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  1. Earthtrance. That might not be the most brillant one, but it was the first goa compilation - actually the first goa CD at all that I bought. Got it for two euros (no joke) in a box with dumping-prize-items at Libromania (that store doesn't exist anymore). That CD has a very special meaning to me, therefore I say it's the "best" IMHO ... it was my first encounter with the Man With No Name, Banco De Gaia, Eat Static and several other tracks which are nowadays reagrded as classics
  2. Well ... back then I was mostly into the early Dream Dance compilation series ... with artists like Sven Väth, The Visions Of Shiva (How Much Can You Take?), Energy 52, Oasis, Disco Citizens, Paul Van Dyk, CJ Stone (Tower Of Naphatali), Chicane... A bit later I had a Dance To Trance and DJ Quicksilver period ... which then led into trance music of nowadays until end of 2001 as I discovered psy - fortunately...
  3. Oh... Does that mean we lost another artist to Fullon? That's really a pity as the Feuerhake sound was always very unique and original
  4. Yes, Feuerhake is very good ... I love it Klangstrahler Project are very nice too ... their stuff's a bit calmer than Feuerhake...
  5. I don't download much anymore, but ripper groups are nowadays the only way to go, because with those files you can be 95% sure that it's no fake... And BTW, the stuff I search for is only avaliable through ripper groups anyway...
  6. The last thing I heard of them was Fire on Goa-Head 18 ... and it was an incredible track (it's my second fave on that complilation )... I hope they will release some more in that style...
  7. Well, I never really cried to music (I mean that I burst into tears) ... that can only do films to me, but I got wet eyes because of wonderful melodies already some times: Carbon Based Lifeforms - Hydroponic Garden ... that's made my eyes wet more than once at the first listen (and still)... S-Range - 2001 ... the track, not the album (though it's brilliant, but it doesn't make me cry) ... as I heard this "I'm convinced that there must be many, many higher civilizations ... blahblah"-sample together with this wonderful synth that drags itself through nearly the whole track I really was stunned... Noma - Another Time ... mmh yes ... although this sounds already melancholic to me, but well...
  8. I can go completely nuts on the dancefloor too. I had several burn scars of the cigarettes and joints I kicked out of people's faces with my arms (smoking on the dancefloor isn't a good idea, lol) And I'm like Seraph - I can't understand how people can stand still to this music. Once I was in a club where the security was posted in front of the emercency exit doors at the side of the hall - and the securitys (all black guys ... that looked SO cool, hehe) were standing like statues. They did not move. And I just didn't get it ... I mean, how can they stand completely still? The walls were shaking, the vibe was incredible - but they did not move. Not even tap their toes a little. Crazy...
  9. Blue Lunar Monkey - Dance Around (can it get more uninspired?) S-Range - Trance Troopers Haldolium - How U Feel Magnetrixx - Suppencaspa (I know what a Suppenkasper is, so to me it sounds just plain dumb)
  10. Yep, yep, yep ... May 4th ... I can't wait And no matter what sound they play now (according to EP it will be boring fullon, which isn't so good news), I have never seen them live and I think I absolutely need to, no matter how they are now, they made amazing stuff back then
  11. RTP

    your taste

    I'd say I'm mostly into scandinavian prog morning ... no crazy stuff though, that's why I didn't vote for the northern europe one. S-Range, Matenda, Human Blue ... I love But it's not crazy. Etnoscope would fit rather under crazy maybe. No, not maybe ... actually actually. Ah, fuck it, I voted for prog morning...
  12. Auricular. Definitely. Actually AFAIK Auricular = Shiva Chandra... I don't know, but Genetic Spin also reminds me a bit of Chandra ... you probably might like that...
  13. I think Feuerhake's great music. And I even like the cover, it's not gay in any way IMHO... And the other one, the Psychedelic Blonde ... it can't be bad music with artists like Human Blue, Prex and 12 Moons...
  14. MATENDA - SMIRI SE Nothing comes close to that! This is just ... my frequency! Other ones are: Carbon Based Lifeforms - Central Plains + Tensor Eat Static - Abduction Matenda - No Return Shpongle - Around The World In A Tea Daze (Ott Remix) Bluetech - Prophetic Sines Saafi Bros. - Wellness Farm Björn Lynne - Messages
  15. Oooh guys, I wish I could go. But it shall not be, I just live too far away Well, nevertheless I wish everybody a great time there
  16. RTP


    I recently liked Bluetech - Prima Mateira ... and Red Seal - Black Ops. But this phasis is already passing. Currently the psy is not that much present ... I mean, I listen to the ordinary random mp3s from my list, but I'm not hooked on psy right now. But I already know that I will be hooked on ConSequencer soon ... ask me again in a couple of weeks, because I actually have just one song yet Currently I'm on Enigma - MCMXC A.D. and Bathory - Nordland II because I got both cheap recently.
  17. RTP


    I don't know much of Muslimgauze. But what I would say is, that his music fits IMHO more into Noise/Dark Ambient than in Ambient, because I would say that there's more similarity to noise/dark ambient (I'd say "Dark Ambient Dub") artists than to the music which people on these forums here classify as ambient ... if you listen to "Arab Jerusalem", that's definitely noise IMHO ... the rest I have heard reminds me of dub...
  18. I already can say a clear no, for the best party I have been to until now has taken place this year. And BTW, in the last time I register another trend into a much "housier" musical direction ... well, I don't know if it's just me, but I say that soon there will be open a third section which isn't fullon and isn't dark psy techno, but nice danceable morning-tech-trance-touched stuff
  19. LOL, I always thought she means GESCHÄFTSUNTERLAGEN :lol: Anyway, my favourite: S-Range - 2001: "I believe that there must be many, many higher civilisations in this enormous and (one word I don't understand) ancient universe."
  20. I'd laugh my ass off if the original will be in that style too
  21. Oh wow. I didn't expect this to come up again... A big thankies goes to all people who gave me recommendations, I will make a list now and will start searching the stuff (currently I have absolutely no money, spent everything on metal ... I need to save money now for some months ). But I'll surely get some of the works. However, I checked out Exuviae, Liquid Mind and Vidna Obmana so far and they are rather music that I would listen to to get me to sleep... Meanwhile I realized that there is nothing like Smiri Se - athough I didn't yet check out Healer and Ishq, but I somehow feel that I won't find a similar piece that gives me the same energy and a same feeling, I somehow know it... Really. It's just this perfect sound, the right key to fit in the lock - every song is a key, but only this one fits into the lock... Nevertheless, I thank you all very much and I still will make a list and I will definitely get some of the stuff one day, because it's really good ambient
  22. RTP

    psy and drugs

    I would say that's a little of a dogmatic view. In general I think that the "fact" (for some people on here it obviously seems to be some sort of) that psychedelic music and psychedelic drugs belong together like they are "one thing" shouldn't be treated as that much of a fact. It's all in your mind. The drugs invoke special chemical reactions in your brain - reactions that make the brain work in a certain other way, a "psychedelic" way. But what if a person has this state of mind naturally? Well ... I know, you can't double the effect of drugs naturally, but still ... some people have another mind than others. For me psychedelic music and drugs do not go hand in hand - not at all. The music is just a guide for my mind, the mind will do the rest, whether it is set on drugs or not! I wouldn't doubt that the experience might be a more intense one on drugs, but ... I'm of the opinion it works without quite well either...
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