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  1. U-Recken reminds me of old Yahel and old Zorba and old Future Prophecy
  2. these are all trip-hop/downtempo/electronica (but not as jazzy az J.Viewz) Emancipator Dirty Elegance Kinobe Bonobo (jazzy) Saltillo
  3. p(sy)ayam


    i never saw this thread... congrats man, amazing photos :clapping:
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sufi_whirling http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nataraja etc.
  5. i was into metal in highschool, then doom metal, then 70s rock, then krautrock and after getting hooked on Klaus Schulze i realized that electronic music can be as good as rock!!!!! at around the same time my friends whom i shared all my music with started listening to eurohouse and trance, but i only liked it as background music and when i was hanging out with friends (they were pop music to my ears). it couldn't replace the good old rock! then Yahel and IM and 1200 Mics and Zorba were added to our playlist and i think Yahel was my favorite. I liked em a lot but still I wasn't hooked. one day my friend's buddy picked us up and we smoked a joint or two as usual, he asked what kind of music you guys like, and my friend said Yahel, IM, blah blah blah, and he was like now that you listen to psy why are you guys sticking to the mainstream psy?! then he played some Jaia AWESOMENESS!!! i stopped listening to anything else e. oh the jaia experience was around 2002 i think
  6. the cat on top right cracks me up!
  7. ...and since noone talks about Tiesto in psytrance threads, i'll name DJ Tiesto
  8. other than few tracks Shulman sounds pretty average psychill to me production wise it's great, but it doesn't age well if you know what i mean!
  9. i'm not sure why, but i'm not impressed with their newer albums as much as their older ones. maybe because they are following the same old recipe! I'm not sure!!
  10. in no particular (dis)order Kettel Funckarma Secede Scone Boards of Canada (older albums) Subheim Yasume Kattoo Bluetech Autechre
  11. p(sy)ayam

    Ishq - Orchid

    ...that guy has a name but yeah, i agree this is one of those albums that melts me down each time i listen to it. can't wait for his new albums. seems like all the big names are in action this year :posford:
  12. the tracks you posted seemed like more pop/DnB. i haven't heard the album but i think it's something like seba
  13. sounds interesting. it reminds me of Seba here's one of the tracks with Krister Linder http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlPWXzS3m14...feature=related rest of the tracks have no vocal
  14. i feel like you would like The Nature of Light - Shores of Jupiter. you can download it for free here. it's almost beatless with lush piano
  15. this happens to me all the time too, but the most extreme turnovers for me were VA - Oxycanta: i didn't like it at all. i thought it was the most boring of ultimae catalog, and one night i couldn't sleep so i gave it a try. man, can't forget the experience (i was really stoned ) it was amazing! i just wanted to get up and fly! at the moment it's definitely one of my all time favorites and i play it all the time. it's my favorite album to sleep to. James Murray - Where Edges Meet: i was really disappointed with this specially after Hol Baumann and I Awake albums which i didn't like as much as other ultimae albums. i don't remember when exactly it hit me but now i think it's the best album from 08 for me all the beatless albums need some time to sink in, and when it comes to dark ambient they need the right time
  16. fixed i got nothing to trade with you though
  17. my pick would be Aes Dana - Aftermath LSD compilations: Butterfly Dawn, Mana Medicine, Unity Dub's Voyage Into Paradise, Elucidations VA - Nada Masala 2 Khetzal - Corelle :drama:
  18. man, were you pirating your music before or you were just introduced to this genre(s)? you got a good collection dude, ENJOY :clapping:
  19. a death metal n00b can only hear distortion sounds bc that's dominating in electronic dance music it's the baseline. the same way vocals can distract you from the actual music, baseline can distract those who are not familiar to this kind of music. i'm not surprised tbh!
  20. good memories have you heard Alan Parsons - A Valid Path? is one of the tracks. a collaboration with Simon Posford and David Gilmour on guitar.
  21. Distant System - Spiral Empire Solar Fields - Earthshine Matenda Vibrasphere Astropilot some of Asura's ChRonos Divinorum 12 Moons Jaia GOAmbient in general less psy oriented: Marco Torrance Chris Zippel trance: Above & Beyond and there is no perfect beat rate for dancing. i know people who can only dance to DnB, or psytrance, or downtempo, and even ambient!!!!! (of course dancing to ambient would be quite different from dancing to DnB but it's dancing nonetheless)
  22. offtopic, n00b question how can you send a link to a specific part of a page?
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