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  1. +1 funny thing is i loved Hol Baumann from the first listen but i think i like both The Core and Where Edges Meet more than Human now :drama:
  2. 40 euros on beer every weekend ?!?! NOPE!!!! there are so many CDs on my wishlist that i most probably would prefer to spend that 29$ on 2 CDs...
  3. James Murray - Where edges meet this is so good, i might need to edit my top 5 list
  4. and why the artist name is "µ" !? last.fm scrobbled it as µ-ziq
  5. i absolutely loved this movie. maybe liked it more than eternal sunshine of spotless mind... dreamy and surrealistic movies are my favorites too definitely check out Paprika if you haven't already
  6. this is an amazing album. favorites: The Belle of Atlantis, Liquid Sky and Flying Spirals. top quality, no wonder this is considered a classic... :drama:
  7. 2 of my all time favorites: jikkenteki - flights of infinity jikkenteki - the long walk home that's a sick avatar BTW
  8. are you going to share the story with us in the booklet (like the long walk home)? (oh, i know you are already sharing it with your music...) i donno, i was just curious. i guess i'll wait and see.
  9. it's always bad to hear from other ppl that an artist that i like a lot is going towards more commercialized and clubby tunes. specially with yahel and infected mushroom in mind last year same was being told about two of my favorite artists being Vibrasphere and Abakus, so i didn't have high expectations for neither of them prior to my first listen but ended up liking both albums a lot. as far as i remember vibrasphere has always produced progressive trance and this is not an exception either, but it does have a clubby feel to it. not all the tracks are great and it's definitely not my fav
  10. this is one amazing album 2009 would be one helluva year :posford:
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