds like Bladerunner after a bag of weed while Vibraless invites the listener to smile. Kiwi is downright funky breakbeat, It's not perfect, but a wonderful album well suited for those days when you're looking to drift away. Shame they only made one. Psyshop Beatspace
  8. Artist: Various Title: Genetic Drift Label: Iono Music Date: July, 2009 1. Marco & Cadmium - Intergalactic Paradise 2. Motion Drive - Dream Catcher 3. Odiseo Vs. Jiser - Good Things 4. Aqualize - Land of 2 Suns 5. Audioload - Planet of the Crossing 6. Gaudium - One (Suntree Remix) 7. Ritree - Disk On Kick 8. Egorythmia - Past Future Present 9. Invisible Reality - High To The Sky Man I'm switching gears like a Rally car driver. Iono Music is a label that I will always have some fondness for. Like that young woman who let me fumble over her boobies that summer of my 14th birthday. Before goa trance releases were a monthly occurrence, the progressive sounds of this label kept me in the music. Their drifting style with nod your head goodness was head and shoulders above the rest of the progressive stuff out there. Six years on you can tell the high level of skill these producers have. It doesn't sound dated in the least with great atmospheres and good times. Quality dreaming music that feels lush and will whisk away the time. All the tracks sound very similar and you'll find that galloping bassline, but if that doesn't bother you then this will be worth your time.
  9. Artist: Side Effects Title: City On Mars Label: Iono Music Date: March, 2010 1. City on Mars 2. Ace Ventura - Serenity Now (Side Effects rmx) 3. Paranoia (Side Effects rmx) 4. Thunder In Paradise 5. Landscapes of imaginations 6. Liquid Soul - Push (Side Effects rmx) 7. Dream On 8. Fantasy (feat. Lyctum) 9. The Second LSDeep (Sideform rmx) Ouch. This one's gonna ding the average. If I'm Iono I drop these guys like a bad habit before he brings your whole gpa down. I'm surprised at you Iono. "We don't know what we're dealing with here!" I'm with you on that one. This isn't the dreamy, floaty stuff I'm used to from the Side Effects duo. Or from Iono in general. It's more aggressive and has that annoying commercial sound found in most full-on. There are loads of stupid samples, triplet bass lines, and plenty of the overused tricks that infect today's progressive trance. Which is kinda sad because I've heard way better stuff from these guys. Look me in the eye and tell me you didn't mail this sh*t in. Don't think you can do it. There are parts of the tracks I really enjoy, but you gotta get through the not so great stuff to find them. And there is a lot of not so great stuff. Normally I'm on board with whatever Iono throws at me, but I just couldn't connect with this. There is much better progressive out there. Someone get the light when you close that door to Mars Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  10. Artist: Lifeforms Title: Sub Standards EP Label: Iono Music Date: March, 2014 1. Sub Standards 2. Extraterrestrial If you like lush, atmospheric tapestries of sound in the psygressive vein then this duo is for you. It's a short two track ep, but not a measure is wasted. It's grand with effects and synths echoing toward the unreachable horizon. Gentle and forceful during the same track, this is living breathing music. If you're a fan of the Iono style (like I am) put your headphones on and just drift. Well done. Beatport Psyshop Mdk
  11. Artist: Various Title: Forensic Science Vol. 2 Label: Iono Music Date: January, 2014 1. Sad Paradise - Super Junkie 2. Skyfall - Triplet 3. Ritmo - The Way We Are (Lifeforms Remix) 4. Zyce & Aquafeel - I Am The Sunlight 5. Ace Ventura & Darma - Acidcore (Egorythmia Remix) 6. Darma - Paradigma 7. Roger Rabbit - Single Snapshot 8. Egorythmia & E-Clip - Time Travellers 9. Sonic Entity - Mental Universe "There is more to reality than meets the normal eye." I'll always have a soft spot for Iono. No, that's not it. That either, look stop touching me. Just...stay over there before I have to get human resources involved. Iono has been top dog for quite awhile in the lush melodic progressive market very rarely taking a misstep. Their music doesn't just make you want to dance...it involves you. Catches you up in a detailed vortex as effects resonate at every turn. It really is all about atmosphere with this label and in particular this compilation. When you call out the forensics team it means a terrible crime has been committed. So not really the time for light heartedness. Some of the tracks pack a heavier punch resembling psytrance more than progressive, but they all have one thing in common. The rich compositions take you from your world to their dark and intricate one. As usual it's melodic and effects heavy with the overall vibe of malice lurking in the shadows. The music breathes and crackles with futuristic energy. Zero bad tracks and an experience that is greater on a full listen through. Several other labels have challenged their supremacy recently perhaps sensing the old dog could no longer hunt. But with this outstanding release the rumors of Iono's demise have been greatly exaggerated. The names may change, but the quality remains the same. Highly recommended. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  12. Artist: Mindwave Title: Concept of Freedom Label: Iono Music Date: April, 2012 1. Intro 2. Light of loss 3. Simple Moves 4. Guiding Voice 5. Within You 6. Levity 7. New Day 8. Underwater 9. Concept of freedom 10. Deepest Thoughts "Freedom is not something that we easily understand." Sometimes you're just in the mood for a little progressive. No, that's Progresso soup. Most tender chicken ever? It is getting colder here and that sounds delicious. When I need my progressive trance fix I turn to the leader of the pack Iono Music who very rarely let me down. This is Anton Maiko, yet another Russian residing in Israel. It's like Russia south down there. The Israeli vodka machine must be working overtime. With his third album he delivers the kind of tunes that are right in my strike zone. Flowing melodic stuff that makes you wiggle in the middle. Simple Moves dwells in the clouds, but still retains its big bottom end. New Day brings a feeling of hope with great effects. Female vocals in several tracks give the music a dreamlike spiritual gravitas. But all the tracks have that lush appeal that mark an Iono release. Washes, punchy bass lines, reverb, and delay set to 11. Yep the gang's all here. If you want to drift away this is your ticket. Hell yeah this is recommended. It's one of the best progressive releases I've heard in a while. Beatspace Psyshop Mdk
  13. Artist: Ritmo & Egorythmia Title: Spin It Remixes EP Label: Iono Music Date: October, 2012 1. Spin It 2. Spin It (Gaudium Remix) 3. Spin It (Lish Remix) Thank you. Thank you gentlemen for including the original track on this brief Ep of remixes. Also thank you for keeping it brief. Nothing makes me want to punch babies more than an entire album of remixes of 1 track. But back to the first point it's such a pain in the ass trying to find the original track when comparing remixes. Starbucks might have a f*ckload of flavors, but I'm pretty sure they still stock regular coffee. Sure, those elitist pricks probably charge you twice the price for it. Go to Dunkin Donuts, my Dad swears by their coffee. 7-11 surprisingly is no longer just a place for week old hot dogs that may or may not have fallen on the floor repeatedly as they have good coffee also. So the original was pretty good progressive trance in the Iono mold of huge melodies and a thorough reverb soaking. The Gaudium remix has a refreshing big beat during the break, but is otherwise unremarkable. Good, but nothing to write home about. The Lish remix feels fuller so I guess he out-Ionoe'd the rest. This is what it feels like when I explain the definition of remix. Hello? Hello, is this thing on? You're hearing me, but you're not listening. They are good tracks to be sure, but in my opinion it fails as a remix ep for the same reason most of the remix ep's do. It's the same f*cking track. Grow some nuts and think outside the box. If I wanted 3 almost identical tracks I'm pretty sure my music player has a repeat function. Beatport Mdk
  14. Artist: Lifeforms Title: Reanimation EP Label: Iono Music Date: July, 2013 1. Reanimation 2. Dream Catcher 3. Equinox "Careful when you hit it...it kicks like a twelve gauge when it comes on." Man this looks familiar. I don't even know why Iono has different artist names. I think the label is really just a master computer with an Artist Name Generator app (now available on iPhone.) Reason I say this is because no matter which artist releases an album or EP it's always the same type of homogenous, wide open, melodic progressive trance. Beautiful stuff to be certain and this is no exception. Floating melodies, great effects, and futuristic atmospheres are the hallmarks of this release. Well, all their releases really. The only complaint I suppose could be that it's the same great sounding stuff over and over again. But that's silly. Let me know when you get tired of staring at these. Beatport Mdk
  15. Artist: Various Title: Christiania Selection Vol. 2 Label: Iono Music Date: November, 2012 1. Twisted Mind TIME IN MOTION, FLEXUS 2. Limitless OPPOSITE8 3. Lord of the swing AUDIOMATIC, CORONA 4. Progressive Love OSHER 5. Put your sunglasses on STATIC MOVEMENT 6. Smash Up ALION 7. All your needs SUNTREE 8. Individual pattern of life IMPACT AND SIMPLY WAVE 9. Maelkevejen MOTION DRIVE "I assumed for awhile that he wasn't satisfying all your needs. That's gonna change I promise you." Sounds like someone is in for a helluva night! But on to a more serious topic. Nobody lives forever. All we can hope for as a species is that we leave something behind, a legacy that somehow made the world a better place. And if not better, maybe...more ridiculous. Yesterday we lost a soul whose contribution to quality music was always in doubt. But his impact on popular culture can never be questioned. So I ask you to take a moment and maybe pour out a little liquor (not the good stuff) and remember. If not for this pioneer we would never have thought to wear our clothes backwards. Suburban children always looking for the next thing to confuse their parents filled the streets with joy. But as quickly as it came, it was gone. Yet another fad slain by the hand of middle class white kids on their way to soccer practice. So just like G-G-G-Unit and ending any word with "izzle" this fad takes it's rightful place in the pop culture graveyard never to be resurrected. Warm it up Chris, I'm about to. Cause that's what I was born to do. Indeed. So anyway, Iono Music the leader in progressive trance is back with the second installment of the inmates running the asylum. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about here is a little information on the inspiration for this series. I love this label as they provide the progressive trance I enjoy with big melodies and effects that saturate the brain. Compiled once again by Flexus (Stefan Goransson) you'll see names you know and those that are less familiar. First thing you might notice is that the cover is damn near identical to the first one. Guess what, the music is too. Wide open progressive trance with expansive breaks that allow you to soak the atmosphere in. Melodies dominate as they float from one measure to another. That's not to say there isn't some filler such as Alion's Smash Up which is a whole pillowcase full of Zzzz.... Put on Your Sunglasses sounds like it rolled around in cream cheese with a sample that is cringe worthy. Better than the first one? Nah I don't think so, but there are a few good tracks to be found here. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  16. Artist: Mindwave Title: Enlightenment EP Label: Iono Music Date: October, 2012 1. Enlightenment 2. Surreal 3. Somnium The geniuses at Iono very rarely stumble so it was with pleasure that I picked this up. Mindwave is Israeli Anton Maiko who has released 3 albums. Haven't heard a one, but that's going to change. Enlightenment is a smooth progressive rumbler with an ethereal vocal touch and long, distant melodies. Surreal doesn't present anything flashy, just a quality dream experience that is very relaxing. Somnium borrows that same vocal from the opening track and adds a nice break producing more mellow vibes. While not as melodic and deep as some of their releases, this one shouldn't disappoint progressive heads looking for a little downtime without dropping the bpm's below 130. Give it a try. Beatport Mdk
  17. Artist: Xshade & Loopstep Title: Double Reaction EP Label: Iono Music Date: 22-06-2010 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Double Reaction 2. Light In Motion 3. Inside The Madness Here's a great EP I discovered recently. After hearing Xshade's and Loopstep's 'From Another Planet', it wasn't long before I looked up more stuff from these producers. I ended up getting this EP and I can't say I'm disappointed. All the tracks have more of a darker feel to it. Still very slick with one touch effects with focus on the atmosphere. I must say Double Reaction really awakened near the end. It was almost like the melodies were hiding out a little, to give me a nice surprise for being lost in the track as long as I was. There guys have got everything in there hands by making these tracks as tight and compact as they did. When they think the time is right they make you speed up, slow down. Whatever suits the moment and whatever can surprise you. Light In Motion and Inside The Madness are no different. They use a bit of a deeper approach to make everything unfold near the end. You have to take your time when listening to this kind of stuff, nothing cheap and commercial to be found here. Great job! Links: http://www.beatport....ction-ep/254999
  18. Artist: Reverse Title: Reverse EP Label: Iono Music Date: 01-05-2012 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Klopfgeister - Good Bye Goa (Reverse Remix) 2. Progenitor - Soundreflex (Reverse Remix) 3. Reverse - End Of Line (Time In Motion Remix) 4. Reverse - End Of Line (Loopstep Remix) I stumbled upon this EP after hearing some good remixes from Reverse. Seeing some familiar names on the tracklist, I was extra curious to see what these tracks would bring. The first one is a great opener. I like the original Good Bye Goa from Klopfsgeister as well but this remix seems more powerful and full to me. Good piece of work. Next is Reverse's take on Soundreflex. He made the original as well, since he's half of the Progenitor project. It's a solid and dreamy track at the same time, especially almost at the end of the track where he let's you drift of one last time. I think this would work at home, just as well as playing it on the dance floor. I have to say halfway the song I was lost in the music. Before I knew the song ended. So you can say it did the job. The last 2 tracks are remixes coming from Time In Motion and Loopstep, for the End Of Line track. I enjoyed a lot of there albums and EP's so I expected some good music and I have to say they gave me exactly what I was looking for. Time In Motion is first, carrying on with the hypnotic vibes that I was getting from the first two tracks. It's as steady as can be and everything seems perfectly balanced out. Loopstep's version is slightly more slick and tight if you will. Both remixes took me on a very relaxing ride. Two different takes, but both of them have a great drive. I couldn't choose a favorite. If you like most of the other Iono sounds, I have a feeling you will be just in your element with this EP. It's the kind of progressive you can't go wrong with, hypnotic and more on the deeper side of things. Great stuff! Links: http://www.beatport....erse-e-p/899974
  19. Artist: Egorythmia Title: Night Sight EP Label: Iono Music Date: 15-10-2008 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Egorythmia - Night Sight 2. Egorythmia - We Can Fly Most of you familiar with the finest progressive trance, will know Egorythmia. Here's a short 2 track EP from this Macedonian producer, containing the tracks Night Sight and We Can Fly. Night Sight is a nice one. It has a very dark feel to it and the bass line remind me a bit of some Ectima tracks. Heavy, deep at the same time and certainly not the regular stuff we're used to hearing. Now I don't think this track is bad at all. But after hearing the Flegma & Nerso remix of it (on the remix album) it's kind of hard to say that the original is very special. I mean, the remixed track has such a good drive with stomping beats.. truly amazing. Just go ahead and listen to it yourself. We Can Fly is my favorite from this EP. Every effect seems in place and to me it's probably one of Egortyhmia's best tracks. I remember hearing it at a party once, not long after I discovered this track. It was about 4 or 5 in the morning and the crowd went crazy. I can't blame them either. Hearing something like this on good speakers and in a wide open area really brings out the best of it. I noticed stuff I never even heard before. Those of you who like there progressive deep, dark and powerful at the same time, will be right in their element with this EP. Links: http://www.beatport....ight-e-p/139346
  20. Artist: Infinity Title: Control Group Label: Iono Records Date: August, 2011 1. Traditional ways of healing (Remake 2011) 2. Ghost of Sparta 3. Lost in the sunlight 4. Alcoholism 5. Techniques 6. Arkham City 7. Car Accident 8. Control Group 9. From the depths of the underworld "Chaos will be unleashed." I've undergone a life change Dial it back a bit tough guy. But that make up job is stunning. No nothing so drastic. I'm trying to eat better and work out more. See, I was humbled athletically for the first time. Been a high level athlete all my life, but the class I took at the gym had me feeling every bit of my advanced age. Couldn't even finish it, and it made me realize that my 20's were waaay back in the rear view. Hell, I can barely see the thirties these days. So out with the fast food and sugary drinks and in with boatloads of water, salads, and fruit. Or as I like to call it...my de-Americanization. This is Nick Karamalakis from Greece with a smooth and flowing debut album of progressive trance. Since it's from Iono you have a better chance of seeing a Cool as Ice sequel than this blowing chunks. I'm begging you...begging...make this happen. Until then surround yourself with top notch stuff loaded with floating melodies and drifting atmosphere that has a dark tone to it. Look at the track titles...Alcoholism, Car Accident, From the Depths of the Underworld? Is this release autobiographical? And if so I hope he gets the help that he needs. The phrases seem to go on forever, which I suppose makes sense based on the artist's name. Easy to get lost in and more than once I had to hit the repeat button because my mind was carried away. As is the style of Iono artists, effects ricochet throughout, giving the tracks massive depth. Samples are well placed and not overdone (you know the ones you've heard ad nauseum) and breaks are so full of emotion that you could reach out and touch the streams. Well, Ghosts of Sparta are wet with you know what and Arkham City is rife with Batman samples as one would expect, but for a touch of surreality listen to the samples in car accident. Did he do a ride-along and bring his sampler with him? So very good stuff from Nick. Very descriptive and he fills every space. Reminds me of E-clip's Shuma. Highly recommended. Psyshop Beatspace Saikosounds Goa Store Audiojelly Juno Download Beatport Mdk
  21. Artist: Protonica Title: Form Follows Function Label: Iono Music Date: 17-08-2012 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Login 2. Greece 3. Subground 4. Serotonin Overdose (Protonica Remix) 5. Motion Control 6. Floating Point (Liquid Soul Remix) 7. Modification 8. Codes 9. Emerge I expected this release to be a real good one. For the simple reason that Protonica has really impressed me with there previous work and the fact that they haven't released anything in a long time. So my hopes were high and somehow my ears were dying to hear this. After the short Login intro track this album starts of with Greece. It's an extremely solid track, going straight forward like progressive should. All the effects during the song seem in place and as I'm listening I notice what made me like there style in the first place. It's not over the top, no cheap vibes or overdone voice-samples. Just straight up trance, in it's purest form. Subground really reminds me of there older work, taking you higher and higher using a basic yet original method. One of my favorite tracks from this album, bringing things back to the source. Serotonin Overdose is another killer and I have to say they did a great job on this remix. The original done by Rocky & Ace Ventura was ok but I prefer this one. It's just a little more solid so to say. Motion Control is a good follow up. At first it didn't really do it for me, it couldn't hold my attention all the way. But after a few more listens I could dig it somehow. Now the original Floating Point was probably my favorite track from Protonica all time. So when I read Liquid Soul was going to remix this one, I was really wondering what he would bring. The original track matched the title for me, it got me to a floating point many times. It's hard to describe the remix from the old one, but let's say it's put in to a slightly newer and modern jacket. For me both work just fine, but I must say the original stays very special to me. Modification is another favorite, if not my favorite. Slowly taking me further and further in a sort of minimal style. Actually all the tracks are made in a minimal way more or less. This track displays the power and originality of the entire album in my opinion, that sometimes less is more. Codes kind of brings out the oldskool progressive style that lies within there music. It was fun listening to but after a lot of Protonica tracks I find that it isn't there best work. Emerge is another track that exists out of simple trance-waves, keeping things basic. Great way to bring this album to an end. After listening to the whole album I realize how you can create something extremely special in a simple way, that really brings out the best in trance. I recommend listening to each track from the beginning. Protonica's tracks intend to evolve in a slow progressing way and seem to just go with the flow. This way you really get to feel and experience the build ups. Also I seem to find it ok that a song takes so long to build up because it is clear that there is a story to tell in each track. So overall this is a great album in my opinion. When it comes to melodic progressive trance, it's probably one of the best releases of the year. If you want to take a listen before buying it, I suggest checking out there Soundcloud. Links: http://soundcloud.com/protonica http://www.psyshop.c.../inm1cd056.html http://www.beatport....function/947569 http://www.ionomusic.com/ http://www.facebook.com/protonica.de
  22. Artist: Synesthetic Title: On Da Way EP Label: Iono Music Date: 20-07-2010 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Critical Method 2. Going Further 3. On Da Way 4. Sticky Finger Synesthetic have made a lot of good tracks, released on several compilations. This On Da Way EP contains some more beauties and the entire album has a very deep vibe to it. It's fair to say there music is all about moving forward in a rather slow and calm way. It allows you to float away peacefully and I can't say there was a track that didn't let me do that. Critical Method is a nice one to start with but it's not my favorite. There's just more going on with the other tracks that it doesn't fully stand out. Never the less not a bad track. Going Further is when the groove makes it's entrance and they didn't lie about the title at all. Some fine hypnotic progressive this is. On Da Way is a little more powerful and melodic, it makes an amazing follow up and very deep once again. It's hard to choose but I think the last track Sticky Finger, is my favorite track of all. It's a very unique take on things and it just has a great drive. It doesn't get boring for a second and that's not always an easy job with a 10 minute track. What more can I say, these guys truly know how to make some good trance. Sometimes I'm in the mood to close my eyes for a while to just fully concentrate on the music. Now and then I'm still surprised how much music can make you drift of if you just let yourself go and let the music do it's thing. For these occasions I usually play some stuff from Synesthetic as it's perfect for that mood. It doesn't give me a chaotic feeling but the opposite actually, rather smooth and always in balance. There style could be described as a mixture of progressive trance and progressive house and that's just perfect for me. Highly recommended! Links: http://www.beatport....a-way-ep/260889 http://soundcloud.com/synesthetic
  23. Title: Progressive Classics Vol.1 Label: Iono Music Date: 24-08-2012 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 01. Kaempfer & Dietze - Shear Force (Jerome Isma-ae & Daniel Portman Remix) 02. Minoru - Upload 03. Frogacult - All Seasons (Freq's third Remix) 04. Nyquist - Ghostrider 05. Funky Dragon - Yellow Summer 06. Timedrained - Sacha 07. Midimal - Over & Out (Klopfgeister Remix) 08. Time in Motion - Shadowgaze 09. Sinister Silence vs. Sartil - Heaven and Hell 10. Andromeda - Sensations (Aquafeel Remix) 11. Suntree - Comparable Worlds 12. ARW - Searching For New Levels 13. MUTe - Space n Time (Ritmo Remix) 14. Egorythmia - Distant Point 15. Ritmo - Practical 16. Flegma & Nerso - Altitude (with E-Clip) 17. Ovnimoon - Galactic Mantra (With Via axis and ItomLab) 18. Protonica - Airflow (Live Edit) 19. Ritmo - Rapture (Gaudium Remix) 20. Motion Drive - Heart Of The Sun I was waiting for this release a little while now. When they announced it I had a good look at the tracklist and immediately decided I had to get my hands on it. A lot of great Iono classics are on here, including some of my all time favorites. All bundled in to one album, how great! Now as there are 20 tracks on this album, I will comment on those that deserve the attention. It's just gonna take to long otherwise. It starts of light, with a remix for Kaempfer & Dietze's (aka Protonica) Shear Force. It's a combination of progressive trance and a touch of house music. If you ask me this one goes down really well, great way to get this VA going from the start. I had a fun time listening to All Seasons (Freq Third Remix), but I couldn't call this a special track that has a lot to offer, it's to chaotic for me. A lot going on, but I don't feel like this one is really going somewhere. Over & Out is a great track. Klopfgeister is all about going straight forward, no weird interruptions or unnecessary brakes. Very catchy since the melody stays in my head. This Midimal track is remixed by Flegma & Nerso and Seven11 as well and I can't say any of the remixes disappointed me. Shadowgaze is another lovely one. Great follow up from the last track, it matches really well. Time In Motion really did a great job, some fine relaxing progressive trance this is. Comparable World is one of the many songs that did it for me. Suntree delivered some solid stuff. It's a track to stomp the ground with, still it's kind of dreamy and I think the combination is what makes this a good track. Distant Point by Egorythmia is a much darker track than the others and it's one of the better ones from this release. I can say the same for Practical. It sounds smooth to my ears and so do a lot of other Ritmo tracks actually. So far some wonderful tracks but in my opinion Jensson kept the best for last. Altitude, by Flegma, Nerso and E-Clip was already one of my favorite tracks. It was released on there album Opposite, together with a bunch of other beauties. But it fits in just as well on this release. It's heavy, hypnotic with a lot of appropriate echoing and it gives you the feeling like there is plenty of room for everything in this track. I swear, every time I hear this song I can't stop moving. Perfect, what else can I say. Airflow is another one that clearly stands out. Again moving as forward as you can while remaining tight and sharp. I love it when you get the feeling there is a destination this track is heading to. What more do you want from Protonica, one of there best tracks if you ask me. Heart Of The Sun is in one word breathtaking. I know I have mentioned to have a lot of favorites in some reviews, but this is for sure in my top 3 of all time favorite tracks. Possibly even the best. It's hard since I have a shit load of music, but I have listened to this one so often and every time it stays special. It gives me a sunny morning time vibe and it's like I'm actually heading to the heart of the sun. Motion Drive keeps things interesting from the beginning, slowly building it up giving me a warm melting feeling. Then just as you think things couldn't get better, after about 4 minutes he brings things down a little and continues to go all the way after that. Words can't describe the beauty of this track. Couldn't think of a better way to end this compilation. My advice? If you are in to progressive and you enjoy the more modern Iono sounds, I would get this VA. Just for the best tracks I described it's worth buying in my opinion, let alone some of the other ones. I experienced a lot of variation between lighter, heavier and darker progressive, so there's always something for everyone! Iono Shop: http://www.ionomusic...&shop=343&D=409
  24. Artist: E-Clip Title: Troublemaker EP Label: Iono Music Date: 01-10-2012 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Troublemaker (11:06) 2. Overload (07:10) I don't think E-Clip needs an introduction. If you are not familiar with his work, I suggest listening to his Shuma album which contains some great tracks. A review of this can also be found here at Psynews. Not long after this album he released some amazing work and in my opinion this EP is a perfect example. He stayed loyal to the E-Clip style, while introducing some refreshing sounds. Both of these tracks are killers. Great listening to at home but I'm positive this could really rock a dance floor. There's a lot of energy in this EP and it's fair to say that he went all the way. Powerful baselines and great build-ups are just some of the elements we are used to from this Serbian producer. Everything we know him for is put in to this EP and it seems like there isn't a thing missing. Overload has to be my favorite, it's energetic but constant at the same time. You can really notice the track getting heavier and heavier as it goes a long. It's being built up nicely, better than spilling everything in one go. This really makes you appreciate the progressive trance format. It gives you so much room to go further and further, while being able to make a playful progressing story of the song. Terrific job on this one! Listen to some samples here: http://soundcloud.co...roublemaker-ep/ Links: http://www.beatport....aker-e-p/969484 http://www.psyshop.c.../inm1dw085.html http://soundcloud.com/e-clip https://www.facebook.com/eclipmusic
  25. Artist: Flexus Title: The Beginning EP Label: Iono Music Date: July, 2012 1. Sunset 2. The Beginning 3. Magnetic Field Technically this isn't the beginning for Flexus aka Stefan Goransson as he collaborated with Time In Motion on last years Smooth Vibrations EP from Iono. That aside what did I learn from this release? Not everything needs to be a massive storytelling adventure. Sometimes it is great to just be spirited away. And that is just what this 3 track EP does. I would describe it as light and airy progressive trance that follows the Iono mold of gentle melodies, soft breaks, and a sh*tload of delay. Imagine taking flight on the gossamer wings of a butterfly or plucking the strings of a spiders web to get an idea of how delicate this is. Soft and sensual, never intrusive, this floats like bubbles in the wind against the warm rays of the sun. Stefan shows that you don't have to be overly complex to craft a beautiful track. Well done sir. Beatport Audiojelly Psyshop Mdk
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