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  1. For today my favorite is Exaile - The World Is Our Dancefloor ...peace and love...airic...
  2. hey i was just wondering if anyone knew of any good female psy-trance producers... there seem to not be many of them, but prove me wrong! all i know of is Sungirl, but she has not made many songs or done many remixes. many thanks, love and peace....airic
  3. This may sound dumb but i like all good psytrance music whatever subgenre it is....too hard sometimes to clarify just tune it in and dance around! peace and love....airic...
  4. This 2 albums are crazy killer stuff! and i like the demos the way you are going is a good road..peace and love...airic...
  5. this track is awesome, i love it!
  6. airic


    i want the TIP hoodie for sure! u still got it? if so message me Letmusicleadyou@yahoo.com i am interested in the shirt as well
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