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  1. S-Range VS Matenda ... mugamuchu, that would be awesome However, I picked "Atmos VS Human Blue" ... I'm sure that would be a killer too
  2. I'm absolutely in love with the new scandinavian stuff lately! S-Range got me to that all ... since I saw him live I love all that modern sounding stuff Now I'm in love with Son Kite and all that, you know However, the old stuff still lives in me. It's just a matter of mood. I mean, I have been TRAVELLING to that music ... so I'll never forget it I just recently put on Ra's Astral Flight and Dimension 5's Transformation on again ... absolutely great! And Eat Static's Space Walk! Still great stuff!
  3. RTP

    Son Kite

    SON KITE! Motherfucking great stuff! I absolutely looove Colours! Well ... similar artists ... hmmm ... besides Ticon, Vibrasphere and Atmos I can only think of: ...Etnoscope maybe? First they are signed to Digital Structures aswell and second I think they are indeed similar to Son Kite - the differences lie in the percussions (Etnoscope has faster and more driving percussions, Son Kite have a far more techy bassline) and in the style (Etnoscope are definitely more tribal). If you like Aiwana then you might like some Etnoscope too (thinking of Qula right now ... the rest is more spicy) 12 Moons is a great suggestion, but I think if you seek such cracking stuff like Son Kite then 12 Moons will be too scando trancy and chilly for you. Tegma could fit for you maybe too? I think it just depends where you draw the line. I would even see some similarity in Noma and Son Kite
  4. Haha ... yeah, Shisha is great I just can't smoke it so often - it's the money And lol, to be totally honest: to this track I have never been smoking Shisha - I've only been painting to it. But I thought smoking would also be great to it and so I decided to mention it here - maybe more people smoke it and listen to such stuff too (with the "more people smoking" I seemed not to be wrong...) Well, FSOL could be something ... but I'm afraid it will be different to the stuff I'm looking, I know a little FSOL stuff. But I exactly need such music, like that particular Eat Static track! Because not even Eat Static have more tracks like that - at least that what I know from them is different (it's great, but it's different)... And I know Asura - Code Eternity. A very good track, but ... the bassline is too hard and the synths are too screamy. Space Walk has no hard bassline - and it's a little faster. And more twisted and more mellow! I want it mellow! That's why I also said that conventional goa is too disturbing ... too disturbing and too screamy...
  5. "disturbing" ... yeah, yeah, it's not the 100% accurate word, but whatever, compared to the stuff I need here the real goa is disturbing, energetic, pushing, horizon-widing - whatever, I don't want it now. Imagine smoking shisha with dimension 5 or hallucinogen on the ears - oh fuck, I'd probably stand up to dance and hit the shisha with my arm and the burning charcoal will set everything on fire Nonononononono! Heh, but thanks for the suggestions. The Saafi Brothers must be a good suggestion, I know some of their more ambientish pieces and they are very good. And Taruna is also a term to me! I'll check 'em out
  6. Okay, I know, in the last time I might be searching a little much, but I just need something and I beg you goa people out there for help! The track is Eat Static - Space Walk. I'm seeking similar stuff, but there isn't even one thing I can mention what I also like, because I just know of nothing like this track! It seems to be old stuff, as it has been released '96 on a compilation. Whatever, I just love this track as this is something so completely different to all the fast and distubing sound of goa - and yet it's not chillout or ambient! I LOVE this track! I love to paint to it, draw the lines with my brush late at night, smelling the acryl from the paint and feeling the heat of the UV lamp, breathing in the fumes of the incense sticks, having already tears in the eyes because of the smoke and on the headphones I hear this mellow, acidy music from another world ... I LOVE IT! Or to sit in a chair, having a shisha in front of you and watching the smoke rise to the ceiling in the candlelight, watching it creating whirls and making turns and inhaling the fumes, also having this stuff on the ears ... GENIOUS! I NEED SOMETHING LIKE THAT! With the same type of bassline, not hard, but gentle guiding and the effects so acidy and mellowing and yet still gentle and not aggressive in any way. When I listen to normal goa I always have to get up and dance, but this music lets me rest sitting and thinking or painting ... it's the best stuff... Please ... please recommend me some tracks...
  7. Interesting! I knew, that Aum is the symbol for everything. It's the only symbol I know of that symbolizes everything around us and everything there is. Aum is the Universe - and even more... But I didn't know it so detailed. A little shame it is indeed, for I use this symbol in my paintings too. But at least that what I knew of the symbol wasn't wrong (otherwise I would need to change my paintings now ) ... But please, I'd also like to know more about Aum. Maybe about other symbols too ... ?
  8. KLANGSTRAHLER PROJEKT!!! Best one: Rising. It's all on a little chillier wave than real psytrance, but it's definitely worth to check out IMHO... Feuerhake - Bombay Blues is great too ... amazing driving guitar in the last quarter!
  9. RTP


    So, finally I've checked out B.L.T. ... at least their remix of Frogacult - All Seasons. It's great! I will definitely set B.L.T. on my list of good artists! And Star Sounds Orchestra ... well, I definitely will check them out! Thanks to all for the suggestions
  10. RTP


    Hilight Tribe ... yeah, this one is pretty good - but it lacks something - something that Etnoscope have and Hilight Tribe not. Or maybe it doesn't lack, it's the other way round: it has something too much: it's too "tribal". Yeah, too tribal! I mean, it's all very nice and such and I will definitely watch them if they came near me, but it's not that I am infected like with Etnoscope. Etnoscope is ... smoother, more electronic, more tech-trancy, but still on a tribal level... But many thanks for the suggestion Juno Reactor, Medicine Drum ... mmmmmh ... yeah, they surely are good, very good bands, but ... again too tribal and too different from Etnoscope
  11. RTP


    I LOVE SON KITE - COLOURS :) B.L.T. and Kiwa ... I will check them out! Thanks
  12. RTP


    Oh fuck. I got hooked! Hooked upon this beat-ific electronic-and-percussion-combination! I saw them live at Earthdance. They really rocked IMHO! Now I really want something similar ... with the same pepper and with real percussion please! I'm sure some of you can help me! Son Kite - Aiwana ... that's something that also fall into this category a bit IMHO! Suggestions please!
  13. There are a lot of good buildups out there. However, what it takes to be a REAL GOOD buildup is: minimalism. I'm getting tired of all the synths howling and whirling and the hi-hats and all so much noise. I want intelligent buidups - techy, minimalistic, wise use of the synths and a wave of happiness/awesomeness running down my spine! REAL GOOD buildups have: Atmos - Fill The Hat ... that's what I call perfect! MOS - Fire ... a KILLER! Son Kite - On Air (Future Past Remix) ... better than the original version IMHO Son Kite - The Stars Within Us ... very good starting with the 4 tones and getting so cool! S-Range - 2001 ... it's the synth ... absolutely great great great! Etnoscope - Sneaky Drums ... genious, I love the funky touch!
  14. I filled it out yesterday. (then I somehow got lost on the web ... that's why I reply today ) I hope my answers could be of help. Good luck for your dissertation
  15. Intelligent dark minimal scando tech trance Haha I am generally a friend of genres (there are people here who are not), but I agree, you can overdo it Maybe it's just "in" nowadays ... the young people want to make their music sound important and interesting when the use so many subgenre definitions. I think that is it.
  16. Prisoners Of The Sun and Kopfuss Resonator and Pope Of Gegga are pretty cool names too Mystica and Matenda are beautiful names I don't like names like Hux Flux, Psysex, Bitmonx, Oryx, Psydrop or Skazi, they just sound stupid
  17. Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom ... such a fucking cool name, hehehe, I'm sure there were a lot of more or less illegal substances involved in its creation
  18. Absolutely. This track is great! Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Tigerhill ... this one gave me the creeps as I was running to it in the park at night ... oh fuck...
  19. Oh shit. This cannot be. Where's this world going to? Please, people, let's find another genre name for our music! I wouldn't survive the moment when somebody answers me "Isn't that such stuff like on the ultrapowermeagaboosttuninghardcorepsy compilation?" when I say I listen to psychedelic trance.
  20. SON KITE - COLOURS It blew my mind. I never before thought it's possible to create such a feeling of joy, such a pushing energy, such ... such a fucking awesome album with so few complexity of sound! It's the best album to go jogging to I have heard so far!
  21. Vocals ... well, I generally associate vocals not with anything negative, though I've begun to dislike singing vocals or something like that. Vocal samples can make a track pretty good, think of the "'cause it was about radio ... radio ... radio ... radio radio radioradioradio" in Son Kite's On Air ... the whole colors album has well use of vocals, even the half-singing female one. Also S-Range has some nice tracks where the vocal samples fit excellent ... think of 2001: "I believe that there must be many, many higher civilisations in this enormous..." - genius! Also Silicon Sound has several good tracks with good use of vocals as well as many other artists. Although I normally pretty much dislike the normal vocal method: beat - no beat - vocal - beat proceeds. URKS.
  22. Dorset... Doorset... Doors et... Doors ot... Doors of. Doors Of Perception! Cool...
  23. Hi and welcome, Solipsism I checked out your stuff, because I didn't know what IDM was. Now I know. Well, I want to be honest, it's not really my cup of chai, but the Epic Air isn't bad, synth-wise ... I only dislike the beat stuff, but well ... checked out, learnt something and everyobody's happy
  24. I can't do such art, that's why I can't really contribute But I like some of Rik's stuff very much
  25. Power Of Celtic is an okay track ... not jaw-dropping, but far from being awful - IMHO...
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