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Psynews just turned 20 !


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Hell yeah, how many websites in the world can claim to have 20 years of existence ?

For those who are new here and sdon't know how it all started, just have a look here: 

Psynews (goatrance.free.fr at the time) was meant to replace the defunct Third Eye UK , and it turned out to be much more than that. This community, a lot of real-life friendships and initiatives like Suntrip Records.

I talked with the Psynews creator, @Children a few days ago, he's good, his kids are teenagers...maybe you'll hear about him soon :)


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Cheers and Happy 20th Birthday to all and everybody on here :wub: :wub: :wub:


I did not plan to show up empty-handed, but it turned out that way for now - however, as it's 2020 and we are 20, I think it's good to say that we have the whole YEAR to celebrate -- and that's exactly how I would do it!
If the things I had in mind turn out well, I will let you know and will post it under the hashtag above. It's most certainly not over for me before the year is over.

First I'm gonna bake a cake for the occasion :D 


Cake is done! Happy Birthday Psynews.ORG:


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Whee, that's a long time! I clearly remember browsing TRiP for tips in the 90s, supported by the fairly decent school internet and the not-so-decent dial-up at home. The transition to goatrance.free.fr happened when I was moving around myself so I probably almost missed it. Where were the "what is goa trance" and travel articles first released? Those were the very short wikipedia of the genre/culture back then. :lol: Also quite fascinating that Filteria was among the first reviewers in 2000.

For some reason I only created an account on Psynews in 2009, although I was definitely browsing regularly for years. Nothing important enough to add? I think the discussion was also a bit...noisy back then. Of course, the music changed too over the years. There were times when I didn't find it interesting enough to follow that closely, but there have also been some very positive developments. You can still spot interesting pieces of...psy news here. And all kinds of randomness. Thanks, everyone. :)


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Congratulations for the 20 years!

 I remember coming to goatrancefree.fr from the Third Eye UK. 

There have been changes along those 20 years and it is nice to see the site still alive and relevant. Especially since I am not a facebook sort of chap.




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Thanks everyone for :

- the effort in the "admins" tribe ;)

- the support of every visitor !

Glad this still exists, I'm not really up to date in terms of the latest albums and am using the website to check what I missed in the new groups ... well now I'm using myself the website for what I wanted it to be used for at the very beginning, find new artists ! ;-)

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