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  1. Many thanks for the information! So that means this thing is ultra-rare, isn't it? And it's never going to be released... Damn ... and I thought "Yeehaw, a new album" ...
  2. Well ... for me "morning trance" would be "daytime psy". Has nothing to do with partying in my case ... after parties I need chillout, if not a completely different other music like rock or jazz or something like that. Stuff like S-Range (not his early stuff), Matenda, Andromeda, some Fatali, Vibrasphere, Son Kite's Colours, Klangstrahler Projekt, Feuerhake, some Atmos ... that's not the stuff you listen to to be guided through dark nights, is it? There are several people out there who refered to many of these artists as "morning trance"-artists ... of course there are exceptions, but this stuff is rather on the "light psy" and progressive side IMHO. That would be the things I would think of when somebody mentions "morning trance"...
  3. I just looked around a little and found out, that there obviously exists a release of Carbon Based Lifeforms, called "The Path". I can't find more information about it, so ... what is this thing? Is it a promo release? Will it ever be released? Anyone has informations?
  4. Yeah, happy birthday! And many thanks to all the people who are involved and made this place such a wonderful one
  5. I need deco! Without blacklight and great deco the party isn't that good for me. The location is less important, because you can turn the place where the party is into anything with good decoration. And I'm not talking of blacklight blankets on the walls alone! I was once on a party in a club where the chill area was in the basement and those deco teams were so witty to turn the basement into a fucking beautiful CAVE! So basically I wasn't in a basement, I was in a cave ... therefore it's already a different setting I also love sculptures ... once they had mushroom sculptures everywhere ... it was so cool, like if I was in a forest searching for psychoactive herbs Once they had such peculiar blankets hanging in the club that looked like if they were windows and you could see outside through them and the club was thus turned into a strange alien structure, built on an island and you could see the green ocean through the windows ... this was cool too I just love the deco ... I once saw such a beautiful painting I gazed at it for a FULL FUCKING HOUR, because it was so detailed and nice and beautiful and big, showing first a city behind waterfalls and stretching over more waterfalls and stuff until to the bank of the great river where the forest began and it went on into the forest and there were such nice little creatures everywhere and elves and trolls and sorcerers and fairies and it was so beautiful and detailed and so nice I completely forgot to see the other paintings hanging there ... it was just incredible Deco, deco, deco! And a fucking great sound. And nice people. And good DJs/liveacts! THAT's a great party
  6. Hey Anoebis, that's interesting as I have heard a somehow similar set on the last party I have been to Maybe the sound will come back? Suggestions ... hmmm... "Old S-Range" ... if you want old S-Range, then check out Prex, a collaboration between S-Range and Noma. And Noma could even be something for you too (I'm thinking of "Soon" and "Another Time" now). I second 12 Moons and Matenda, especially his older stuff (pre-"Tunnel Vision"). And Setherian is also nice, I like his album "Multiverse" ... on that party they even played a track off there ... and a Prex piece too
  7. Austriaaaaaa !? Wtf ... just me?
  8. Ticon - The Clown Smells Like Gasoline (so wicked that I love it!) Son Kite - If Ashtrays Could Talk (wicked, wicked) Bitmonx - Morgenlatte (hihihihi, I bet you didn't know that "Morgenlatte" is the german word for the hard on you got in the morning ) Etnoscope - Cloud Surfing (I want to surf on clouds ) Ticon - Super Model Girlfriend (I want one, I want one) S-Range - Boom (I liked that word so much I even used Boom as a common word ... when I was surprised for example, I used to say "Boom" instead of "Wow") Feuerhake - La Aurora (this is just pure beauty) Violet Vision - Fingering Nuns On Mars (harhar) I think I must check out the Radioactive Kinder Bueno, the title sounds just so wicked like my first two...
  9. Psytrance should be about music. What people are wearing should be not that important. However, everybody is different - some put on fashioned fluoro wear and some not. Here in Austria we don't have fashion dickheads as that one on this pic though as far as I can tell...
  10. RTP

    best party?

    For me it's hard to name a best one. There is actually none. Because each location has its charm, each sound is different and each decoration too. Actually I can't really name a favourite. Ealier I always said Koxbox was it, but in the last time I actually noticed that there were so many really good ones and I don't really wanna compare them, because they were all just good. IMHO it would be stupid to say that this one was "good good" and the other one was "bad good" ... I mean, good is good (like "god is god", lol) - when there is good vibe, nice people, nice sound and good energy you don't need anything else, not even a live act. So that's why I can't really mention a best one anymore. I only can say that until now I have not experienced a bad psy party, each one had its charm and its moments ... there was none yet where I haven't been happy, even the last one where I was freaking out was good in its own way. If you'd force me I'd say Koxbox. That was one of the first parties I went to and it was absolutely breathtaking great ... parents not at home, I returned home in the morning for breakfast, dancing through the whole night, my whole body aching for days after the event. Marvellous
  11. No, it's not difficult at all. SWEDEN! Son Kite, S-Range, Matenda, Vibrasphere, Carbon Based Lifeforms and all the other swedish ambient ... ENOUGH SAID!
  12. How much time? Enough Hehehe ... okay, I can't really say how many hours. And it really depends on my mood aswell (I guess that's the case with everyone), but maybe 2 hours a day of psychedelically touched music (whether it's GOA, progressive, techtrance or ambient doesn't matter) are average. There are days where I go running and listen to psy and so it's more time, but there are also days where I hardly listen to psy at all. So it really depends...
  13. This rant is just genious LOL Sorry, but ... ehehe ... lol ... just try to relax Like Feuerhake says, "Things Can Change". They changed. Smoke a blunt (actually I think you should smoke more than one, lol), spit on the floor, squat, chill and smile. Because Goa is not dead, it still lives.
  14. Man With No Name ... oooh yeah, this was one of the first Goa artists I got to know Very very very very very very good His stuff almosts sounds retro to me now, lol ... back then I still was a techno addict and such, lol Well, in other words: MWNN = CULT!
  15. In an old, deserted building. Some old castle ruin, an abandoned hall for balls (we had one near here, but it burned down ... it was one of the coolest locations I ever have been to - there were still all those bright chandeliers hanging around and statues on the walls ... a neo-classical-romantical-cool atmosphere ... my gosh, that was a great location), an abanoned factory, a slaughterhouse (brillant for the darker stuff!). That would be cool. I voted for that. However, clubs aren't bad either. Easy to decorate, easy to illuminate ... and the sound fits - indeed, it fits! I like clubs. Plus it's easier to get there, I live in town An open air location would just be good for the oldskool stuff IMHO. But when it comes to that, the club would never be the right location ... also not the abandoned building unless it's a castle ruin on a mountain or so...
  16. S-Range VS Matenda ... mugamuchu, that would be awesome However, I picked "Atmos VS Human Blue" ... I'm sure that would be a killer too
  17. I'm absolutely in love with the new scandinavian stuff lately! S-Range got me to that all ... since I saw him live I love all that modern sounding stuff Now I'm in love with Son Kite and all that, you know However, the old stuff still lives in me. It's just a matter of mood. I mean, I have been TRAVELLING to that music ... so I'll never forget it I just recently put on Ra's Astral Flight and Dimension 5's Transformation on again ... absolutely great! And Eat Static's Space Walk! Still great stuff!
  18. RTP

    Son Kite

    SON KITE! Motherfucking great stuff! I absolutely looove Colours! Well ... similar artists ... hmmm ... besides Ticon, Vibrasphere and Atmos I can only think of: ...Etnoscope maybe? First they are signed to Digital Structures aswell and second I think they are indeed similar to Son Kite - the differences lie in the percussions (Etnoscope has faster and more driving percussions, Son Kite have a far more techy bassline) and in the style (Etnoscope are definitely more tribal). If you like Aiwana then you might like some Etnoscope too (thinking of Qula right now ... the rest is more spicy) 12 Moons is a great suggestion, but I think if you seek such cracking stuff like Son Kite then 12 Moons will be too scando trancy and chilly for you. Tegma could fit for you maybe too? I think it just depends where you draw the line. I would even see some similarity in Noma and Son Kite
  19. Haha ... yeah, Shisha is great I just can't smoke it so often - it's the money And lol, to be totally honest: to this track I have never been smoking Shisha - I've only been painting to it. But I thought smoking would also be great to it and so I decided to mention it here - maybe more people smoke it and listen to such stuff too (with the "more people smoking" I seemed not to be wrong...) Well, FSOL could be something ... but I'm afraid it will be different to the stuff I'm looking, I know a little FSOL stuff. But I exactly need such music, like that particular Eat Static track! Because not even Eat Static have more tracks like that - at least that what I know from them is different (it's great, but it's different)... And I know Asura - Code Eternity. A very good track, but ... the bassline is too hard and the synths are too screamy. Space Walk has no hard bassline - and it's a little faster. And more twisted and more mellow! I want it mellow! That's why I also said that conventional goa is too disturbing ... too disturbing and too screamy...
  20. "disturbing" ... yeah, yeah, it's not the 100% accurate word, but whatever, compared to the stuff I need here the real goa is disturbing, energetic, pushing, horizon-widing - whatever, I don't want it now. Imagine smoking shisha with dimension 5 or hallucinogen on the ears - oh fuck, I'd probably stand up to dance and hit the shisha with my arm and the burning charcoal will set everything on fire Nonononononono! Heh, but thanks for the suggestions. The Saafi Brothers must be a good suggestion, I know some of their more ambientish pieces and they are very good. And Taruna is also a term to me! I'll check 'em out
  21. Okay, I know, in the last time I might be searching a little much, but I just need something and I beg you goa people out there for help! The track is Eat Static - Space Walk. I'm seeking similar stuff, but there isn't even one thing I can mention what I also like, because I just know of nothing like this track! It seems to be old stuff, as it has been released '96 on a compilation. Whatever, I just love this track as this is something so completely different to all the fast and distubing sound of goa - and yet it's not chillout or ambient! I LOVE this track! I love to paint to it, draw the lines with my brush late at night, smelling the acryl from the paint and feeling the heat of the UV lamp, breathing in the fumes of the incense sticks, having already tears in the eyes because of the smoke and on the headphones I hear this mellow, acidy music from another world ... I LOVE IT! Or to sit in a chair, having a shisha in front of you and watching the smoke rise to the ceiling in the candlelight, watching it creating whirls and making turns and inhaling the fumes, also having this stuff on the ears ... GENIOUS! I NEED SOMETHING LIKE THAT! With the same type of bassline, not hard, but gentle guiding and the effects so acidy and mellowing and yet still gentle and not aggressive in any way. When I listen to normal goa I always have to get up and dance, but this music lets me rest sitting and thinking or painting ... it's the best stuff... Please ... please recommend me some tracks...
  22. Interesting! I knew, that Aum is the symbol for everything. It's the only symbol I know of that symbolizes everything around us and everything there is. Aum is the Universe - and even more... But I didn't know it so detailed. A little shame it is indeed, for I use this symbol in my paintings too. But at least that what I knew of the symbol wasn't wrong (otherwise I would need to change my paintings now ) ... But please, I'd also like to know more about Aum. Maybe about other symbols too ... ?
  23. KLANGSTRAHLER PROJEKT!!! Best one: Rising. It's all on a little chillier wave than real psytrance, but it's definitely worth to check out IMHO... Feuerhake - Bombay Blues is great too ... amazing driving guitar in the last quarter!
  24. RTP


    So, finally I've checked out B.L.T. ... at least their remix of Frogacult - All Seasons. It's great! I will definitely set B.L.T. on my list of good artists! And Star Sounds Orchestra ... well, I definitely will check them out! Thanks to all for the suggestions
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