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  1. Acoustic Plantation Releases - Chilling Cuts Vol 1 is really good :posford:
  2. @stupidfatugly: new suggestions? i haven't found anything as good as The Nature of Light - Shores of Jupiter yet. The piano, the beats, everything is sooooo good. i want something like that :clapping:
  3. same here. this has become my favorite album from last year (it was my second choice). definitely among the best of ultimae releases. BTW, he released an EP on part2 records (2207), available for free, http://www.part2records.com/the_miracle_of...sport_ep/"</a&gt'>here
  4. they are not boring, but unlike part 1 (when it was released) i don't feel like listening to it in regular basis. this one however...
  5. [off topic] i'm disappointed with this album i wish it was more like a continuation to part 1 but it's more like a copy of My Dogan but not as good. The album is still above average but i'm already grew bored of it... [on topic] (or is it the other way ) i also think this should be under other electronica but i'm surprised why people care so much! if it's that important ask one of the mods to move it. i don't see any reason why not having ambient/IDM (we are not talking about DnB/IDM) in this forum. if not interested don't read it!
  6. misinterpretation, huh!? NEITHER!!!!!! religion and morality are not same.
  7. the albums he released from his cell in prison were much better than the ones he released before imprisonment! I lost contact with black metal few years ago, but from those days i recommend: Summoning (if i remember correctly this album is pretty good). also Nocte Obducta ( was my favorite song of theirs. it continues in part 2 video).
  8. i think he enjoys it more when he's hooking up with a guy!
  9. really hard to decide, but i think this is my favorite in Fahrenheit Project series
  10. James Murray - The Miracle of Transport download it for free
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