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  1. Done, can't wait to hear your new music. You did an awesome set at ZNA last summer, thank you for that. =))
  2. Festivals finally came back after the virus years. =)) The uptempo stuff was not that good imho. A bit of a slow year for me. VA - Beyond Expectation and VA - Mikagura I really like, and some tracks here and there. A couple of old school like Tim Schuldt - Retrospecter and VA - ZNA Gathering Retro-Futuristic Compilation III. The downtempo was much better. Kuba - Relative To The Sun, Saafi Brothers - Make Pictures With The Sound , Ott - Heads and Youth & Gaudi - Stratosphere. So amazing =))
  3. Yes, I donated my ticket. I haven't herd anything about it, so I don't know. Oh, that thunderstorm. I remember it. I also hope we will have better weather this year. =)) Steptime/Spindrift, Dreamweaver, Celestial Intelligence, Texas Faggott, MFG, Dimension 5, Hypnoxock, Battle of the Future Buddhas, Mindfield and Journey Into Sound. That's the line up so far. I've already got my ticket and really looking forward to the festival. Last time in 2018 was great and the line up for the cancelled one in 2020 was great. I belive this edition will be the same. =)) Travel plans I have to do a bit later. I just took a week of in march too go snowmobiling in the mountains here in Sweden. =)) So the festival I do after that, and I'm a little bit tempted to go to Surya Spirits Festival in may. Maybe that's doable. But Apsara yes, I don't want to miss that.
  4. Happy new year!!! Wir schicken dich ins all is awesome. Here, have two more, old as the street. =))
  5. Not the first time this happens. Not sure if it's the same, I'm not an admin. K-Ban had this issue too. Many spammers in the states I guess. Large IP ranges being blocked.
  6. Youth and Gaudi is here, awesome. And I manage to get the Life is cds on Orange Records for under €2. The only record Colordrops Live Version is on. Yay. =)) And some Swedish rap music. First press and still sealed. Not that is that valuable, but just amazing. =))
  7. Nice. =) Yeah, he would be perfect for ZNA. Sadly not many guys play his tracks. This year I herd two, Clarity From Deep Fog and Back to Earth. I need more Process. =))
  8. Not doing a list here, but you was going to see Sean Williams in Germany? If my memory is working correctly. How was that? And most importantly, did you convince him to play at ZNA?
  9. Yeah, now that you mention it I remember a strange break. But these things happen, so I don't care too much about it. Dino is a very good DJ, I've herd him play a few times. That old Twisted t-shirt he was wearing was awesome. I regret not buying one of those.
  10. His mental health is the most important thing. One for his well being, second for us dancers. Godford is one of the most important figures in this scene. I hope he can gain confidence and return as soon he find the right inspiration. In Godford I trust.
  11. The ZNA compilation I got at the festival. Hautacam a bit later, both really good CDs. But Kuba and Saafi Brothers are amazing. Right up my alley. Now I'll be waiting for Youth and Gaudi.
  12. DJ Solitare has uploaded his set, almost the same as he played it at ZNA.
  13. Lol, that happens. I think Dado played some harder stuff at the end, but I haven't herd the Synthetic tracks in 20 years. So I'm not sure and my memory is a bit blurred the last hour.
  14. Haha, yes. Mind losing confirmed. =)) That's Sandman, absolutely brilliant. Third time I hear him play now so I was expecting that. I've always been a big fan of his music, all the way back to mid 90's. Natural Born Killer, Nostradamus remix and then the album in 98. He is one of the best. Some pictures. Not that a took many, as usual. Not many videos either. Juno and Dino started the main floor in a good way. But Cydonia and Deedrah was insane. =)) My feet was not in a good shape the morning after, lol. But i was stupid not breaking in my new shoes before the festival. Anyway, Lightning Rods, Freakshow, Animals and some tracks from other projects than Cydonia. It was amazing. Solitare did a great job as usual. He is one of my favorite DJ's and he played Back to Earth. =)) Fantastic track. Nervasystem, wow. I didn't have much energy at the time he was playing, but I'm glad I went to the dancefloor when he started. Second time I hear him now and he delivered big time. Younger Brother/Prometheus was also one of the best this year, playing for 3h. Benji played Clarity From Deep Fog, a big big favorite of mine. Also he did his and Raja Rams remix of The Beatles - Because. Amazing track. =)) Triquetra at the after party was so amazing. They can really deliver, Impact is such a great track. =)) Third time I hear them live and they are just getting better and better. All in all, I love ZNA. =))
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