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  1. Times are changing. Starting buying stuff from them in the late 90s. http://www.psyshop.com
  2. It is unfortunate news. He is surely gone too soon. RIP.
  3. Sorry to hear about his death. Too young, too soon.
  4. Submitting my choices for the year 2019. But i want to first echo somebody's previous comments about compression. Unfortunately this has long been a problem. Not just in psy trance, but particularly in psy trance. The votes are not in any particular order. Up Up Up!! 1. Sneila - Rebirth 2. E-Mantra - Tartarus 3. Xamanist - Out of Time 4. Hedustma - Forms 03 5. Protonica - Symmetry 6. Yggdrabits (Compilation) 7. Blue Hue - The Mandala Effect 8. Jaraluca - The Prologue 9. Psylent Buddhi - Secrets of the Atom 10. K.U.R.O. & Charm - Japanese Vibrations And now Doooowwwwn!! 1. Lauge - Dawn 2. Tegri & Friends - A Course in Miracles 3. Ensancha El Alma vol 1 (Compilation) 4. Distant System - Infinite Continuum 5. Bluetech - Holotrope 6. Avaris - The Forgotten Language 7. err...that is it. Regards Pedro
  5. Congratulations for the 20 years! I remember coming to goatrancefree.fr from the Third Eye UK. There have been changes along those 20 years and it is nice to see the site still alive and relevant. Especially since I am not a facebook sort of chap. Pedro
  6. Hello, Here are my votes: UP UP UP In no particular order: 1 Chronika Chapter V (Liquid Drop Groove) 2 303 Syndrome (Mamimanm) 3. Somnesia - Infinite Mind (Timewarp) 4. Call of Goa 3 (Timewarp) 5. Colours of Goa 3 (Timewarp) 6. Heart of Goa 6 (Ovnimoon) 7. Kensho (Sangoma) 8. Solar Fields - Red Green Blue (Sidereal) 9. E-Mantra - Stapanii Timpului (Suntrip) 10. Median Project - In The Depths Of Space (Global Sect Music) DOOOOOWWWWNN In no particular order: 1. Akshan World of Duality (Altar) 2 Kaya Project Up from the Dust (Tribal Shift)
  7. Wanted to add my voice to those expressing their condolences. Yes, after some time there was a point where there was almost too much GMS around. But they were quite influential, made their mark on the scene and it is sad to see Bansi leaving our planet so young. RIP
  8. Sorry to hear this. Definitely made a worthy contribution to the music scene. RIP.
  9. Kids will often hate what their parents like.
  10. In no particular order: Up Hypnoxock: Eurythmia Jaraluca: Fata Morgana Polarity (techno side) Ultimae Spiral Trax Vol 3 Heart Of Goa Vol 5 Inti Meta Horizon Triquetra: Ecstatic Planet Challenge From Beyond Down Ajja Spira Mirabilis Polarity (Ambient Side) Ultimae Martin Nonstatic: Ligand Greenosophy Chapter II
  11. Oh, I have taken plenty of drugs and drank plenty of booze over the years. But crying while listening to psy trance has yet to occur.
  12. I have never cried listening to psy trance. I am a stable genius.
  13. So psynews.org is 18 years already. Many thanks to all who have made it possible. When it gets 30, I shall cut my beard.
  14. pedro

    RIP Nemo

    Just seen this. RIP Nemo.
  15. I really enjoyed this album and bought it. Different from the other CD I have from him, but no matter.
  16. I remember the Process set. Highlight of the night for me.
  17. Greetings to all. Here are my top 10 for 2016 in no particular order. 1. Various Artists - Realization (Trantrumm) 2. Various Artists - Rumble in the Jungle (Forestelic) 3. Transdriver - Secondary Presence (Impulse Audio) 4. Dark Whisper - Realms of Unseen (Alice-d) 5. Various Artists- Tech Tales 6 (Electric Power Pole) 6. Proxeeus - Weird Tales (Goa Madness) 7. Various Artists - Supremely Weird (Alice-d) 8. Gu - Reality is a Hallucination (Insomnia Records) 9. Various Artists - MetaHorizon (Tesseract Studio) 10. Ticon - Mirage (Iboga) Pedro
  18. You don't need to take drugs to have a good time listening to pay trance. But some of the my best life experiences has been doing drugs + music. I highly recommend it. Pedro
  19. In no particular order: UPTEMPO: 1:Cybered - Acid Box (Horns and Hoofs) 2: Compilation - Forensic Science Vol 2 [iono 1CD] 3: E-Mantra - Nemesis (Suntrip) 4: Compilation - The Call Of Goa Vol 2 (Timewarp Records) 5: Compilation - Progstorm 5 (Prog On Syndicate) 6: Son Kite: Prisma (Iboga) 7: Compilation - Flow One (Flow EV) 8: Compilation - Spiral Trax Volume Two (Spiral Trax) 9: Compilation - Goa Energy (Timewarp) 10: Compilation - Gamayun Tale (Lookinglook Records) DOWNTEMPO 1: Asura: Radio Universe (Ultimae) 2: Compilation - Passages (Ultimae) 3: Androcell - Imbue (Altar Records) 4: Circular - Moon Pool (Ultimae) 5: Audioglider - Accidental Beauty (Section records) Twas a good year.
  20. 15 years. Street legal next year.
  21. Spiral Trax not mentioned yet. Also like Spirit Zone, Matsuri, Dragonfly, Exogenic, Transient, Flying Rhino, Blue Room....usual suspects really.
  22. I am a big techo fan as well. And the UK psy trance is really poor right now. Really insipid. Its not just the lack of melodies, its the lack of soul or talent in much of the stuff. Better days will come I hope.
  23. UK psy trance has really gone downhill, unfortunately.
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