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  1. Nah, I just add more good music. I listen to many more genres than trance. Of course not everything stands the test of time, but most do. Fortunately, I have good taste in music. Hahaha, =). As a kid I was into hard rock, then it was rap music. In my early teens I started with psytrance. After that I just kept adding more amazing music. =)
  2. Yep, it's a great book. =) I have it already.
  3. Haha, we don't have the same opinions on this record. =) I would highlight Gift of the Gods and KLM, Slide is good. Sometimes KLM reminds me of Trashish, an absolute stomper. Sure Synergy is Cosmosis masterpiece, but GotG is a beautiful track. The Chi A.D. track can we agree on, magical. Is Dancing Galaxy the best AP album? Pfft... not even close imho. =) I prefer Trust in Trance and Astral Files. With Enlightened Evolution as my favorite track.
  4. Y'all need to listen to real drop music. =)) Killargh!!!
  5. staffan

    ZNA 2020

    This year ZNA had like 5000-6000. Apsara last year was not over 1000, I assume. So it depends on what you like. A big festival or small. Great vibes on both, the best music and many nice people to meet at both festivals.
  6. I've always loved Cybel. So Well Done and the tracks from The Forum, super. =))
  7. Ok, you got Godford. Now you need some Process. Like Dealing With Demons, masterpiece. And Sandman - Natural Born Killers. If you think they will fit. Maybe Digital Island - Cosmic Ocean?
  8. Yeah, Interchill has some amazing stuff. Neil Sparkes & The Last Tribe - Talisman (Dub Praises Mix) is a favorite of mine, from the Talisman compilation. =))
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