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  1. More on the progressive trance side of things, with just a hint of psy: Haldolium - Glw Drk album has several political-themed tracks, including 'End of a Government' and 'Moral Convictions'.
  2. I put a genre tag on every track that I own but I don't use the Discogs genre information, because it is often either too vague ('Electronic') or just wrong. In the past I tried to be _very_ specific with genres but I gave up on that. There are a lot of good tracks that sit at the boundary between genres and I got tired of having to look in multiple different places for those tracks when trying to find them. Now I divide it up based on what I would play together in a DJ set. Goa gets its own genre tag/folder because I try to play purely goa tracks in those sets, but the chill genre tag ge
  3. Same! Can't wait to get back out and dance. I'm just hoping that Europe lets Americans in next summer
  4. I used to buy CDs, but I stopped around 2010. I realized that I was ripping all the CDs to FLAC as soon as they arrived, and then never really looking at the CDs or boxes again. The box art looks great, of course, but CDs also take up space and decay over time. Now I prefer to buy the FLACs directly off of Bandcamp. I would like to think that more money can go to the artist + label that way, since they don't have to ship me anything.
  5. Ooh I like that SFX cover, and come to think of it, some of my favorite cover art is also abstract and weird like that. VA - Vibraspirit 11 Skizologic - Stimulation (actually, most of his releases have good looking cover art) Stereofeld - Frequenzwechsel
  6. Artha - Controlled (Old School Version) Artifact303 - Contact Battle of the Future Buddhas - Barbed Cotton Cymatics - Celestial Sunrise Denshi Danshi - Leave the World Behind Denshi Danshi & Amtinaous - World In Between (2K15 Mix) Mindsphere - Fly High Miranda - Svarg Nebula Meltdown - Deep Space Introspection Nebula Meltdown - One-Eyed Reptile Omegahertz - Ecliptic Conjunction Portamento - Flying & Falling Psy-H Project - Precession of the Universe Simply Wave & Libra - Insight Skizologic - Rhinos 2Minds -
  7. Any cover that is just a fractal that is mirrored to make it symmetric. That was okay up until around 2005, but it looks so utterly lazy these days. It's a generic cover and my brain associates it with generic music before I even hear the first track. Producers spend so much time perfecting their tracks - is it asking so much to spend more than an hour on the cover? Maybe we should have a companion thread to this to discuss amazing cover art!
  8. Etnica/Pleiadians: Trip Tonight (Remix) Phthalic Vibes Maia Nebula Meltdown: Deep Space Introspection One-Eyed Reptile Alnitak Sunrise Denshi Danshi Leave the World Behind Starjna World In Between (2K15 Remix)
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