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  1. old (and new, duh!) IM Astral Projection Juno Reactor Shulman
  2. this one's a documentary and i haven't seen it myself TBH! but anyways, http://metamorphosisfilm.com/
  3. David Helpling - Sleeping On The Edge Of The World
  4. was your cat a siberian tiger!?
  5. Evan Bluetech - Call Of The Wild EP http://www.bluetechonline.com/
  6. keep down the voice?!?!?! lol, my voice was down i also beg to differ ( i like your english skills) first of all, if you've read the topic title, it says "ESSENTIAL", not childhood nostalgia! 2nd, i respect your taste of music, and everyone's else. i don't care if people like pop or hip hop or other genres. why should i care?! i was trying to voice my surprise that since everyone keeps talking about PSY (specially in some other threads people are bashed for suggesting music that is not psy, and the reason mentioned was that this forum is called PSYnews) yet when it comes to other suggestions all people would recommend has nothing to do with PSY! we have other electronica subforum but not other psychedelic music. i always thought the only reason is that MARS has never listened to anything other than electronic music, but i guess i was wrong. i don't care if you can't listen to psy rock after 100 hours of partying. good for you, i can't listen to techno anytime either, but everyone to his own. @yerg, i like some of fusko's recommendations and other than that if i want to recommend something or get someones recommendation i can PM few people who share the same taste or go to a dedicated forum. i wasn't complaining i was voicing my surprise :drama:
  7. i'm really surprised that no one listens to PSYCHEDELIC rock, krautrock, post rock since they are much more similar to PSY music. can't believe all you guyz are recommending is bunch of hiphop, rap, pop techno and new age music if i want to follow the recommendation trend here i guess i should recommend Nick Warren, Above and Beyond and old Armin Van Buuren i'm with bahamut here, i don't want to have some pioneers of krautrock and ambient in this thread and for those who were discussing which hop hip artist has sold most, i think it's lil wayne! now go listen to that because it's dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. so emotional and beautiful. this is a great album and very underrated... can't wait for the new album, it should be out in few days
  9. no offense and with all respect, most of (read almost all) these recommendations are crap!!!!!!!! :drama:
  10. examples of experimental plz? btw, i can dance to downtempo my vote: prog
  11. did you make a new thread!? i thought i wrote something in here lol! anyways, this surpassed my expectations as an album. being soundtrack to a videogame i wasn't expecting something so good for home listening. SOLAR FIELDS DOESN'T DISAPPOINT :clapping:
  12. this is truly a magnificent album. no matter what mood i'm in this album manages to cheer me up. a downtempo trance which is done so perfectly that is good for dancing and chilling on the sofa. me likes :posford:
  13. in case of doom metal you may want to check out: Katatonia, My Dying Bride, Type O Negative, Tiamat, Agathadaimon, Mortiis, etc. again these are from 6-7 years ago :drama:
  14. Jaia - Le Chant Des Sirenes track of the decade
  15. thanks :posford: (Proton Kinoun - Apeiron is pretty good, already have that one) i start with rest of them for now
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