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  1. I'd like to add Irezumi - Endurance to the dark ambient recommendations...
  2. guyz, guyz you can be friends, see: J/K
  3. i don't really care how long it takes them to release it. i prefer to wait even for couple of years but then hear something amazing, but what's up with the announcements? can't they wait till the album is almost done and then announcing it? i have very high expectations for this album, i don't care when they're going to release it but i hope it would be damn good :clapping:
  4. i hope gaian mind's lineup would be as good as last year. i missed it last year and am still pissed about it :pissed:
  5. chill everyone can listen to anything (s)he likes but when someone says maroon 5 is the best rock band on earth, or daft punk makes the sickest electronic music, or 40 year old virgin is the best movie ever made, or..., it's a different story!!! not that i care about it, i probably won't even bother
  6. i won't be surprised tho!!! what happened to the new hallucinogen in dub? it was supposed to be released last november!!! i'm not sure if they've lost their motivation or if they have problems but something seems to be wrong with twisted crew...
  7. +1 IMHO psychedelic rock (and post rock) have more in common with psy electronica than most of other electronic music
  8. +1 most of my friends listen to music when they are socializing, drinking and singing their asses off! and as buzzman said i'd get weird looks if i tell them that i just sit and listen to music. for them music is just a background noise (a pleasant one ofc) that would draw their attention for a moment, and what's better than vocals for a momentary attention? +100
  9. meh they said the same thing about last year's live show!!!!
  10. everything from Secede's record label, Sending Orbs is good. try Kettel - My Dogan & Kettel - Myam James Part 1
  11. my top 10 atm in no order Solar Fields - Leaving Home Solar Fields - Extended Solar Fields - Movements Carbon Based Lifeforms - Hydroponic Garden Carbon Based Lifeforms - World of Sleepers Ishq - Orchid Jikkenteki - A Long Walk Home (CD1) VA - Oxycanta Bluetech - Elementary Particles Shpongle - Are you Shpongled? yeah, Ultimae wins the cake!!!
  12. listen to some 70s psy rock, and krautrock of course music has been evolving, but psychedelic music is much older than Goa trance
  13. do they have an album? are you talking about this compilation?
  14. this was much better than what i expected, and it's free so highly recommended.
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