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  1. based on the way that new Ra sample sounds from the myspace i would say start praying
  2. Just the right style, for just the right time. Also skills are on par.. congrats.. for you have almost made it my son. Smile with me
  3. just need a keyboard to make melodies and more patience http://boomp3.com/m/e70ff3436885
  4. do it.. http://boomp3.com/m/32c1fad1a301
  5. yeah dude its better then what i could do. but i dont believe in the school of thought of rewarding those who dont need it. youll never know your limits and your true potential. as reger said.. simply tough
  6. your horrible go cry to your mom and pray for more skills
  7. he doesnt miss you, so grow up instead of miss him, why dont you become and supercede him..
  8. easily said and proven http://boomp3.com/m/ee8c0d3a4fec
  9. http://boomp3.com/m/ad09e2bcce12
  10. Translation: Im not good enough to win. its ok.. i understand, but really i dont since i only SEE and STRIVE for number 1.
  11. I would pay for the files for the following people.. 1. symphoid 2. afgin 3. you.. if you can convince me consider me a sponsor?
  12. Yeap just seen in my email beatport sent a mail stating theres a sasha remix contest. I would check www.beatport.com for more details. Lets have psynews win this one.. just because we can
  13. thanks bro, i honestly dont care enough to finish it. imma hit the gym instead maybe one day
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