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  1. Yep, Etnica played after Prana. But I could hardly stand up at the time, 6 am-ish, so I stumbled to my tent. Jan from X-dream played some really old school stuff if I remember correctly, like Age of Love.
  2. UX vs Slide, wow. That's fantastic news. I'll be there unless something unexpected happens. Process would be a dream come true, I've never herd him play. He played in Aalborg, DK, twenty something years ago I think. But I didn't go to that party sadly. He is brilliant. While the dreaming is going on, I want Doof also. =)) The line up at ZNA is great as always. Cydonia, Technossomy, Prana, Synchro, Cosmosis and more.
  3. Old school madness. =)) Total Eclipse and Syb Unity Nettwerk.
  4. I did some research on the internetz and found the name of the drummer who played with AP, Danni Makov, I didn't remember that. This is from 2000 when I saw them, no idea how long they did that. It wasn't until 2016 I experienced them live again. =)) So a video of God is a DJ remix. And the whole show, I think it was aired on Swedish public radio. Not the best quality, probably the 192 kbps that floated around after. I like when artists do something with their live sets. Sure it doesn't always work, but here I have no problem with it. =))
  5. I was going mad when X-Dream played. Danced my ass off =)). That was a good year of Ozora. Ozric started the festival the best way possible. Ott and Banco de Gaia with magical sets.
  6. I saw Astral in Arvika 2000 with live drums, so three guys on stage. Worked really well. Nice touch, but maybe not what you experienced? What Hallucinogen party were you at? I saw him 2004 in cph, with Frank E and Orion. I didn't liked the venue, but Simon delivered a banging set. =)) X-Dream amager bio 1999 or maybe 1998, I didn't have a ticket so I couldn't get in, lol, =P Went to Christiania instead. Hahaha, almost same thing in 2000 at big vega in cph. X-dream and Atmos on the line up. 18 years on the flyer, but when I got there they said 20, I was 18. So... on to Christiania again. =))
  7. So many, but to name a few. One party in Copenhagen, spring 2000. Serge played three or four tracks, then the rest of Total Eclipse joined him on stage and delivered a amazing set. Chaotic Circus, Space Clinic, Free Lemonade... Many classics and some newer ones. After that Koxbox/Psychopod played for three hours. Starting with The Great Unknown and moving on to the classics. That was like five hours with nothing but great tracks. Simon and Raja Ram four hours set at Ozora 2011. Chill and dance, Shpongle, TIP, Hallucinogen and some other side projects mixed to a wonderful journey. A perfect start to that day that also included Paul Eye's X-dream set. Which was really great, but also MWNN, Atmos, Younger Brother and Prometheus. Prana at SUN festival 2014. First time I experienced Prana, before I've herd Tsuyoshi dj set and Joujouka live. This time Tsuyoshi blasted the dance floor with a perfect Prana set. Alien Pets, Taiyo (Chakra Remix), yeah you know. Also the whole evening/night was great, Benji Vaughan, Younger Brother, Shpongle, Jan from X-Dream dj, Children of Paradise all playing before Prana.
  8. Denshi Danshi arrived. Some other goodies is on its way. =))
  9. Sure I don't have facebook, instagram and twitter. But it is what it is. Just give me the Total Eclipse cd. =)) What happened to DAT GOA? Is it included in the DAT Universe? Cool, not just me still using fax machines, lol. =))
  10. I haven't bought many records lately, but this week I got this nice cds. =))
  11. Koenji Cave is streaming right now on twitch. Japan time in the picture.
  12. Uptempo 1. Triquetra - Human Control 2. Hypnoxock ‎- Beyond The Wormhole 3. Various - Gamma Draconis 4. Mindsphere ‎- Mental Triplex - Beyond 5. UX - Aud‡ssey (Live & Beyond) 6. Out Of Orbit - Wisdom Of The Crowds Downtempo 1. Globular + Geoglyph ‎- Messages From The Resonator 2. Gaudi ‎- 100 Years Of Theremin (The Dub Chapter) 3. Mantra Move ‎- Raven Dub 4. Youth & Gaudi ‎- Astronaut Alchemists Remixes
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