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  1. I rarely listen to anything while I'm driving myself, except on the autobahn I sometimes turn on the radio to be warned of traffic jams. But when I'm in the car and somebody else's driving I quite like to listen to some music. Mostly trancy stuff, it shouldn't get too psychedelic. Something like Human Blue, Matenda, Lish, Vibrasphere or maybe Setherian is good...
  2. RTP

    catwalk music

    Reminds me of the saying "It's not a bug, it's a feature" Anyway, nice pics! Must have been a cool show
  3. I store them in the cupboard, in the glass virtine part. I find that very lovely and better than any rack. Actually I think the glass vitrine in such cupboards is normally reserved for glasses or liquors or whatever, but I think it's also perfect for CDs, because this way the covers won't get dusty
  4. oh gosh, listen to the song, haha ... it's as "original" as the dudes posts are... funny
  5. Oh lol ... so I can vote too Thanks for clearing that up
  6. Oh yeeeah... That's the best news this week Just FUCK the music industry!
  7. My favourite is not on your list: Transformation. NOT the remix! Well ... it's the one on Goa-Head 13 ... I dunno if it's the remix anyway and they just forgot to label it, but I don't think so (would be glad if anybody could tell me BTW )... The reason why is, that it was one of the first goa tracks that I heard. And loved. Gosh, those were the times where I still loved mental travels while just lying in bed to this kind of music ... need to do that again some day.....
  8. funny For me in the real psychedelic songs often happens too much That's why I like the prog stuff much more. And there happens enough in them - you just have to listen. Hehe... I have a funny thought: Maybe the psychedelic listeners have a totally different brain or a totally different way to percieve/hear things than the progheads? Maybe all the psy people have altogether different brains than the people who like to listen to other music? I always believed that this kind of stuff is inherited. I believe I inherited my love to psy music from my mum ... she never had heard it before and liked it instantly as I played it to her once... strange
  9. RTP


    exactly I liked Psydrop quite much some time ago ... it surprises me that the guy behind it gets ultra commercial shit so suddenly
  10. nonononono... In your opinion that track is "insufferable cheese"... I think it's one of the best MWNN tracks - just because it has a little cheese touch to it, but it doesn't drown in it. It's just the right amount of cheese if you ask me. A little. I like the track very much The new one is what I don't like so much. Sounds okay, but ... to me that's not MWNN's sound ... not at all ... a tiny bit maybe ... but hmmm ... and it's fullon ... beh ... but okay, there's a whole shitload of worse stuff out there so I say it's okay ... but it doesn't knock me from my chair... Skeptic about this one.
  11. I never ever have deleted any song off my playlist (with intention ... some accidents happened, but normally I don't delete any songs!)...
  12. RTP

    your fav alpabet

    Okay, my theory again: He was onto something. Then, as the stuff started to kick in, he started the thread, thus his mind still being able to think at least half clearly. After he posted he waits a bit. And then the stuff hits in stronger and stronger until at the end he's full onto it and he gets another wonderful idea, a genious reply and posts it here ... thus his second post is totally fucked up.
  13. RTP

    your fav alpabet

    Okay, as far as my mind can think this guy means following: Artists that BEGIN with the letter. Artists that END with the letter. Read his first post carefully. He says "last d is very hard, martin freeland, james hetfield" ... so he means what is your favourite letter of the alphabet which most artists you like start with and end with! So... do I get something in reward for finding it out? I'd say my favourite letter is E because most of my favourite artists end with it: S-Range Son Kite Vibrasphere Feuerhake And the ones that begin with it are: Etnoscope Entheogenic Eat Static
  14. RTP

    your fav BPM

    I realized I prefer it around 130 BPM. Such stuff is great for running and it has a steady and gentle progression that goes on and on yet doesn't make me tired or exhausted too soon. Seriously, mostly when I had a bad run it was just the wrong music I had put on. Progressive stuff is great for that purpose. Sometimes slower, sometimes faster, but always at about 130 ... that's perfect. At parties I like a higher BPM though. But BPM is not all that matters
  15. S-Range - Out Of Range (Noma's Morning Glory Remix) is also pretty melancholic.
  16. Uh oh ... Eskimo ... where is da FOB killargh when you need him? Anyway, honestly, I don't really like it when others start to hail the ones we actually consider to be commercial, cheesy and full on, you know? It's just as I said how it's going to be. More people who are into other styles will be attracted to psy. It can be a good thing, but it also can be a bad thing if it attracts the wrong ones (if the gabba kids take over ... ). Why don't you harddancers still say it's "hippy bullshit"? Because teh music has changed! This easily leads to a conclusion how many intelligence and trippyness our sound has lost now that the harddance community sees it as a worthy inspiration...
  17. ... I didn't find that one melancholic... Guess it's just a matter of tasste...
  18. Mmmh ... the average lifespan of a CD is 30 to 40 years (considering that you store them in a dry and medium-temeratured environment). Will that be long enough that you can still listen to it when you're "old and grey"? I don't have so many CDs ... I didn't count them, but I'd say I don't even have 100 of them (including tapes!) ... way too few for the music freak I am (but don't think I download so much, I do it occasionally, but I'm not that kind of Ninja-downloader with dozens of gigs of music). So as I don't have many of them anyway the chance is small that I haven't listened to some ... well, there is one I know which I haven't listened completely through yet, but I look forward to doing that when I have time and am in the mood...
  19. S-Range - Space Carbon Based Lifeforms - Hydroponic Garden and Mortiis - The Smell Of Rain
  20. Well, define trippy ... but I prefer the dancefloor killers. Please, don't get me wrong ... I don't mean full on! But I would for example rate the mad drum orgies of Etnoscope rather more "dancefloor killer"-like than trippy. And I love that kind of shit, so I prefer this over trippy
  21. Sorry ... but this is horrible. *headshot* Even the Mauro Picotto techno I liked before I switched to psy and which I now hate hate hate sounds better. I hope this will never influence our genre
  22. @ the sample It sounds really good Very trancey and not fullon ... realy good. Hope the whole new album will have this kind of style and it's not just a teaser...
  23. Fortunately this doesn't occur much to me, but oh yes, I hate it. The equal Entheogenic - We Are One and Ott - Smoked Glass And Chome sample is a bliss killer ... though Entheogenic distort it upwards, but I still recognized it and it's just shit. It's one of the reasons why I don't like Glass And Chrome as much as it deserves ... because I already knew the sample. The best would be when artists make their OWN samples! Yes, their own. Recording their voice (or the voice of a friend) and repeating it then through vocoder or something like that. By doing it like that we wouldn't have many similar samples anymore ... except when you take it out of a film, but then it's intended that people know the sample already.
  24. Booklets ... oh yeah ... If psy cds had bigger booklets I'd certainly buy more. Because I love looking through the booklet when I listen to the music. And as psy doesn't have many lyrics I'd say the utmost ultimate killer best would be a booklet with A PICTURE (of course as big as a page) for each track (good metal albums have a page with lyrics for each track ... so in psy I want a pic on each page for each track ... and one that fits!)! Damn, nobody is doing that....
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