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  1. hi bro , it probably will be materialized , and the P! album its 1000x even crazier than this EP ... so... hehehehe hug.
  2. glad to hear that novacron , we are sure pleased to know it as we all had a lot of work on building this up. glad u got Hyperactivated! :posford:
  3. thanks prima , im glad to hear such nice words hope u enjoyed the main Pandemonium! theme on this VA . NJOY!
  4. by buying this you are helping the movement and us to get to that point. thank u , Filipe.
  5. stop spending the whole day here and get a life dude.
  6. wrong , the people are destroying it , we are just fighting for our rights.
  7. now ur trying to make me feel bad ? good for u mate. not playing our traxx? cool , u just lost it again.
  8. yea man , of course im mental , thats why im an artist! finally u got my point! congrats.
  9. keep on getting releases on p2p man you´re a real nice DJ
  10. expecting releases from MYCEL HAHAHAHAHAHAH all i know is that i will never stop doing music , the more flames they throw at me the better , i know they´re all hurt because i can take over all this crap , thats why i made the pandemonium album , it will be a special message to all these dudes with no brain. thanks a lot for ya´ll good vibes and bad vibes because it keeps me going anyway , i always took a lot of crap since ive started and guess what i never stopped im always the last one to laugh!
  11. hahahaa , dont make me laugh dude , u just said it yourself , thats why u done the same against us. HI 5 DUDE! thanks for the revelation of yourself.
  12. yea man the first guy moaning about the losseless stuff , we put the wavs and he didnt even bought it! NICE!
  13. i hope he wont moan too about the price of the drama , its available now on theatres too !
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