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  1. oh man, there are not so many music that can alter my mood so quickly. this one does, and how effectively. the cover art says it all (Sending Orbs is in top of my list when it comes to cover arts BTW), an artistic, cartoonish, fun and happy music. so much creativity, beautiful blend of crazy and fun beats and melodies. can't wait for part 2 which is on the way :clapping:
  2. this is one of the albums that i need to be in the right mood for, but at the right time what an album it is. it's hard to pick favorite tracks here as it should be heard from the beginning to the end, but Church Of Emeralds stands out for me. the voices, the melodies and the atmosphere are all amazing. i like the 2nd half of this album better, maybe because it has more energy. while i enjoy drifting in to space throughout the album but at the end all i can remember is my own journey not the music (with exception of Church Of Emeralds). while this is not bad at all for this kind of music, but makes me choose Church Of Emeralds as my favorite track here.
  3. hard to believe this was out on 1995! way ahead of time. this is truly one of the classic ambient albums ever. favorite tracks: ALL
  4. as usual Ultimae brought us another wonderful album. i loved all of Hol Baumann's tracks on previous compilations and had high expectations for this one. Some of my favorites here were released on those compilations though! funny thing is at the beginning the first half of the album was my favorite, now i like the second half better overall, great album.
  5. Solar Quest - Sola Luna Entheogenic - Flight Of The Urubus Eat Static - Back To Earth Vibrasphere - Selected Downbeats Vol. 2 (enough with remixes plz!!)
  6. i pray to god to give me enough knowledge! maybe you're his prophet, savior of ignorant psy community
  7. he was talking about THE BAD drugz!!! the ones you mentioned are THE GOOD ones!!! they are all healthy and not addictive
  8. maybe it's pnly a word issue, but it didn't blow my mind either since it isn't something different from everything i've heard before. however, it's a perfect mix of ambient music with techno beats (something that i don't fancy most of the times, but here it sounds lovely). the ambient soundscapes are so strong that i feel i'm walking in the rain :drama: and suddenly the beat comes in which feels like flying and dancing in the clouds. the build up on some of the tracks are just perfect. but don't take my words, since i'm a sucker for ambient backgrounds, whether it's ambient music, downtempo, uptempo and here, surprisingly techno!
  9. it's very interesting to hear other ppl opinion about the albums i like (and even ones i don't). so 2 first choices
  10. what would you understand from 4 minutes of drone and ambiance!?!?
  11. yeah, i love this album...it changes my mood and takes me to new places everytime i listen to it. i think it's best Yagya has offered. for being the best this year, well, it's kindda early to say but it would definitely be one the best...
  12. +1 i think i had enough of ethnic chill, there's not much new here...although some tracks are good but i couldn't listen through the whole album more than twice (skipping both Omar Faruk Tekbilek's tracks on second run).
  13. i do blame record labels because it's so obvious that some of labels always have quality cover arts and some always have crappy ones. not only in music scene, but every where, the representation of someone's work matters. it's one of the important parts of it. even if you have a scientific achievement you'd better spend sometime on powerpoint making your presentation!!!! i don't care about the cover art if i get a good home recorded album on CD-r but if someone releases an album they'd better do more than photoshoping their own photo and copy pasting it on a crap background.
  14. +1 though, there are few good ones every now and then :drama:
  15. it affects me alot actually. if an artist doesn't have enough taste to choose a decent (not spectacular) cover art for his/hers creation chances are low that he/she has a good taste to create good art! of course there are exceptions. I can't agree more with ormion,
  16. i assume they were dreaming to become pink floyd of psy scene. pink floyd was an underground psychedelic rock band and they went to a more commercialized route which made them gods of rock music. however, IM is far (faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar) from getting to that point. again however, IMHO, shpongle is on right track to become pioneers of psy scene. although they are not my favorite band/artist(s), but they've become much more popular without getting into cheesiness of mainstream music. that's more or less what pink floyd did. (and that doesn't surprise me since simon is a pink floyd fan) in 20 years from now, no one would talk about IM (not even their first few albums) but I can easily picture shpongle to become a legend of psy scene. not the best to people who were in this scene for a long time, but the one that would be remembered and referred to whenever someone wants to talk about psy. i feel the same about pink floyd right now... ma 2 cents ps. i'm not a big fan of IM (i don't even like their old albums that much) but i do have respect for what they're doing. right now they are among best (whatever that means ) in DJ charts. competing with DJs like armin van buuren, above and beyond, etc is not that easy. and they are still making their own music while only few of the DJs have their own albums (and even those who have don't play them in their sets, because their albums suck (with exception of above and beyond)).
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