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  1. Yeah, Interchill has some amazing stuff. Neil Sparkes & The Last Tribe - Talisman (Dub Praises Mix) is a favorite of mine, from the Talisman compilation. =))
  2. Thank you Trunksan. =)) I can highly recommend Apsara. I attended last year and it was really great. It will probably be my choice the next summer.
  3. I was at the market stage/bar with some friends waiting for Koxbox. I rushed down when I started to hear some Quirk tracks. =) There was some confusion from my part who was playing. I think you confirmed that it was actually Quirk playing early instead of Koxbox, haha. No Robotized from what I herd, sad if I missed it. Cognitive Dissidents is always amazing on a dancefloor. The waiting part was great, I love Fluorostani Transcendance. Yeah, he did a few tracks. Magnetic Force and maybe two or three more not from the 90's. Mostly it was the old stuff. I was dead tired at the time, being up dancing since last hour of Psara on Goa Guardians. Oh, there was a photo taken of the goa constrictor, you and me at your camp. Can you pm it to me or put it here in the thread. I would appreciate that. =)
  4. Thanks psyhoe. I've been looking for this myself. ZNA got in the way maybe. =))
  5. I think like 2 am. I remember shouting to Trunks that now Koxbox is starting. =)) They had a bit of a problem with the artists shuttles. Yeah, I'm still trying to get my head around this festival. So much great things where happening. =))
  6. I didn't get the stomach bug, guess I'm lucky. The dust did fuck up my throat. Still coughing a bit. Amazing festival it was. Wow, just wow. The time just pasted away way too fast. Trunks, always a blast to be on the the dance floor with you. Fun times. =) Mike!! you have an account here, don't know your handle but. I had such a good time hanging with you and Paul. =)) The wait for Koxbox was worth it, Frank played brilliantly. Juno did Komit and Dino did his Tortured Brain thing. There was just so much good music. Like my friend Timo asked me half into the festival, have you herd really bad tracks? No I guess not, was the only answer. Of course I didn't like everything, but still. The level at ZNA is high. I kinda missed some 90-94 music, maybe I just wasn't on the dance floor when it was played? I have a few videos on my youtube, check them out if you want. This one is for K-BAN. =))
  7. I got the ZNA compilation of course. =)) It sounds even better, absolutely magical. thanosp81 is doing a amazing job with his Digital Reprints. =)
  8. So far so good. Just did a preliminarily packing, everything I need is not in yet. The limit is 23kg, right now my backpack is 18kg. So I should be fine. I even put in a folding chair and an extra pair of shoes. A real pillow is in also, not only the inflatable one I normally use. =)) I felt it was time to have some luxuries at a festival, lol. I will not have much time for touristy stuff. I'm arriving late tomorrow and then the bus departures 10 am Sunday. But I will for sure relax in the king size bed in the hotel tomorrow night, haha.
  9. Wow, what a fantastic box of Greg Hunter's music, on cd finally. =)) I love the artwork. Geonosis is one of the best downtempo albums ever. And then the new Bluetech - Liquid Geometries in Dub. LSD continues with their high quality releases.
  10. One month will go by fast =) Thankfully. I will take the bus on the 18th to the festival solo. So if anybody of you guys want to meet up at the airport Sunday morning let me know. Yes I will find you Trunks. This is from another thread... Unless you have shaven off that beard. Then maybe I will have to look for the t-shirts. =))
  11. Got my copy yesterday =) Will read it soon. Cleo Odzer's book is an interesting read. If you guys want something more spiritual and meditation thingy you can try One Night's Shelter: From Home To Homelessness by Yogavacara Rahula. Or just read Eight Finger Eddies book if you want the start of the Goa hippie stuff.
  12. Awesome job =)) I'm so glad that Denshi Danshi got the no.1 spot. That album is amazing.
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