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  1. With this line I agree (not with the second one though). I also can't think of any real psychedelic pessimistic/depressive tracks ... and that's a good thing, because I listen to this music when I want to feel good and not bad. I mean, maybe you might want to try Noma - Another Time ... you could like that, but I don't think it's pessimistic as you want it, it's more like beautifully melancholic I could name more really pessimistic songs, but they're other genres...
  2. I don't know if Muskaria is closed or not ... and I have not been there as I have been to Barcelona, but the adress should be: Calle Arai 9, 08002 Barcelona (oops, Mars, I see you even have that in the "Goa Shops"-section on your site, so maybe that's not of much help )
  3. haha, yeah, you were the guy that was calling it a masterpiece But indeed, it is a masterpiece when the atmosphere is right. In fact it's not the first time I had an experience like that (meaning that my playlist was playing through and that I discover a piece of music which is totally marvellous but never was that special under other circumstances) ... but they occur pretty rarely with me and it's always great for me when I make such a discovery
  4. Okay, so let me tell you ... there is this tune by Optic Eye called "Anacoluthon" ... there were people saying it's really good and stuff ... well, I'm always interested in Ambient and I got myself the tune, but I didn't find it very good to be honest. But now, it's already a quarter past one in the night, I'm fucking tired and should sleep for I have studies tomorrow, now that my eyes begin to develop rings underneath them and my mind is numb and the lemongrass incense is tiring my thoughts ... now this tune is GENIOUS! Man ... what a metamorphosis. I got it now. Ambient, true ambient ... that's music for such moments ... drifting mind ... wonderful
  5. oooh nooo see, we got without the cinema ... but we got into the stores
  6. No, Raytalin ... I don't think the black metal Aes Dana has anything to do with the psy-ambient one The ambient Aes Dana everybody knows here is acually Vincent Villius. The black metal Aes Dana are six other people ... look here: http://aesdana.free.fr/english_frame.html But I find it really cool that there is a black metal Aes Dana ... didn't know that until you said it ... lol, I want a shirt ... an Aes Dana shirt ... LOL, that would be cool
  7. Makyo is very good too ... if you like it less organic
  8. RTP


    Oh yeeeah, thank you very much ... to get such information was actually the purpose of me creating this thread Thanks, thanks! You know, I'm waiting since a very long time already for this album ... and there was no better information than the one on the original site - and the one there is incorrect, because on the site it still says "A single will be released prior to the 3rd S>Range album "Another Theory". Release date 5th September." ... I was pissed that nowhere there was any better information found - I already speculated about label problems and such, because until now every information about the new album proved wrong, there was a time where it was said it should be released still 2004! Maybe you could tell Ross that they should give out better information ... I don't care if albums are delayed or anything, I just don't like it when there's no information about anything - some statement like "hey, it will be delayed until XYZ due to whatever, but we're still working on it" would be nice...
  9. RTP


    Could you please elaborate? What means "very soon"? And what is that thing about the single ... when you're reviewing it, does that mean it is out? Where? When? Well ... I found Space better than 2001 ... 2001 still had some flaws in it (Complete Delete, DOS, Maser ... really found them not special), on Space every track is perfect Anyway, I don't think the sample sounds bad at all. The beginning sounds not that good, but then it gets pretty cool I'm of the opinion that his new sound has more crazy-energy ... it sounds much more on the mad and happy side, the "magic" is gone in a way, it can't send any more shivers down my spine ... but it makes me smile - and that's good after all
  10. yes, I know ... amazing track - although the voice in King Size Rizzla is worlds better, dunno how they've done it because I think it's the same woman that sings them Towelie's post was so short I didn't even register it ... oopsie ... thanks sherlock for pointing that out again Judging from samples Angel Tears seems to be more chill stuff ... a bitty bit in the same vein of Makyo maybe ... nice
  11. RTP

    Im outta here.

    Hey ... never had much to do with you, but I wish you good luck and peace, whatever path you take! Congratulations on becoming father too Bye, dude. Hope you drop in every now and then
  12. Mmmh ... it doesn't sound arabic to me ... a tiny little bit maybe, okay. But I don't know ... I don't find the combination with the voice so good, I mean, the voice belongs there, that is right, but ... you know, it's like the voice would be a synth, integrated into the track and the music, it does not stand out you know ... it's somehow a same usage of the voice as in Talpa - The Moon only that the voice sounds much softer, sings no text and has no peaks and the music is different... WTF, 10 Euro for the Star Sounds Orchestra ... at SATURN?! Saturn is one of the most expensive and commercial stores when it comes to that music... Maybe they plan to take the stuff out of the shelves as it doesn't sell, that would be the only reason I can think of to give it away so cheap Must look there...
  13. For me true goa spirit can be found in: Hallucinogen - Shamanix Saiko Pod - Tron RA - Astral Flight Dimension 5 - Transformation Banco De Gaia - Kincajou (Wild Monkey Fever Remix) Man With No Name - Osmosis Prana - Rainbow Spirit Feuerhake - La Aurora (Sweat Attack Remix) Might not be the best goa tracks ... but these tracks are the ones that give me good memories of this "goa feeling" you know ... they just got the spirit in them for me
  14. RTP


    His 2 Albums are two of the best psy albums I know. Especially Space. That is such an amazing album ... the best psy album in the world for me! And I know too that Another Theory will not be able to come even close to that - but it's still the successor to Space and that's why it interests me so fucking much! And BTW, the samples on the site http://www.triskelemanagement.com/s-range.html WORK! You just have to press "PLAY ALL", individual links don't work except the one I said above ... you should skip the first two and "Welcome To Paradise" if you just want to hear the unreleased stuff of the new album. So what can I say ... I don't like all of them, but already the first, the Chromosome Remix of Another Theory, sounds very good (Chromosome is a very promising artist, his Test Tones Remix was a very good track too) ... Stand By sounds really really good in my ears too, makes me happy ... Blue Sky sound a bit mediocrer, but still fairly okay ... Technical Support sounds even more mediocre if not uninteresting, that's one I'm not curious about ... but Another Theory sounds very good again... I guess when the album will be out I'll first wait for a review and listen to Saikosound samples before I decide to get it. I expect it to be 50% S-Rangely perfect and the other 50% mediocrely full-on...
  15. I really don't like this cover. I know it's meant to be beautiful, but with the woman and the flower it gets such a kitschy and icky atmosphere to it ... yeaaarrg, I really can't stand that! And besides ... the album is somewhat of a joke in my eyes ... wtf only 3 new Entheogenic traks and the rest remixes? I mean, there's nothing bad about remixes, but in my eyes remixes by other artists should not be on an album of another artist, know what I mean ... I mean, if Vibrasphere or Ott remixed a track then it's nice and stuff, but it has nothing to do on an Entheogenic album, because it's not Entheogenic's work, it's Vibrasphere's or Ott's! That's a joke in my eyes, seriously ... I even found the concept of AP's Ten better because there were ONLY remixes on that one! The three new tracks should have been released as MCD in my eyes ... digipak, limited to 350 copies, hand numbered ... THAT would have done it! And the remixes released seperately as a remix album, that's ok. But they screwed it. In my eyes...
  16. RTP


    I'm not denying that S-Range has indeed begun a "new era" of his music and is switching to full-on-ish beats and frequencies ... but I must say that (although some of the last stuff I found a bit cheesy) his own characteristic happy spacy sound remains in it and that's very good and I'm really awaiting this album
  17. RTP


    Okay, I am pissed off You know, I'm waiting for this goddamn new S-Range album since last summer as it was said "it will be out early autumn 2004". Yes, I am not crazy, it was 2004! 200-fucking-4! But that's actually not what I'm complaining about... What pisses me off is the following: The official site said and still says (I have to get my info off the official site because this Liquid Records has obviously no website ... well, I found quite a few labels that name themselves liquid records, but none of them had S-Range...?) that there should be a new single out at September the 5th. It should be called "Another Theory" as well as the upcoming album and AFAIK it should contain three tracks - one off the album, one remix and one unreleased one. Well, fine. But now we have September the 9th and I can't fucking find that single anywhere in the world! You know, I am pissed a little. Not any information the official site gave until now about the new album was correct. What the fuck is the matter here? I smell problems. Probably label problems or some shit like that. They're talking of that goddamn new album since one year maybe - and they actually never said that it's still in the making, they were always talking about releasing! Can ANYBODY give ANY info? Oh and btw, just wanna share the info: I've finally found a sample of "Another Theory" ... http://www.triskelemanagement.com/artists/...ther_theory.m3u (it is the only sample of his new album stuff that works on this fucking site: http://www.triskelemanagement.com/s-range.html) ... and I must say it sounds very good, less poppy and less cheesy as the last few compilation tracks of him ... hope they will release this fucking goddamn album soon ... ARRRRRGH!!!
  18. NO! KILL! THEM! FUCKERS! I have seen them live already - but fortunately this was before the Supervisor! And they still rocked. Back then.
  19. Okay, people, now I have one question: If (according to the poll results right in this moment) over 50% of the people like Entheogenic best and not even 35% like Shpongle best, why the fuck is there such a hype about Shpongle???
  20. RTP

    New labels

    Anoebis, check out High End Records! They're from Brazil. Very promising release they made this year, the Check In compilation (compiled by Setherian ... I absolutely dig his style so that is something great for me) ... it's very good ... and its successor, Hi-Fi, is said to be good too... Hope they will release more in that style ... very promising label to me...
  21. RTP


    Well hehe, I was a bit panicking, but when it comes to the fluo effect I'm very sensitive about that ... because without fluo light my paintings are very very inexpressive and nothing worth to look at, seriously (I know I haven't used enough layers and such, I must do that in the future - if I'll ever finish the one I'm working on now since three months without any visible progression, arrrgh!)... What would interest me is the fact whether the fluo effect dies out only when you expose the paintings to fluo/sunlight for a longer time or also in normal lightbulb light (which has only very very little blacklight in it) or when you store them in a dark place for a long time ... ?
  22. I had a go. Well, nice voice, really, this comes good for some moments indeed ... but hmmm ... the power isn't here. Jag the voice through a distortion, pitch it up and add THE bassline and I'd be happy - even if THE bassline might be unoriginal (I'm just saying that because I'm not in the mood for it, right now I'm in the mood for closing my eyes, feeling beat and voice and energy, you know...) Hmmm ... I know Dead Can Dance ... I mean, I know their style. Not my cup of chai. But not to be an ignorant I checked this tune and ... well ... it's as I have expected ... Dead Can Dance isn't the right stuff for me (though this tune is better than the rest that I know of them) ... I really dislike the voice for a reason I can't explain... I must try that Star Sounds Orchestra tune...
  23. RTP


    <--- big smile! Thank you very much for this info... I already was worrying ... because I really like some of the paintings and I already fucking ruined my right hand because of some of them and it would be really bad if all goes down the drain already after two years ... but I'm going to get such a fixation thingie and spray it over my best pieces... Good. Very goood
  24. Hmmm... I used to download much (well, "much" ... 28 psy albums over about 4 years isn't that much actually, but there was more, many single tunes and many other genres!) in the past. Well, "past" ... actually it was until about four months ago. There I deleted six gigs of music without intention because a deinstallation proggie deleted the folder. Tried to get it back with such a recover proggie, but the mp3s turned out to be cut to pieces of different mp3s within themselves, bleh, can't describe it, they were damaged. That was the first time I realized how easily this stuff faints. I mean, I had all the good stuff on back copies on MD and shit, not a big problem after all ... and at first I downloaded very excessively, because I wanted to get the six gigs back, but I somehow realized that it can't go on like that. I wanted something physical, a booklet that I can touch, a CD that has the originally recorded frequencies on it and not some mp3 or computerally converted stuff. And meanwhile I know it's true, the original CDs have a richer sound, a more powerful sound! And so I began to cease downloading. Well, not completely of course, it's useful especially when you hear from a new artist and want to check out the sound ... but I'm not getting my music from downloading only anymore, no ... actually I'm just downloading more and more seldom. In the last two months I bought 8 CDs and one tape, all psy. That is very very much for me, before that I had like seven original psy CDs! Seen from that point of view my collection of originals has more than doubled!
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