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  1. will write a review once i get some free time
  2. one of my favorites The Cathedral
  3. so you think people would steal, kill and rape if they were not afraid of going to hell :wank:
  4. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_dLkOWKBh_qg/SeIl0z8QO2I/AAAAAAAAA1M/NpVO6wGlrQU/s400/Solar%20Fields%20-%20Mirror
  5. very nice interview so you did the interview?
  6. i see what you're saying, but because of same reason (IMO of course) i can hear new sounds in the same track after repeated listens. that makes it fresh to me even after listening to this album for several times. in a casual listen, like when jogging or working, all i can hear is that lead melody that you're talking about but the magic is revealed to me during critical listens (or whatever you name it!)
  7. NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE :posford: e. it says compiled by Sundial Aeon, not Mystical Sun e2. and what is the Chilling Cuts 3? Aural Planet - Acoustic Plantation Releases - Chilling Cuts Vol 1 Sundial* - Metabasis - Chilling Cuts Pt2 3 missing!!
  8. prove them wrong and have a gig in US btw, any news?!!?
  9. p(sy)ayam

    Into The Wild

    true. but not everyone's life story worth making a movie IMO. I'm pretty sure (in fact, i've read about few) there are people who went into the wild to learn about themselves, to become a new person, or achieve something instead of running away from their failed social life (in a most childish way possible). Also, when you are condensing a book to a 2 hr movie you have to decide which parts to include and which ones to exclude and basically just show your own point of view on the story. i didn't like sean penn's point of view!!!!
  10. p(sy)ayam

    Into The Wild

    TBH, i was really disappointed with this. When it was released and just after watching the trailer I was sure I'm gonna love it, but I didn't. I love being in nature and I do a lot of camping and backpacking, so I thought I would relate to the main character, but I found him very boring and weak, if you will. Moreover, while this movie could have been an eye candy, showing beautiful landscapes (and music), Sean Penn was more interested in main character. All said, this wasn't a bad movie, but I had sky high expectations when I went to theater and I was disappointed. 6/10
  11. DONT BUY ULTIMAE CDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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