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    god no! all my framed images, not fixed! nooo... Please, where can I get such a fluoro fixation and how does it work? Can I overpaint my stuff with the fixation or does it have to be mixed into the colors?
  2. Sounds nice, BUT: please remove the "Spirit Zone Germany" ... it doesn't exist anymore
  3. RTP

    Hilight tribe !

    Somebody recommeded me that group once as I was seeking similar artists to Etnoscope I remember (they're both tribal after all)... The problem is, that this group is rather more focused on the "goa side" than the progressive side if you know what I mean ... and that's what I don't like so much. Well, of course they aren't bad ... but somehow they lack this "special twist" you know, the music is not on my energy level... bah, does anybody actually care?
  4. Look at this: http://www.cytopia.org/about.php?&flash=off&
  5. Free Lemonade is a cool title. at least I think so Psyhedelic Terrorist is a stupid name IMO...
  6. RTP


    I don't think he's demented, I think he's just on something that makes his thinking process go extremely fast and in jumps, if you know what I mean ... many thoughts flash up in his mind and it jumps ... just look at the words "Many Technology Historical and Universe and Shape" ... it's the thought process ... it went from technology to (earthly) history and from that in an instant to the history of everything, of the universe ... and then to the shape of the universe maybe and he just writes it down ... his thought stream is like a pipeline, you know ... I don't know it, but that's my theory. And he's somewhat obsessed by the alphabetic letters. I actually think I get the core point what he wants to say, you know... Lookin at it from the sound of how it's spoken I prefer Music over Musik ... c has a softer and smoother sound, you know ... Musique sounds even softer than Music, but I don't want it to go too soft you know and it's not as smooth as the c...
  7. I know the first two ... Let Us Be is very good actually, I forgot to mention it ... but Fresh isn't what I want ... it's the voice, I don't know, I don't like the voice in Fresh so much...
  8. amazing pics, cinos ... they're genious at the others too ... hilarious ... that cover is one of the most stupid ones ever!
  9. I listened to their song Devadasi (In Dub) and it's pretty good. Thanks for the suggestion
  10. Okay, I'm looking for some tracks with good female vocals. Not good singing, but good voice, you know ... and preferrely sounding arabic! Hol Baumann - Benares ... that is the best example I can give of the vocals I want, because the female in it sings with an arabic touch to it ... wonderful Etnoscope have some nice female vocals too ... the best ones in the direction I search are in King Size Rizzla, they have also a good arabic touch! Bluetech - Prophetic Sines has also some nice female vocals ... no arabic touch here, but I like them I do NOT want female vocals that sing a text ... and I don't want vocals like in Talpa - The Moon ... they are good, but they don't sound arabic and the voice is somehow ... well, I don't like it... Does anybody have recommendations?
  11. RTP


    Nhjo did it again
  12. RTP

    Shiva Chandra

    To me the samples don't sound as bad as expected though...
  13. Entheogenic - Dialogue Of The Speakers
  14. big BIG minus point... I hate it already when labels use the "oh so modern and fancy" CD-ROM/computer support technology in any way ... and now this! Tracklist on a CD-ROM ... what when I have a discman ... shall I print it out or what? stupid...
  15. Goa (Old Skool) is great music. Can make me travelling. However, it makes me too mad. Three tunes, then my mind is overloaded. Psy (New Skool) can go on forever without my mind overloading - that's because it's simpler and all that ... I know many people complain about that and I say it shouldn't get too simple either, but keeping in mind that I'm rather into progressive and scando I must say that I'm rather a psy than a goa fan...
  16. Paragliders - Oasis and Hypnotic Beat - Ocean Of Passion ... I was running on the beach in Italy to that - back then I still was into trance, lol ... it's years ago ... sweet memories
  17. Silicon Sound - Pure Analog. I loved it! And still like it
  18. Hmmm... What about New Age? I classify New Age as ambient music - and it's not psychedelic. Same with medieval ambient, nordic atmosphere music and dark ambient - however dark ambient can already be psychedelic, so I'm rather not talking about the "dark ambient" that people know on here, but rather about dark depressive music ... also spheric dark ambient ... but well, that's already on the border and a question of definition...
  19. Yes, yes ... they are already nearly too many ... if more people are in that store you can't turn around
  20. Milky Way Records ... lol, I was there some weeks ago ... well, the CD section is not too big, just two shelves (it's actually a clothing store too and this one's bigger ) ... but you can find some nice stuff there. Meanwhile they must have got a restock (especially prog AFAIK), the guy told me he'd get one but I had not enough days in Stockholm to await it Be careful about the prices though, a CD there costs 199 Kronas, that is relatively expensive... I too can recommend a little second hand CD store in the "Slussen" Subway station area ... I forgot the fucking name of the lane, but it's when you go up one of the staircases up the hill at Slussen (you can't miss that) and behind the first row of houses there should be that lane if I remember correctly, if not it might be the second, but it's not far away of the staircases ... that store is chock full with CDs (you can find everything there, psy included, I heard he should have an even better vinyl section, but I didn't check it out) and the guy has a sellout (at least he had one as I was there ), you can find many good CDs for a cheap price there!
  21. RTP

    Shiva - Oracle

    POSER! ... and a very stupid pose it is ... fluoro versus paladin sword ... fucked up this world is... Gothdamn!
  22. RTP

    BIG question

    well, that's the point... I can't see either why a tape should have such thing as a "sampling rate" ... I say it's like vinyl, only magnetic and not mechanic! A continuous stream, no sampling. Sampling is digital. Cassette tapes are analog - like vinyl... Detailed info would be appreciated though... I don't expect any tape experts here - music nowadays isn't on tapes anymore, it's CD and Vinyl... Yes, Cinos ... we all know that dusty vinyls don't play well, that is because the signal is represented in physical state - tiny engravings on the record ... dust alters the physical way the needle goes - therefore the sound gets worse with time... CDs don't have that ... but the sampling rate isn't high and therefore you don't have the original frequencies! Vinyl have theoretically the real frequencies!
  23. some S.U.N. Project stuff... they did a really good live show with many metal guitar pieces in Vienna this year
  24. Wow, this is extremely well put. I had to quote that. That's the essence for me. And that's also what I don't like about Shpongle and why I like Entheogenic much better...
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