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Found 17 results

  1. Cant find a good sound for your kick and bass? There you go, a small sample pack with 3 different Kicks, Bass for every note (including pitch bend effect) and a "Bass Massive Preset"! (Including FXs)! Preview Link: https://soundcloud.com/alternativepsy/alternatives-bassline-tool
  2. So, after a long summer and spring I've finally settled down and got my computer up with acceptable monitors, soundcard etc.... But every time i open up my DAW I feel like I'm falling into old habits of just making a boring (generic) bass+kick and then trying to add weird leads and sounds on top; this never gets me creative or excited. Especially since I don't even have a MIDI controller. I feel that I lack the fun part of the production when working with just plugins and such. Everytime I sit down with a piece of hardware (i.e. in a music store or at a friends place) I start to experiment and jam and I feel that this is what I need, a "natural" way in to the sounds and music, based on experiments and joy rather than trying to manufacture these things. But - since I don't really have that money to spare for hardware synths I'm looking looking for other methods of finding inspiration and creativity in my production. Do any of you got any advice? Alternatively, if I were to spend the small amounts of cash I can on a piece of hardware, what would be a good thing to start with? I really love jamming and making more unusual sounds.
  3. Function Loops has announced the release of The Legend of Psytrance, a new sample collection featuring loops, one-shots, stems and MIDI's. The Legend of Psytrance ($19.90) brings 6 key labelled construction kits inspired by the main artists of today. This pack will add top quality audio material in any production and will deliver tons of inspiration. All the sounds from the demo preview are included: drums, basslines, arps, leads, synths, effects - crazy pack of 290 files in total. The Legend of Psytrance - let the story begin! Video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_ox-eyaf44 Function Loops has also announced the launch of a new free video tutorial from the music production series for beginners. In this fifth video course, talented producer SubCity shows how to create song/track arrangements, understand the form/structure of a track and much more. Don't forget to check the other free video tutorials from the Function Loops Academy. Enjoy!
  4. Hi guys , recently I started to make a psy trance music , and I've found pretty cool loops for my proj. Leave link here: https://www.lucidsamples.com/sound-effects-packs/162-psygate-fx-download.html U can also share some samples with me too.
  5. Aloha psy heads. I am interested in knowing and being with the psytrance community. Im am leaving my soundcloud link here in hopes of receiving feedback and friends in the psy scene. Please hit me up and follow me on soundcloud if you like what you hear. Aloha. www.soundcloud.com/aumramusic
  6. I am wondering on how people can easily spot amature production... Would something like this count as being ameture? (Ex: being predictable, repetitive, etc.)
  7. ... or both equally? Just curious what do you prefer and why. I'm waiting for an input from both professional producers and hobbyists
  8. Hello everyone! To most of the forum members terminology of production is self-clear. I have been interested in it, am interested in it, but since I don't have a patience to find e.g. YouTube tutorials, I'd really appreciate if ya ppl would explain me some ground terminology. It bothers me because I don't often understand "tech-talk": It is needed for example to make a review. So if you wise ppl are willing to help me: give some good examples of what is a "kick", "percussion" etc. etc. If you post e.g. an YouTube video to explain a particular feature, I'd like to know the spot at which minute this feature appears
  9. Function Loops has announced the release of Psychedelic Trance Synths, a new sample pack for both amateur and advanced producers. Psychedelic Trance Synths delivers 100 x Key-Labelled Synth Loops, ready to be dropped in your next tracks instantly. All sounds are already polished, just drag them into the DAW and add the missing elements to your music. All pack recorded at 138BPM, so you can easy change the BPM to fit your project. Each file is Key-Labelled, giving you the freedom to pitch into your desirable Key. Inspired by all the top names today, designed to fit any modern Psy-trance sub genre. Video demo: More information: http://www.functionloops.com/psychedelic-trance-synths.html
  10. Hello guys, here my latest track featuring my friend Auri0n, the track is fully available on my soundcloud page! here's the link! [MEDIA media=soundcloud] feel free to leave any comment, or like, share, repost, or hate or whatever anyway enjoy
  11. Happy Dynamic Range Day 2014 everyone! As some of you may know, since the 90's there's a so called 'Loudness War' going on; an urge to make music as loud as possibly can. In commercial music the reason for doing this is, of course, a commercial issue: a track that sounds louder stands out more, resulting in more sales – that's the wrongfully assumed idea behind it. But there is a technical limit in mastering a track louder through compressing (and thus decreasing the natural dynamic range a track has), and this limit has been reached and broken by tons of albums, reducing the sound quality and (as important!) the enjoyment of listening to music as a result. This is the same in the Goa Trance scene. I believe that this is more out of lack of knowledge than a commercial reason; we do make, release and listen to this music out of love (and also because none of the artists or labels can make a living out of it, true ). Not only the mastering engineers are to blame; there are a lot of artists who mix and compress their music nowadays in such a bad way that there is nothing to do about in the mastering stage. But if that mastering engineer is also unaware of respecting a decent dynamic range, and the label owner too, then... You're going to have a bad time. Also, a lot of releases are free today, and thus less 'professional' regarding artwork, mastering, production – but this is not necessary bad, I really think that a DIY approach is a thing that can create a lot of positive projects. But this doesn't mean that there are some aspects that really need to change, in order to make most goa trance listenable again. This has nothing to do with money, but with mentality and knowledge. Those things are for free! The reason of this post? To raise awareness, for the listeners, the label owners, the mastering engineers and the artists. Because in 10 years of newschool goa trance and re-releases of old classic, the vast majority of the releases suffer of high compression and/or even distortion! About time to change this fatiguing stuff! Want to learn more about dynamic range, music and loudness? Visit http://dynamicrangeday.co.uk/about/, https://www.facebook.com/DynamicRangeDay, or visit mastering engineer Ian Shepherd's youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/masteringmedia for easy, understandable videoclips of this subject. I know, these are the same guys but I think that's the best way to keep yourself informed. Here is a very good short video that shows why 'brickwall limiting' removes all the impact of a track - and impact is a thing that in a genre like goa trance with all its climaxes is so so necessary! Let the music breathe and live again!
  12. Faxi Nadu's Modular Crash Course 17 videos, 10 hours - FREE Visit the course page for embedded video and more information: http://faxinadu.blogspot.co.il/p/modular-course.html Agenda - Basic layout and workflow of Scope DSP System - Why modular? - Differences between modular system concepts - Basic layout and workflow of Scope Modular System - Modular components and signal chain. - Modular tricks and unique modules We will get in depth and build a variety of machines while explaining how and why things are done. Goals - That you will feel much more comfortable with synthesis in general, and be able to understand better what is going on behind the scenes of any synth. - Getting you going in using modular synthesis. - Providing you with concepts and tools to take your own modular ideas to the next level. - Getting you addicted :-) We will be using the Sonic Core Scope DSP Platform and Modular System for this course. You absolutely do not need to own the system, as the concepts shown are valid for any modular system. Of course, you will get an in-depth look at the Scope Modular, and get acquainted with this very nice system. Complete Course Playlist: Individual Parts: Part 1 - Intro Presentation to Modulars and the Scope System Introduction to modular synthesis and the Scope system. Why modular, types of modulars, introduction to the Scope DSP Platform, introduction to Scope's modular, modular resources. Part 2 - Course Overview and Modules Overview Course overview, Scope Modular operation within the Scope, quick module overview. Part 3 - Modular basics - 1 osc synth design Part 4 - Cloning Scope's Interpole Plugin with Modular Building an improved clone of the Scope system's Interpole filter plugin in a modular system. Part 5 - Building a Classic 3 Osc Synth with Modular Building a tweaked classic 3 osc synth with modular using both the Novation K-Station and the Scope Minimax as general guides. Part 6 - Building a Crazy Techno Theremin Building a device that goes from a classic Theremin to an insane psychedelic techno lead/fx/crazy machine. Part 7 - Sync and Chaos Learning about osc sync and chaos lfos by building a lead/fx synth that makes use of these modules and methods Part 8 - Noise, Glorious Noise Noise!!! Overview of a few amazing thigns you can do with just noise. Carpets of dronish sounds, percussions, crazy fx. Building a patch that does it all. Part 9 - Sequenced Analog Drum Machine / Groovebox Introduction to sequencing and. how to set up daw synced sequencers. Using that to build an 8 channel analog style drum machine with sharp filtering and a quirky edge. Part 10 - Sequemced Kick Synth Learning about synthesizing kicks, using gate logic, creating osc re-trigger and a little more on sequencing by building a sequenced kick synth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K23Q5rMVuho Part 11 - Waveshaping and Modulating with Flexor A first glance at some interesting Flexor modules - unique lfos and a look at waveshapers - osc shapers, harmonic shapers, saturators. Building an fx oriented patch that can do leads and pads as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soze1uta6-8 Part 12 - Building a Nord Lead Clone with FM Learning about Virtual Analog style FM and routing control signals by taking a look at and cloning Clavia's Nord Lead synth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTmVMnEWSjs Part 13 - Building Glitch Machines Creative usage of sequencers, envelopes and switches in order to build a sequenced glitch/fx machine and a glitchy wavetable synth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUc0lttDc9M Part 14 - Filter Routing, Sub-Osc, Multi Segment Envelopes Quick rounding out of a few things common in subtractive synthesis that we have not touched on. Learning how to create a serial / parallel filter chain and how to easily implement a sub-osc, as well as a quick look at multi segment envelopes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhQ7aX0HlVI Part 15 - Freestyling with Modular Ambient Noodles Freestyling with modular. Ambient drones and noodles. Using modulated constant frequencies and random control generators to create ambient soundscapes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIkoB1Oq69s Part 16 - Combining Additive, FM, Granular,Subtractive Synthesis 1/2 Additive synthesis overview, a bit on granular and more on fm.. Building a combination synth of additive, fm, granular and subtractive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQXtWTSdfMs& Part 17 - Combining Additive, FM, Granular,Subtractive Synthesis 2/2 Additive synthesis overview, a bit on granular and more on fm.. Building a combination synth of additive, fm, granular and subtractive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZC92RgxwY_o Resources CW Modular - http://www.cwmodular.org Planet Z - http://forums.planetz.com/ Sonice Core - http://sonic-core.net/ Scope Rise - http://www.hitfoundry.com/ BC Modular - http://bcmodular.wikispaces.com/Home+Page Electro-Music - http://www.electro-music.com/forum/ Muff Wiggler - http://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/ KVR Modular Section - http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=23 The C-Sound Book - http://www.csounds.com/book/ Roland Kuit eBooks - http://rolandkuit.com/e-Books.html Please check out our music and follow us on Soundcloud and Youtube. Thanks!
  13. Hello. I have trouble making a certain kick sound. I have heard a kick like this one in many progressive psytrance tracks. I've tried to recreate it by using Bazzism but it just didn't work. Can anyone help me with this? here is a link to tracks with this type of kick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZSxZt2369A
  14. Recorded 2 sets in the last day, the equipment used was mc808, electribe esx, microkorg, and 2 kp3's all recorded live in one shot. This first set is heavy with zips and zaps and pitch LFOs Warpbox http://soundcloud.com/gadgetg-2-0/warpbox-gadgetg-mc808-esx This second set is all Goa, starts out with much air, and ends with some transposing melodies I have been working on with my 808 http://soundcloud.com/gadgetg-2-0/lifeforce-gadgetg-mc808-esx I am always looking for any feedback good or bad, and ways to improve my sound into a trippy euphoria. Much appreciated if you decide to listen!
  15. Alright audiophiles, I think its about time we put together a collection of software for musical production! Have you ever wanted to express every vision, passion, and experience into pure, untainted sound? Do you crave knowledge and wisdom through the universe of electronic production? Does listening to other peoples music make you wonder, "How did they do that?" If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you want to start crafting your brilliance into wave form! There are many of us who yearn to learn, but we do not know where to start. What software do we use? How do we use it? What the hell is an Oscillator? Why do I need a synthesizer? What synthesizers do people use? These questions and more pop up everyday, sending people on journeys through Google to find answers. My journey began ten years ago in the middle of nowhere Arkansas with a small, easy-to-use program named Garageband. I wanted to make Ambient music, and so I stretched every corner of the virtual globe to explore, discover, and understand electronic audio composition. My goal is to help everyones musical goals a little bit easier to reach. With this reference, hopefully you can. Below, you will find a large series of top notch, high quality, extensive programs, add-ons, effect processors, tweakers, and other sorts of musical programming pornography to release the stitches holding together your mind, aiming to bring the color of your world into a beautiful soundscape that will impress any fellow electronic enthusiast or dance-floor-acceptable raver. Show us what you've got! Grab some of the fresh programs below, mess around with them, and put together your virtual audio rack to start creating music! Hey now, don't stop there. Post your discoveries below, tell us about your favorites, and help expand this thread to communities everywhere. Otherwise, everything I have typed here is pointless! You don't want a basket full of kittens to die do you? Well, me either, unless it produced some sort of incredible sound effect that can not be replicated... hmm... Kittenslaughterstep... So, without further ado, I now present to you a list of Digital Audio Workstations, Virtual Synthesizers, Mastering Tools, Mixing Programs, Effects Processors, and other VSTs / AUs for Mac, PC, or both. Some of these work on Linux as well. Enjoy! Digital Audio Workstations - Synthesizers and Instruments - Effects - Mastering and EQuing
  16. Hi from the Andes! Just to let you know that we have some remix projects for you to play with Here is the link (Sample packs, Track preview, Instructions): http://neurotrance.org/for-producers/ Have fun!
  17. We're pleased to announce the re-launch of Chilluminati.org with tons of cool features: -Event listings -Forums -Music Sharing -Networking ...with a lot more on the roadmap. Please give us a visit, register, and let us know what you think! Festival season in the United States is right around the corner! Get involved! http://chilluminati.org
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