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  1. haven't heard Of Soft Construction, but L'Eixample is pretty good
  2. Jikkenteki - The Beginning is at the End on loop :clapping:
  3. this one worked :posford: Thanks Rennis e. some things last forever indeed. :clapping:
  4. i think their earlier albums are more doom metal than symphonic black. did you check Katatonia? that's pure doom!
  5. Mortiis was one of my favs. i liked the atmospheres they create, but like any other black metal band they are too much into making themselves like clowns. I like their side project Vond. it's been a looooooooong time since i listened to metal though so everything is blurred. i liked their dark ambient albums but i guess those can;t be considered metal! i also like their softer album The Smell Of Rain. even liked the synth pop vocals on Everyone Leaves. but i prefer Summoning. and yeah Lugburz is really good back then Nocte Obducta was one of those bands that changed my taste from de
  6. said it before and am saying it again, if i'm forced to listen to only one CD for rest of my life that would be The Long Walk Home CD1. :clapping: I hope you have found an alternative passion. wish you the best and thanks for all your efforts to bring something new to this scene. I hope you use your creativity in other forms.
  7. *bows* creativity doesn't have any limits. and you're a proof for that
  8. i downloaded without any problem (twice) but can't unzip it! i get this error on winrar: either multipart or corrupt ZIP archive
  9. Subheim - Approach (Tympanik Audio) 1 Hush (3:12) 2 Ybe 76 (4:42) 3 One Step Before The Exit (5:10) 4 Howl (7:32) 5 Away (6:15) 6 Hollow (6:35) 7 Stranded (5:30) 8 Intact (2:32) 9 Voces Perdidas (5:33) 10 Hollow (Remix By Mobthrow) (6:05) 11 One Step Before The Exit (Reconstructed By Flaque) (5:38) This album consists of dark ambient background, IDM rhythms, soft piano melodies and ethereal vocals blended together to create a dreamy journey. The cover art is a very good indication of the journey this album is about to take you. a lonely journey out the
  10. C'mon guyz, i like this thread why no one's posting!? Subheim - Approach
  11. no that's the only one i stole it from someone in another forum
  12. :posford: prehistoric psytrance!!!!! man, those 4/4 kickdrums 1974!
  13. how can you watch a movie on acid!? such a waste
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