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  1. So far so good. Just did a preliminarily packing, everything I need is not in yet. The limit is 23kg, right now my backpack is 18kg. So I should be fine. I even put in a folding chair and an extra pair of shoes. A real pillow is in also, not only the inflatable one I normally use. =)) I felt it was time to have some luxuries at a festival, lol. I will not have much time for touristy stuff. I'm arriving late tomorrow and then the bus departures 10 am Sunday. But I will for sure relax in the king size bed in the hotel tomorrow night, haha.
  2. Wow, what a fantastic box of Greg Hunter's music, on cd finally. =)) I love the artwork. Geonosis is one of the best downtempo albums ever. And then the new Bluetech - Liquid Geometries in Dub. LSD continues with their high quality releases.
  3. One month will go by fast =) Thankfully. I will take the bus on the 18th to the festival solo. So if anybody of you guys want to meet up at the airport Sunday morning let me know. Yes I will find you Trunks. This is from another thread... Unless you have shaven off that beard. Then maybe I will have to look for the t-shirts. =))
  4. Got my copy yesterday =) Will read it soon. Cleo Odzer's book is an interesting read. If you guys want something more spiritual and meditation thingy you can try One Night's Shelter: From Home To Homelessness by Yogavacara Rahula. Or just read Eight Finger Eddies book if you want the start of the Goa hippie stuff.
  5. Awesome job =)) I'm so glad that Denshi Danshi got the no.1 spot. That album is amazing.
  6. Since this psy rave thing actually comes from the old ebm in the 80's, it's not that strange. Nitzer Ebb and Front 242 was played on the beaches of Goa. So I've been told anyway. This Hocico is not from the 80's, but great anyway. Or just some classic Skinny Puppy.
  7. Damn, that's a rappers fan delight. Seeing them still going strong =))
  8. Well, I got a tape from a friend. Who got it from his sisters friend, maybe sisters boyfriend, lol. With this new cool rave music. I didn't knew what it was, except that it was cool. This should be somewhere around 94. If I remember correctly I was like 12 or 13. I wasn't into EDM at all, other than the euro dance techno stuff that was popular at the time. No, I listened mostly to rap music back then and continued with rap and psytrance until 97-98. Thats when I took a break from hip hop. The music that came out in the late nineties didn't really interested me, and I went to my fist psy rave. =)) 16 year old me got the chance to experience Psychopod live, man that was something. Wu Tang Clan, Das EFX, Goodie Mob, Pharcyde, Gang Starr, Mobb Deep and many others. Before that was Magnus Uggla. That's maybe my first memory of music, or Jerry Williams. Not sure who was first, this should be in like 86-87. But when I was 7 or 8 years old, 89-90, I discovered Guns n' Roses. So until I found hip hop I was a huge fan of hard rock. Deep Purple, Skid Row, Alice Cooper. Stuff like that. After psytrance I started with ebm, industrial and genres like that.This is around year 2000. Ministry, Front 242 and Skinny Puppy was the first ones I listened to. Thankfully we in Sweden had Arvika festival that booked both psytrance and ebm, well many alternative acts. I have seen so many good shows there. =)) Ministry, Front 242, Hocico, Björk, Ladytron, Nouvelle Vague, The Young Gods, Laibach, Nitzer Ebb and many many others.Ohh the psytrance. Hallucinogen, Juno Reactor, Joujouka, MWNN, Cydonia, Atmos, Astral Projection, lol. I could go on forever, I have always loved music. So I stop for now.
  9. No, no ignore but it's not the best rapper song i history. Good yes, then we have this. ODB is the best btw... diiiirty.
  10. Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothin To Fuck Wit.
  11. Tung gung man, dope beats.
  12. I prefer Organismen. His ryhmes are better than Promoe, imo. But Kjell Kriminell, Promoes other name, and Timbuk where good also. Here in Sedlighetsroteln. Both videos in swedish. Classic stuff. =) Then there is this fantastic song by the old gang. Rakim, KRS One and DJ Premier. Some newer stuff that I like, =)) Norrlands finest.
  13. Dafuq... Rest in peace Ronen.
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