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  1. Perhaps it could've been in the year 2000 2001, i'm not sure but it was at around the time trancentral 8 was released i think ?
  2. Ab no not at all that one, like mentioned more menace, crazy and a more constant laugh
  3. Some good tracks Cosmosis being one of my old time favorites, thanks for trying however no it's not any of them, it's not like a baby simon no, the laughing was persistant, more like a crazy gnome,mad scientist or wizard. hie.. heh.. ha.. (a little pause)then HAAARGH HAAARGH ! a few times in a row every now and then in the track. The laugh was clear,crazy, funny, with a twist of menace about it. Wish i could record it off to mp3 from my brain and play it to you guys.
  4. Not them no thanks for trying, it was more of a screaming laugh... Hie He ha HAAAAARGH HAAAAARGH ! on repeat sometimes more than a few times in a row, i just gotta hear that laugh again ! tsuyoshi was a good dj and green nuns was also on my goa head 3 disc back then, good artist.
  5. I recall clearly this psycedelic track in the late 90s on a compilation i had lost, There is this mad/funny laughing crazy gnome/scientist repeatedly laughing but i just can't recall the name of the track. Anyone have any ideas ? I first thought it was on one of the trancentral mixes,perhaps by growling mad scientists but am not sure which one, and if it actually were by them, on the trancentral mixes.??
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