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  1. Ooh I like that SFX cover, and come to think of it, some of my favorite cover art is also abstract and weird like that. VA - Vibraspirit 11 Skizologic - Stimulation (actually, most of his releases have good looking cover art) Stereofeld - Frequenzwechsel
  2. Artha - Controlled (Old School Version) Artifact303 - Contact Battle of the Future Buddhas - Barbed Cotton Cymatics - Celestial Sunrise Denshi Danshi - Leave the World Behind Denshi Danshi & Amtinaous - World In Between (2K15 Mix) Mindsphere - Fly High Miranda - Svarg Nebula Meltdown - Deep Space Introspection Nebula Meltdown - One-Eyed Reptile Omegahertz - Ecliptic Conjunction Portamento - Flying & Falling Psy-H Project - Precession of the Universe Simply Wave & Libra - Insight Skizologic - Rhinos 2Minds - Hindu
  3. Any cover that is just a fractal that is mirrored to make it symmetric. That was okay up until around 2005, but it looks so utterly lazy these days. It's a generic cover and my brain associates it with generic music before I even hear the first track. Producers spend so much time perfecting their tracks - is it asking so much to spend more than an hour on the cover? Maybe we should have a companion thread to this to discuss amazing cover art!
  4. Etnica/Pleiadians: Trip Tonight (Remix) Phthalic Vibes Maia Nebula Meltdown: Deep Space Introspection One-Eyed Reptile Alnitak Sunrise Denshi Danshi Leave the World Behind Starjna World In Between (2K15 Remix)
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