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  1. staffan

    Ambient recommendations

    This is my standing recommendation for everything not psydub. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUzFH7_p-j4 It's a bit old maybe. Gaudi released an album last year. Perhaps a bit too much for your taste, but still an amazing album. https://gaudimusic.bandcamp.com/album/gaudi-magnetic
  2. staffan

    Psynews is turning 19 today!

    Happy birthday!!!
  3. staffan

    Hallucinogen in Dub - Gamma Goblins

    It's Alan Watts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PadKa3lP4qU
  4. staffan

    Need some new Goa

    You need Denshi Danshi - Brain Chemistry. That album is amazing.
  5. This is so good, two superstars delivering an amazing album.
  6. staffan

    Digital Reprints News

    Wonderful, of course I grabbed a copy.
  7. Fantastic album. Sukha is one hell of a track, it has been a long time since I've herd something like that.
  8. felt like making a random stop on the site to say Yooooo! haha! it all looks different.

    1. staffan


      Hey! Ho!

      So ZNA is up, ticket system crashed. I haven't got mine yet. But no worries.

      Will you be there? No, you will be there. Period. ;)

  9. If I lived in Belgium I probably would go to more parties. I'm in the north of Sweden, well actually in the middle, but everyone thinks it's the north. So not so many parties around here, Stockholm or Finland is where I have to go. I was at a party in Malmö, maybe 04 or 05, Jens Waldebäck was one of the dj's. That was the last one of my days of going to parties often. Now not so much, this year I was at a Connection pre-party in Spain. Etnica played. Oh, I also saw Ticon playing live in Malmö maybe five or six years ago. But that wasn't very good... Festivals is my thing. ZNA next year is going to be epic.
  10. staffan

    Astral Projection new album

    Here's a nice interview that Ofer made with AP, there's a couple more on his youtube, while we wait for the album.
  11. Some good stuff from the 90's. Oh, this one also need to be in here.
  12. Yes, soon we will be there, dancing. I really need to decide how I'm getting to Apsara. Right now it looks like I'll be in Sibiu on monday. There are direct flights from Copenhagen to Sibiu and since I'm in the south of Sweden prior to the festival I think it will be the best option for me. But anyway, I'm really looking forward to this festival.
  13. Yes, Talking Souls. Maybe he will play Karma 209, I really want to hear that one. Great line-up so far.