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  1. well you just missed the best one this past weekend http://www.symbiosisgathering.com/2009/ best place to look for parties is in tribe.net you should join some of the groups depending on where in california you live. if you are in SoCal give me a PM. PS. kind of funny but Alex Grey was doing a live painting on stage during Shpongle's set. so i guess you would have liked it!!!!
  2. p(sy)ayam

    V/A - Water

    exactly my thoughts!
  3. Supermodified is really good, and i can easily hear the quality in all the albums i've listened to but i also think there's much more better music out there. for me Amon Tobin, like AFX, are quality music and also pioneers but what have evolved from their works (and of course similar ones) sound more pleasing to my ears.
  4. This is much better than what I expected, and much much better than the previous two albums. That doesn't mean it's good though! Some of the tracks are really bad IMO and get annoying really quick. Vocals are really bad but much to my surprise not as bad as guitar riffs. The annoying guitar sounds really cheap and amateurish. @Melancholyman: good review and i agree to some extend BUT, you probably don't know what psyrock is if you are labeling this as psyrock. This has NOTHING to do with psyrock, neither Perry Farrell's Korn, absolutely NOTHING. if you want to hear a blend of psyrock and electronica i suggest you check what Simon Posford has done with Alan Parsons and David Gimour on guitar. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEVUX8FI7zs Just compare the awful guitar of IM and this masterpiece. This is influenced by psyrock not IM. just my 2 cents
  5. Ulrich Schnauss - A Strangely Isolated Place
  6. Megadeth without Marty Friedman is sooo lame!!!
  7. someone did that before link Marty Friedman FTW!!!
  8. but does it hurt to have suggestions of none psy albums when some of them may interest psy heads? specially when one is suggesting in such a selective way?
  9. he suck at it though!!!! i might change my mind after buying first sac of legal greens
  10. throw it away?! well, it's on my ipod at the moment and i have listened to it few times already mostly as background music as you said and as i said it's pretty good. i just deleted "Conga" from my ipod playlist
  11. I have the same feeling. some of the tracks are really good but vocals in every track (as the main element) ruins it for me. ...and "Congas" is really bad thanks for sharing
  12. you still need a tripod though
  13. i love these 2 the first one needs to be rotated a bit though
  14. Puff Dragon - Sazanami & VA - Kokopelli are missing e. and VA - Mana Medicine, in fact all LSD compilations should be here IMO
  15. tough one, i go for Kettel Evan Marc & Steve Hillage - Dreamtime Submersible Vs Yagya - Rigning
  16. Shpongle ofc CBL - Hydroponic Garden Vs. CBL - World of Sleepers
  17. am listening to "Visions of Blah" right now. Some good track, some not so good ones IMO. Perhaps this is not my style i liked making it whistle
  18. who are you!? i'd probably be at stereofields...too bad Aerosis plays so early on Saturday.
  19. i'm not really familiar with tech-house so would appreciate some recomms! what i'm really interested to is phat lazy housy beats for chilling or some dreamy, atmospheric house music. i'm not sure if that make any sense but i'm not really familiar to this genre. Global Underground is awesome but they are way too many releases. I used to listen to all of their releases few years back, but i've lost touch with it. Sasha - Invol2ver was pretty good though. Sasha and Nick Warren are really good in general IMO.
  20. p(sy)ayam

    Yagya - Rigning

    + P. Laoss - Landscapes & Machines regarding Rigning, what else can be said? it's definitely one of the main contenders of best album of the year.
  21. i was wondering if you guyz could recommend me some preferably midtempo/slow house. things like: Abakus - We Share the Same Dreams Nick Warren - Global Underground - Paris and Shanghai thnX P
  22. B ( . Y . ) BS!!!

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