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  1. that was an awesome set i was going crazy by the time you got to In The Heaven's Eye :posford: :posford: :posford: :posford: you should play at sunrise though
  2. select all the tracks of the album when it's connected. go to options and change the EQ for that specific album. then ipod always uses that EQ. electronic works pretty well with, well, electronics
  3. i love my ipod! change the EQ on itunes instead of ipod itself.
  4. anything matt hillier has touched is top quality Ishq - Elve - Ishvara - Indigo Egg - Ishq & Pan Electric - Colourform - Elemental Journey he's the man
  5. Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Daybreak
  6. for sure! you can start with Klaus Schulze - Mirage you would most probably like it if you like krautrock, postrock, classic ambient e. and his recent album "Klaus Schulze - Kontinuum" is also good with different styles within the album. old and new
  7. ...and FSOL wouldn't exist without Klaus Schulze
  8. oh yeah. i couldn't stop listening to it when it was raining here for few days
  9. (val)Liam - Daydreamer Filteria - Daze of our lives e. oh, and the new bluetech
  10. (val)Liam - Daydreamer :clapping: :clapping:
  11. hope he sell the T and the poster on his tour :posford: next Tuesday :clapping: :posford: :clapping: :posford:
  12. i don't understand what you mean by similar artist but i do know many IDM, IDM/ambient artists which i prefer to aphex twin music... not necessarily same music though, but that's the point! i don't like his kindda music!! (not to the point i consider him the best, or among the best)
  13. you mean IDM, IDM/ambient, ambient?!
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