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    The Squirrel

    Thanks Starkraver. It was just a weird thing is all . I'm pretty sure moving the squirrel out of the road would not have prevented its death. It's not like we have hospitals for squirrels... unless it's my pet. It would, however, had to suffer an even longer period of time. Oh well.
  2. johnb820

    The Squirrel

    So I was riding my bike home today from work and this surreal thing happened. A car was driving up along side me on my bike and I noticed that a squirrel dashed out in front of us. I had plenty of time to notice but the car just kept driving on by. For a brief moment the squirrel disappeared underneath the car and then it appeared when it made contact with the left rear wheel of the car. I saw the squirrel get struck, roll, and emerge. Then it was just lying there on its back, its arms twitching. In that moment I asked myself, what am I supposed to do? I was hoping the squirrel would die so as to be put out of its misery. I kept riding and I still don't know what happened to the squirrel. And I was reminded that I too have been hit by cars before, multiple times while out riding. One of these days it could be me lying on the road twitching. What would I have done if I hit the squirrel while on my bike? It was just kind of this weird moment. I mean, I know it's just a squirrel and in fact I passed by another dead carcass of a squirrel on the way home, but until it's dead I didn't want to see the poor thing mangled yet still alive somehow. And there is the disconnect between humans and what we think of as lesser species. We are all dead at some point. Can we at least care until then? But what do we do? Oh well, that's my story.
  3. No. Thank you Alek! Sometimes when I think I am an alien trapped in a human body wandering this world, I remember that everyone here is inherently a part of my life. You all tolerate me and I don't feel so lonely.
  4. Richpa... Amazing work, the website looks fantastic! Do you have a way I could donate some money your way, if for nothing else than just to keep the site going?
  5. Been obsessing over this album for days now. It's like going back to a time when I was a teenager and I used to listen to bossa nova on occasion, dreaming of being on a warm brazilian beach.
  6. Last night I had this most amazing dream and it has been stuck in my head since then. I feel this dream was very special in a way that I have a hard time describing. So the dream more or less started where I was having this adventure in something like out of a dungeon crawling game except it wasn't a dungeon, it was more like a labyrinthal castle. And then I vividly remember this moment where two figures came walking down a flight of stairs. They appeared to be women, but it wasn't obvious. All I remember was that their skin was very very translucent. I could see their many purple veins through their skin quite easily. Then one of the figures walked towards me and extended their hand towards me. I pressed my palm against hers. Now, I was for some reason under the impression that these beings could absorb light directly through their skin and this gave them their life energy. So when I touched her hand I immediately could feel how soft and vibrant it was. I grabbed her hand and then stroked upwards along her arm. And this is the part that I have a hard time describing. It was the most sensual feeling I have ever felt. The tactile sensation was that of something smooth, hardly any friction against her skin. And yet her skin had a certain leathery feel. I can only describe it as feeling almost like slippery and soft at the same time . Think of the way touching someone's skin feels on MDMA but it was the touch of this ethereal being implausibly real to me in the dream. She/they looked down at me and it was as if we shared some sort of spiritual moment... and then I woke up. It was so weird and I don't know what to think of it. Does anyone maybe have some insight they could share with me?
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLkmMEEiNBk#t=2367
  8. As I listened to this, and was watching a documentary about Steve Reich, I have yet again to be reminded of Omar Rodriguez Lopez who I mention on here a lot. http://www.leakyfaucet.us/22%20-%20Mantra%20Hiroshima/09%20Sobre%20La%20Resurreccion.mp3 http://www.leakyfaucet.us/30%20-%20Woman%20Gives%20Birth%20To%20Tomato/03%20El%20Paso%20Texas.mp3 Obviously he does not have the sophistication of Steve Reich, but the way he loosely flows from one beat, rhythm, effect, or hook into the next in the context of rock music deeply fascinates me. His music is just as trance inducing in a jarring, chaotic kind of way.
  9. Mindsphere - Patience For Heaven Getting excited about new stuff from Ali!
  10. That would be so hard. There was so much good stuff released in those 2 years. It would almost be unfair to do a "best of".
  11. Waiting for the gas company to show up and turn my gas on. It's been almost 3 weeks now without heat, hot water, a working stove or oven.
  12. Just waiting to have some money available, but I will soon purchase this and the Night Hex album.
  13. Yes! I am giving this a full listen right now. Loving the positive vibes so far!
  14. And an AP track that I thought had never come out!?!
  15. Working a little bit on a text adventure game I am very slowly putting together.
  16. Not bad! Maybe a little more in terms of developing the musical ideas would be nice, but the production quality is good!
  17. A bunch of Goa Trance stuff slowed down in audacity by about 15% to achieve a BPM somewhere in the 120s. It never ceases to amaze me how groovy goa is.
  18. I think I am in love with this guy's bass and rhythm sections. Clean, deep, yet groovy.
  19. It is an interesting thing when popular trance takes ideas from psytrance. Not so interesting the other way around. The vast majority of morning full-on more or less falls into this category and it's pretty boring to me. Anyway, I am not sure if this is the style that you were thinking of, but I thought I would plug one of my tracks just because it might apply. I like to think the euphoric and trancey side of things can come out of the harsh, weird, psychedelic acid lines of goa/psy in ways that AP and MWNN achieved really really well. I would throw Afgin and maybe a few others into this category too. Of course the former two used much darker, dissonant atmospheres, and Afgin didn't really have typical trance leads save for his Euro trance stuff of course.
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