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  1. There are a lot of good buildups out there. However, what it takes to be a REAL GOOD buildup is: minimalism. I'm getting tired of all the synths howling and whirling and the hi-hats and all so much noise. I want intelligent buidups - techy, minimalistic, wise use of the synths and a wave of happiness/awesomeness running down my spine! REAL GOOD buildups have: Atmos - Fill The Hat ... that's what I call perfect! MOS - Fire ... a KILLER! Son Kite - On Air (Future Past Remix) ... better than the original version IMHO Son Kite - The Stars Within Us ... very good starting with the 4 tones and getting so cool! S-Range - 2001 ... it's the synth ... absolutely great great great! Etnoscope - Sneaky Drums ... genious, I love the funky touch!
  2. I filled it out yesterday. (then I somehow got lost on the web ... that's why I reply today ) I hope my answers could be of help. Good luck for your dissertation
  3. Intelligent dark minimal scando tech trance Haha I am generally a friend of genres (there are people here who are not), but I agree, you can overdo it Maybe it's just "in" nowadays ... the young people want to make their music sound important and interesting when the use so many subgenre definitions. I think that is it.
  4. Prisoners Of The Sun and Kopfuss Resonator and Pope Of Gegga are pretty cool names too Mystica and Matenda are beautiful names I don't like names like Hux Flux, Psysex, Bitmonx, Oryx, Psydrop or Skazi, they just sound stupid
  5. Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom ... such a fucking cool name, hehehe, I'm sure there were a lot of more or less illegal substances involved in its creation
  6. Absolutely. This track is great! Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Tigerhill ... this one gave me the creeps as I was running to it in the park at night ... oh fuck...
  7. Oh shit. This cannot be. Where's this world going to? Please, people, let's find another genre name for our music! I wouldn't survive the moment when somebody answers me "Isn't that such stuff like on the ultrapowermeagaboosttuninghardcorepsy compilation?" when I say I listen to psychedelic trance.
  8. SON KITE - COLOURS It blew my mind. I never before thought it's possible to create such a feeling of joy, such a pushing energy, such ... such a fucking awesome album with so few complexity of sound! It's the best album to go jogging to I have heard so far!
  9. Vocals ... well, I generally associate vocals not with anything negative, though I've begun to dislike singing vocals or something like that. Vocal samples can make a track pretty good, think of the "'cause it was about radio ... radio ... radio ... radio radio radioradioradio" in Son Kite's On Air ... the whole colors album has well use of vocals, even the half-singing female one. Also S-Range has some nice tracks where the vocal samples fit excellent ... think of 2001: "I believe that there must be many, many higher civilisations in this enormous..." - genius! Also Silicon Sound has several good tracks with good use of vocals as well as many other artists. Although I normally pretty much dislike the normal vocal method: beat - no beat - vocal - beat proceeds. URKS.
  10. Dorset... Doorset... Doors et... Doors ot... Doors of. Doors Of Perception! Cool...
  11. Hi and welcome, Solipsism I checked out your stuff, because I didn't know what IDM was. Now I know. Well, I want to be honest, it's not really my cup of chai, but the Epic Air isn't bad, synth-wise ... I only dislike the beat stuff, but well ... checked out, learnt something and everyobody's happy
  12. I can't do such art, that's why I can't really contribute But I like some of Rik's stuff very much
  13. Power Of Celtic is an okay track ... not jaw-dropping, but far from being awful - IMHO...
  14. Bud nation - dub foundation? No, I don't think those two names are "too similar". Astrix and Antix is more similar to each other than nation and foundation. I don't see any need to change it The music is okay, but I can't be of much help with defining a genre ... for me it's just psy.
  15. WTF? COLOURS IS FUCKING YUCKING GREEEEEAT!!! With this masterpiece Son Kite prove that they are really fucking great! Nobody, nobody, absolutely nobody else can make a track out of two tones, two fucking simple naive tones, so gently floating, so dreamy, so incredibly cool ... oh shit, I can piss my pants ten times! Jukebox is an INCREDIBLE track! And the other ones too, really they are great masterpieces. Even On Air, which I hated in the beginning, developed itself to a good track. This album is great. So many soundscapes, so many new beats. Great. I don't know, Son Kite must have put some energy with the music that comes with it and goes directly into the heart... Truly, Colours is a great album. Especially if you are a jogger YOU MUST RUN TO IT! It's genious! The beat will push you, the melodies will drive you, you will have a great time! I have been running to this album more than once - and it's still the fucking best music for running I have at the time! It's even better than S-Range's Space! I fell in love with colours I must pay attention not to listen to it too much though
  16. RTP

    Noma - Soon

    Oh thanks so much! Guess I need to check out Another Time then
  17. It's a long story how I came to this music. First I discovered trance - genuine uplifting trance, à la Tiesto (at that time he was still better than today). How I came to that stuff is something I myself don't even know - I have always been a fan of dance music and over the time it somehow came to that, but that's not the point anyway. So I was a trance fan - and I also started going to trance/techno parties ... as I was rather young at that time - about fifteen - but luckily I was a rather tall person and looked more mature than I was, so they let me in (I don't think they would have let me in if they knew my age - there was actually a gogo-show too ). Well, I was a trance fan, but the problem was, that I knew nobody that liked this music too. Until a guy from my class told me he knew about trance, but not about the techno shit I was listening to, he knew about something called GOA-trance and described it as very fast and trancey and whatever. These words were the ones that got it started, for they didn't go out of my mind anymore - although I forgot them at that time pretty fast. And then I got internet. And music back then was just a click away - think of Audiogalaxy ... hehe, I was a leecher, but it was great. Like paradise. I was downloading shitloads of trance and even more. And then there it was. The thought of the words that guy said once to me: GOA. I searched for that and found plenty of stuff - and got fond of it. Because when I said I'm listening to trance people said: "ooh no, another technohead", but when I said I'm listening to goatrance people were like: "Never heard - what is that?" And slowly, after hundreds of megabytes of transfer I discovered Astral Projection. And from that time on it was clear for me: goatrance has got me. And some time later I discovered a website that showed goaparties! Real goaparties, in my country, in my fucking town! And I decided to go - to my first psyparty! It was in a shabby "eventhall" at the edge of town, the smell of weed and incense sticks was the thing I remember most. And of course the decoration - blacklicht blankets! They got me. I loved them! I still love them... BTW, P_Mac was in the lineup, that's another thing I remember. And the friendly people, they were actually the best of the whole thing, there was nothing but happiness there - a great difference to the tranceparties where skinheads used to be quite stressy. From that time I never went to a techno event anymore. The first bigger party (with international live act) was KOXBOX / SAIKO POD live @ WUK Vienna - it was so fucking great I remember the sound until today This one was in 2001, so I'd say I "discovered" psy in 2000 ... that's what I'd say...
  18. Oh pleeeeease! I'm listening to this track already for half a year and it just is still so fucking awesome! This one is just perfect! Oh, just great! I NEED something similar! Preferably about same BPM (as it's great for jogging) and about same atmosphere ... oh shit, that would be great! PLEASE!
  19. Tech-Trance for me! I even like it better than Oldskool! I'm crazy about this stuff
  20. RTP

    Great labels

    TURBO TRANCE RECORDS This is not trance, it's psy
  21. Yeah, this track is good too ... though I wouldn't say it's their best. I had listened to some Wolfsheim in autumn last year, as I was in the military. It was depression to the third: first it was autumn, second I was at the military and third this melancholic music ... not the best combination if you have a loaded weapon in your hands, sometimes I already thought about how doing it...
  22. Oh, you are so right about that ... I looove different locations, oh that's so cool running around inmidst an industrial area, desperately seeking some old factory in that area - and just as you want to give up you find it, it's the coolest ... though parties are still official it's awesome, I love it!
  23. Mmmh ... I can't contribute with psychedelic melancholic tracks (IMHO this doesn't really fit ... when I listen to psy I wanna be happy or at least not melancholic, but this is just my opinion), but I can recommend some non-psy tracks: Aria One - Dido (Armin Van Buuren's Universal Religion Mix) is melancholic, but it develops to uplifting trance, I don't know if you like that. It's a great track though, I really don't like trance anymore, but this track is still good! Plastic Boy - Silver Bath ... somehow the same as the one above, only I'm finding it not that great. Wolfsheim is melancholic ... if you want it cheese-trancy check out "Wundervoll (Blank & Jones Remix)", if you don't want it that cheesy try the album version of the track, this one's far better IMHO. Other Wolfsheim stuff is very good too, like "In Time", "The Sparrows And The Nightingales" or "Find You're Here" ... but that's getting far from trance... BTW, I would not call Digitalis - Kyphi melancholic...
  24. Nice site! Good work! Keep it up
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