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  1. Easily Embarrassed - Reincarnation :posford: mind blowing will listen to Jikkenteki - Another Kick in the Head in few minutes while skateboarding home from work !!!
  2. it's really hard to believe but HELLS YEAAAAAAAAH I CAN'T WAIT :posford:
  3. p(sy)ayam


    downbeat: Alan Parson and Simon Posford - "Return to Tunguska" --------- DAVID GILMOUR plays the guitar :posford: 4 or 5 tracks in Marco Torrance - Reconstructed moments Don Peyote - Song for Andre (in Peyote Dreaming album)
  4. p(sy)ayam

    Ott - Skylon

    i don't like those overused samples that much either, but i should say this is an amazing album.... nothing new for you guys ? i would love to hear something innovative and new too, but what's wrong with the version two of Blumenkraft? for me this album worked pretty well as a follow up of OTT's 1st album.... (i mean did guys have any problem with, let's say, Carbon Based Lifeforms' 2nd album (World of Sleepers) !?!?!?! That is also identical to CBL's 1st album, but it's fuckin awesome !!!)
  5. an amazing album indeed.... Another Kick In The Head is just flawless...magnificent piece of art ! this album is probably the most psychedelic psytrance that i've heard in past few years.... it's been a loooong time that i didn't have a psytrance in my top list !!!!! :posford:
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