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  1. Testing some bbcode stuff. MFG This post can be deleted.
  2. I am so behind on all the Goa being released, but I thought I would stop by to mention how awesome it is to see Clementz on here. His work is freaking amazing!
  3. From the very first lyric, "I think I've become one of the others" to the wild guitar solos. The whole thing swings from incomprehensible, to dark and twisted, to full of hope, the whole thing in this fast paced 3/4 in E-minor, explosive climaxes, to lingering ambient parts. It has everything in it, which easily defines not just my psychedelic personality, but my personality in general.
  4. Holy shit I love that snare/clap. This is really nice work! The only thing I could suggest is some change to the leads throughout. They seem a little static. Maybe an extra layer or musical idea would be nice. Far be it from me to offer good criticism though. I think its great!
  5. You guys win. You win. The artwork, the quechuan title, the selections. There are these strange, warm, fuzzy feelings in this cold dying heart of mine. Now to make it until mid/late April.
  6. So you go down to Shibuya at night and you play Filteria's Lost in the Wild. When The Lights of Shibuya start playing you dance like a madman in the middle of the street. With any luck you might make the local news in Tokyo. I don't really know what to recommend, but I hope you have a good time!
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    Richpa, I liked that post. Interesting find Themaniac. Mind you, I started to feel this while in a lying position, though to be fair it was a typical hospital bed on a slight incline so I wasn't fully flat. I should probably tell them to lay me down fully flat the next time I need an immunization or they draw blood.
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    I have to assume it's just fear. The symptoms are really that of a panic attack and the resulting extremely low blood pressure. It surprised the nurses when they were not able to get a blood pressure reading for a good 15-20 minutes, possibly because of how low it was. If you are not getting enough oxygen to those vital parts of the body all sorts of normal bodily functions can start failing, including vision.
  9. johnb820


    So for reasons that I am not even fully aware of just yet, I was recently in a hospital and they decided they needed to do some blood tests. Well, I have a VERY bad phobia of needles. My blood pressure drops like a rock to dangerously low levels. As soon as they did it, you know, and they pretend to talk to you about other things to distract you from the reality that they stuck a foreign metallic object into your blood vein, I could feel the dizziness set in. This time though, it got really really bad. My vision was going, my arms were vibrating, and I was in a pool of my own sweat. Can't
  10. Seclusion and Fate are wonderful. I do wish the chord progressions had more development or variety within each track, but there are enough layers to keep it interesting and I totally get what Ali was doing.
  11. This is a VERY nice gesture! As soon as I have a desktop computer again I will grab these. Thank you!
  12. Yea so I was evicted for being late on rent. Since I do not own a car or have anyone that could help me move my stuff I had to leave almost everything behind. The landlord was not too happy about that but oh well. I am OK now. I found a room to rent earlier this past week but I did spend nearly a month sleeping in whatever 24 hour public buildings I could find. It was pretty insane.
  13. I feel bad I have yet to listen to this album. Unfortunately I was basically homeless for most of December and lost virtually all of my possessions. I don't have the money to buy this just yet but I will have to give it a listen on YouTube or bandcamp.
  14. Sorry to be the outlier but I'm not too excited about bandcamp. The player on the site itself needs a lot of work, if I understand correctly there is a limit to the number of downloads available even if it's "name your price", the social aspects of the site are deeply lacking, and there is basically no search feature. There desperately needs to be a quick and easy way to donate to the artist right on the site, and better options for customization. The only positives are the well integrated shopping cart and variety of file types available. Maybe bandcamp is nice as a label to organize thin
  15. The way I see it, truth and falsehood are just two sides of the same coin. Both can either hurt or help your situation, while the coin remains the same. You are free to choose either one. You might as well be truthful in all cases. Personally, I consider truth to be that which you observe and the expression of that observation which is accepted by the vast majority of people. So let's do a thought experiment. If there are 100 people in a room and all but one person agrees on some fact, regardless of whether the "fact" has been observed, even if that one naysayer truly does know the obs
  16. So I wanted to thank Oopie for sending me this album and also mention that I have been listening to it, a LOT. I think my first couple listens were met with some mixed feelings. I really liked the album, but it didn't click. Since then I think I have really settled into it much more. There are still some odd moments, and of course I wish it were longer, but there are some freaking amazing ideas on here. Sacred Sands... wow. Circumstances are keeping me from the internet for a while, but when I get the chance I will be writing a review.
  17. I am just going to repeat what others have said. Making music while tripping (Or I suppose really intoxicated on any substance) just does not happen. It's not that you couldn't fiddle around with your gear or otherwise, it's just that you're trying desperately to answer why you would do such a thing, while you intensely stare into the fractals emerging from your popcorn ceiling. You know, you have to deal with more important issues, like why your hands don't seem to be located where they should be, or why laughter seems to be emitting from your mirror. However, I will say that psychedelics
  18. Thanks for the compliment, haha, though I often feel I am not good with words.
  19. I pity the people who live in perpetual fear and conspiracy. Now I wouldn't be truthful if I didn't think there is something very fundamentally wrong with this world, something of a new paradigm that we have yet to realize. This is an anxiety that I express quite often. But this is why you have to always be moving forward in whatever way you can. You can't focus on the negativity, or you have to take the good with the bad. You have to be more discerning than that. When I listen to Trump I am so deeply confused. Things are really not that bad. Sure I live in near poverty and there are l
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