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  1. I tottaly forgot abt thus zirrex track. Really dreamy sound
  2. I discovered psytrance in 2005 with a set. I remember only few tracks of the mix. Maybe you know this mix from somewhere. Im trying to find the other tracks. Equilibrium - exersis Dark nebula and scatterbrain - mexican jesus Scatterbrain - space invaders Exited - lirik on outer space Electrypnose - oscillate Para halu - sirens fiction Thankx for your help i really appreciate it
  3. Thank you all for your suggestions Yes tranan is excellent. Reminds me of 1200 mic but less cheezy ;-)
  4. Looool. You are funny my friend. 1. Psytrance is so creative of a genre , you can find anything. 2. Why would i invent such thing ?
  5. Hi psytrance nerds I prefer youtube to soundcloud cause you have better choice. Can someone tell me about a good playlist that he likes ?
  6. Hi psytrance nerds One of the psytrance track thst i listened was a beaugiful masterpiece that infortunely i dont have the title name It begins with an explosion, like a nuclear explosion, and some indian atmosphere. I love this track so much. Can somebody help me ?
  7. Talamasca - overload This track has killer bassline
  8. Error corrective - fade instinct Circuit breakers - fragmented reality Sonic species - unleash the beat
  9. Freq - stone shaker (protoculture remix) The end of this track makes my heart in pure harmony. Really good energy fullon
  10. @colinoood thank you You know your track eyes of the beholder is one of my favourite goa track.
  11. @vinvonvantz1 its a good track very psychedelic but its not what im talking about
  12. @exotic your track is perfect for a mushroom trip. Im sorry but i love too much psytrance to just pick one track
  13. @john820 yeah talamasca has a good usage of bassline This track is also good talamasca - odyssey The pattern change a lot in this track.
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