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  1. Wait, I have found ONE reason to go to techno/trance events: The chicks! They indeed were yummy, yummy ... But after all every one had a friend ... such a 2 meter cupboard-style prolet. So it was always: just look, don't touch
  2. This may not even be wrong. I have been a trance/techno head before (luckily) discovering goa and psy. Of course I also have visited some events in that direction ... seen artists like Mauro Picotto, Jaspa Jones, Beam & Yanou and what all that crap is called. And what I can say about the techno/trance scene is, that it's frequently visited by skins, "prolets" (I don't know if that's an official term, here in Austria we call 'em so) with their "Rotterdam Terror Corps" T-shirts, E-heads jumping around madly and disturbing people, kiddies with their bottle of "Eristoff Ice" in hand and others - in this category there are also some intelligent and peaceful people, but not many. And the most stupid people you can find in the techno scene, on those Biosphere events ... aaargh, I don't even want to think about it, I wasted so much money to go to an event full of shitheads... As I came first to a psy party I could FEEL the happiness of the people - people were not looking angrily and making comments like "fuck off" when I accidentally bumped into them while dancing, they were smiling! And I loved, loved, loved the music, it was such a difference to the techno shit that's always the same ... this music felt like energy reaching into my brain, my whole body in a salad of sounds, it was awesome (BTW ... the only DJ name on that gig I still remember was P_Mac - and as far as I know that guy also rocked the Boom festival this year, so I truly enjoyed a great set)! And I could talk hours and hours about the decoration - there were blacklight blankets everywhere, the whole little club was full of them and it was sooo beautiful, I have never seen anything like it before! And the people were so cool, everything so cool there, even the smell - a mixture of mostly incense sticks and weed smell. Great! So great that I never looked out for any techno party any more - from that time on psy had got me! And I hope it will never release me again...
  3. Right - and this under the name Elektron Wave. From this project I only know the track "Chromatic Aberation", but this one is really calm ... good stuff, not epic synthy, but calm...
  4. Synsun inspired by Rhapsody? Wow, interesting ... I must check that out, I also love psy and metal And Filteria sounds absolutely great! I'll surely keep that in mind, I'm curious about the album!
  5. Absolutely! I do not actually own that album, but I checked out the "radio edit" of Cities Of The Future from their site and it can't be filed under "genuine" psy anymore. But actually this is not even bad, I like it when artists try to experiment with new stuff and those "Cities Of The Future" don't sound bad actually. Yes, Infected has switched their style for I also know and like their old stuff, but well, everyone of us continually grows up, gains experiences, changes styles, whatever - that's not a reason to bitch about Infected. However, a reason to bitch about them is the fact that their music is already on the way of getting commercial (and that they WANT it that way!) ... and I don't want to see Infected on MTV one day, that would be horrible for me as millions of morons would jack off to the music and radio stations will start to play them and they will get overplayed like all the commercial crap and not a long time afterwards psytrance festivals will be overcrowded with techno-shitheads and hardcore-skins who came to this music through infected and they will bring bad, agressive vibrations and- ... nonono, I don't even want to think about it!
  6. True words - unfortunately! Soon we will have psytrance played on mega-events like Gatecrasher or Trance Energy or however those cocksucking moron trance events are called and all those shitheads will discover this divine sound. And not long after that even more Astrix clones will arise and conquer the market and the psy world will slowly drown in their sound... For fucks sake, keep this stuff underground!
  7. I couldn't make it to Boom 'cause I have to work [] Now I can at least listen to it ... many thanks for this link, this is great []
  8. The only artists I know that use samples from the "Final Fantasy" movie are Silicon Sound (Strange Planet and others) and Neuromotor (Black Planet). I don't know if this helps
  9. No. I might be an exception, but I never did any psychedelic drug (and I strongly believe I also won't do it in the future) and I love psychedelic music. It does not depend on the substances you take, you just need to have a sort of twisted mind ... you just gotta be a little insane []. Some people get into this state of mind by taking psychedelic substances, others can do it without... It's the same with creating the music (or psychedelic art in general). Drugs can be an element of inspiration, but I don't believe that all psy artists get their inspirations from drugs... Just my 2 cents...
  10. In earlier times I liked pretty much everything that was psy, no matter which style. But this has changed. Meanwhile I also can't hear any full on stuff any more, it has become mostly all the same and the energy is somehow gone ... really, on the last party as the DJ was playing full on stuff I didn't even feel like I would want to dance. It was all crap without energy. Fortunately the night was saved as the next DJ started his set, there the style changed drastically to progressive and this got me instantly. So basically I like progressive better than full on. It has simply more energy...
  11. WOW! This is perfect work! Clear sound, fast beat and very cool oldskool atmosphere ... the synth solo at about 5:20 sounds cool and even playful ... impressive! I bet you had fun to create that track! Keep up the good work!
  12. Nice site with good navigation! Only the logo is something I'm not really fond of ... I know that's up to your mate, but I think that the logo would fit rather as a sign for a highway restaurant than as a logo for a psy project... But nevermind, the video is absolutely nice, but due to the fact that it's a Flash movie and an .exe file it pisses some people off (I can understand that, I also was skeptical about it). But it's really good work, some parts of it are brilliant! BTW, there exist Flash players for Linux, I don't know how to program flash, but I guess it's not too hard work to port the video so that Linux users can view it too... And about the tracks ... I did not yet download all of them, but I got the Illuminator and I'm surprised, this is good work too!
  13. You have done a very good work! My thanks go to Mars and all others that helped to get this new forum online! I hope we won't have any problems with people posting crap in the future... Two little thingies could probably be still done (just two ideas ... nothing essential): a quick post function (that would be absolutely brillant) and a colour change (a little bit darker ... somehow "blacklight style", that would rock ) ... if it's possible...
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