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  1. Thanks everyone for : - the effort in the "admins" tribe - the support of every visitor ! Glad this still exists, I'm not really up to date in terms of the latest albums and am using the website to check what I missed in the new groups ... well now I'm using myself the website for what I wanted it to be used for at the very beginning, find new artists ! ;-)
  2. Well I'm pretty disappointed ... the last track of this album seemed to be very promising after seeing the live in Tel Aviv here : But the version on this album seems so simple and with no flavour ... otherwise tracks 6,8,9,10 are interesting, but nothing really hits me like Heavyweight didon their last album ...
  3. We miss you man!

  4. Hi all :-) Thanks a lot for your greetings, still all this always exists thanks to Mars who made this site keeping going on even atfer I left ! It would never have been what is it today without his help ! In any case that is exactly the site I wanted to create at the early beginning : a big community, independent, and happy vibes between its users ... wow ! isn't it the spirit of psytrance !?! :-)
  5. ;) Thx a lot, nice to see people are still so nice here !!!
  6. Hi all, I'm happy to see this website that took us so long time is still alive, and REALLY alive (like me ) !!! Indeed, I suddenly left, cause I met a girl and we wanted to start a new project, which obviously takes time (and I didn't know how to explain to Mars I didn't have time anymore for the website or for parties) : marrying, and having little babies :-) We now have 2 (Elora in 2005 and Vincent in 2007 who is sleeping alongside of me while i'm writing this post and swinging his pushchair) and are very happy of this new life, even if it gives us much less time, for the moment, for our hoobies. I still listen to psytrance when I can, and am still in love for this kind of music. And I use this website when I'm searching for reviews of recent albums."
  7. Hey ! Who uses "mars" nickname to say that kinf of thing ?
  8. Well some answers to these questions : 1- I read it Llazi, you talk about the CD cover, we have no problems with that, we are used to make a cover contest when we finish a tracks contest, and the cover of the 2nd CD has alraedy been chosen by visitors. The problem is all the other things you have to do to make a CD be released. 2- About the BooM! offer I didn't contact them yet. 3- About Etheral Phaze contract & the one of other 2nd contest winners, I guess that might mean the CD will be released one day ... but ... I'm still asking myself when it will as it should have been released at the very beginning of this year ... we don't have much info from Out Of Orion about all this, that's the problem and that's what makes me pessimistic.
  9. Hi all, As you've probably read Mars message on the forum, we have, indeed, more difficulties than before to update this site, as we both have more priorities in real life. Still we don't want this site to die, so I'm personally trying to keep the reviews section updated. About the contest, I've read an answer to Mars post, in which somone explained we didn't speak of it as we both have a storage problem and a label problem. The idea would be that the authors themselves propose their track on the web, and we simply put a link on the track. First we prefered to store ourselves the tracks on a server, to permit more people to participate, without having to find web space for their track, but now ... I think that could be the solution ... about the release of Psynews 2nd CD we indeed have no infos about Out Of Orion label ... I'm also quite pessimistic ... still some labels could cotnact each author separately by hearing its track, so I think the contest still has sense even if winner tracks aren't released on a CD ... I have to find time to discuss of it with Mars and start new rules, but I think we have to change these contest rules to keep it alive, by asking you to send us the link of your track through the web, and, maybe, forgetting the idea to release the winners. Bom :-)
  10. As you may have noticed we still don't propose tracks for dload, simply because we still have no web space to host them ... really sorry for that :-( Still you can send your track, the contest continues ! Bom :-)
  11. Children


    We don't We can receiev the M33s but not propose them to dload yet :-(((
  12. Children


    It's not on this website yet as we don't have web space anymore to host contest tracks ... still waiting for somehelp about this, that's a real problem :-( Anyway, this neohelix track is very nice, really )
  13. Children


    Well we have to find the space. We had space, but there was a problem with the server we got few days after the contest started
  14. Hi :-) How much : dunno ... probably the usual price of a comp Will be released on "Out Of Orion" label Yes each artist gets compensation from "Out Of Orion", as well as the one who makes the cover art The 2 previous CDs can't be bought, just 1 CD has been released for the first contest. Can be bought : http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=2581 http://chaosunlimited.co.uk/ (search "sparks")
  15. Oooops : Correct Tracklisting : Spiralgeist "Mean and mean" Masada "Bhongo Bhonged" Amygdala "Proprioception Malfunction" Diffusion "The 3rd spiral" Spiralix "Spririt guide" Alien Noise "604 Maniacs" Sneila "Flying objects always reach the gound" Vax "Tataria" Ethereal Phaze "Liquid Blue Vision"
  16. Spiralgeist "Mean and mean" Masada "Bhongo Bhonged" Diffusion "The 3rd spiral" Spiralix "Spririt guide" Alien Noise "604 Maniacs" Snelia "Flying objects always reach the gound" Vax "Tartaria" Ethereal Phaze "Liquid Blue Vision"
  17. Children


    We now have problems to store them, we lost the 5 GB !!! Argh
  18. Hi, Actually you won't see them (I mean not the exact results), simply the highlighted comps & albums, in the 2002 year of the reviews section (some of them already have been marked)
  19. Yes you can send both in that case :-) To answer llazi, well ... what would be their interest to cheat on such a competition ? There's not that much money to earn supposing you win, and you won't be able to release an album afterwards if you didn't make the winning track yourself :-) Still we ask for a proof, to have a little security, but I don't think people will cheat, that would be have no sense there ...
  20. This section permits us to highlight the classic releases in the reviews section. The previous one (TOP 100) was removed cause I couldn't manage it, too many votes and all was to do manually. So I removed it. Maybe it will be back when the V2 will be online, but not at the beginning ... that's a very hard thing to do automatically, lots of problems are to be solved (think about the spelling mistakes when you write a track name for example : how can we detect it automatically ?)
  21. Hallucinogen : In dub (by far), Entheogenic (very nice too), Taruna : World Fusion
  22. ASTRAL PROJECTION 3. Dancing Galaxy ETNICA 1. Alien Protein (or better : Pleiadians : IFO)
  23. What can I say ... this album is very nice, better than the previous one, and still fresh, with new sounds, more bass, more breaks than usual in Bilbo's tracks, few vocals, nice melodies (but not too much), nice production, well ... great :-) My favourite tracks are Contact & Holographic (this last one is outstanding), but all of them have some nice parts. All tracks are nicely linked to each other, which is pretty interesting in an album imho, makes it nicer to listen as a whole. Rating : 7.5/10
  24. Squaremeat - Illegal Operation Artist: Squaremeat Title: Illegal Operation Label: Exogenic Date: 2002 Track listing: 01. Illegal Operation 02. Night Train Review: This EP has the usual scandinavian Exogenic sound : weird & fast. First track has a loud & repetitive bass, which sometimes is the main melody. The sound is very "electronic". The rhythm is pretty fast, sometimes tribal, quite hypnotic. Some voices from "Doom" video game are used there (you know, the pink Demons always trying to eat you :-)) Still something is missing to this track, it doesn't seem to ... build till a main part. Second track starts in a "Gamma Goblins" way : strange voices laughing, groovy rhythm, slightly jazzy, loud snares & claps, nice hypnotizing melodies, low bassline, well this track is nicer imho, more entertaining, more happy. Rating : 4.5/10
  25. Earthling - Patterns Artist: Earthling Title: Patterns Label: Acidance Date: 2002 Track listing: 01. 07'06" Contact High 02. 06'34" Pagan Poetry 03. 07'47" The Catalyst 04. 05'50" Psychofunkfamily 05. 07'15" Fraggle's Rock 06. 07'07" Sticky Technology 07. 07'44" Stalagmitis 08. 07'59" LSD Story 09. 07'00" Patterns Review: Kinda GMS-like, but still, there's a real effort put in it, and it's not all 100% GMS predictable formula, actually tracks are a bit more melodic and quite various, probably because all of them are built from collaborations between Celli and artists like Paul Taylor, Nick Barber and Riktam to name a few. My absolute favourite : track 7 ! This one has a fat bass, nice percussions, good melodies and its own style. Must be a real hit loud at parties. It kinda reminds me Logic Bomb. The overall production is nice, and I think this album deserves to be one of the best ones of the year in this GMS-style so many albums try to copy without much success. Rating : 6.5/10
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