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  1. That shouldn't be a problem. The few times I've been in contact with ZNA they always been very helpful.
  2. I have one strange thing I always liked more that I should, probably. =)) The hi-hat coming in 1:58 in Antidote. Just perfect. But the thing in psytrance? Well, at 4:48 in Reflecta - Creatures. That track always gets me going. =))
  3. DOOF!!!!!! So very excited... Wait wait wait a minute. Did I hear Process? YES!!! This is insane. Thank god I already have a ticket. =))
  4. Wow, what an amazing festival. Many great hours spent on the dance floor. =)) Is five days too short for a festival? Most artists play very good, I think. Highlights for me was Nick Taylor, Virtuart and Solitare. But then there was Chi A.D, Prana, Cosmosis, K9@4, Mindfield, Triquetra... So much good music. =)) I took a few videos, not many as usual.
  5. From the last few months. The Apsara cd a.k.a. Acidum Influxum. =)) Triquetra Myriad Vision and Access Denied. Younger Brother Vaccine Electronic and Nervasystem Underground Culture.
  6. staffan

    20 YEARS

    I was thinking about Ultimo Imperio. But a short piece of Astral Projection's remix was uploaded on youtube in 2019. Not 2020 as the title says, and it's not released yet. That I know of, maybe it will never be released.
  7. So now I've started to make travel plans. I'll be in Budapest late Tuesday, 9 pm, and take the bus without transfers to Bercel 6:30 am. If I can make it, I don't like early mornings, lol. Great line up. Some acts that I haven't experienced before. Like Cosmosis, Roy Sasson, Virtuart, Chi-A.D. and Subcouds. This is going to be awesome. =)) Full line up. Techno rave floor. Live: Andromeda (Classic Goa Trax) – POL Antidot & DICA (Dox’Art & Mikrokosm Records) – FRA Artifact303 (Suntrip Records) – ROM Battle of the Future Buddhas (Suntrip Records) – SWE Celestial Intelligence (Suntrip Records) – MAC Chi-A.D. – UK Cosmoon/Twisted Travellers (Boom! Records/Flying Rhino) – NL Cosmosis (Transient/Holophonic) – UK Dimension 5 (Suntrip Records) – UK Dreamweaver (Tsunami/Classic Goa Trax) – SWE Ethereal (Tranceform Records) – SWE Filteria (Suntrip Records) – SWE Fripic Bounce (Schlabbaduerst) – SWE Human Blue (Spiral Trax) – SWE Hunab Ku (Blue Moon Productions) – UK Hypnoxock (Suntrip Records) – SPA JIS (Timewarp Records) – HUN Ka-Sol (Suntrip/Schlabbaduerst) – SWE KOB (Suntrip Records) – SWE MFG (Phonokol Records) – ISR Mindfield (Phantasm Records) – UK Mindsphere (Suntrip Records) – TUR Morphic Resonance (Suntrip Records) – SPA Nervasystem (Matsuri Productions) – UK Nick Taylor (Matsuri/Psy Harmonics) – AUS Prana (Matsuri Productions) – JAP/AUS Ra (Suntrip Records) – NOR Roy Sason (Zion604) – ISR Sienis (Gi’iwa Records) – SWE Skarma (Suntrip Records) – HUN Steptime/Spindrift (Stoneage Records) – SWE Subcouds (Psychic Deli) – SWE SUN Project (Classic Goa Trax) – GER Texas Faggott (Psy Harmonics/Exogenic) – FIN Triquetra (Suntrip Records) – BEL Underhead (Classic Goa Trax) – FRA Virtuart (Classic Goa Trax) – FRA Xenomorph (Gnostic Records) – GER Dj’s: Ain- Soph (Trance Bum Prod.) – BEL Anoebis (Suntrip Records) – BEL Benho vs Psymon (Lunar604, Zion 604) – HUN D-Dave (Schlabbaduerst RekKords) – SWE DaPeace (Suntrip Records) – SER Dark El Kante (Random Records) – SPA Goaacen (Suntrip Records) – POR Hase (Transylvaliens) – ROM Joost & Aziz (Goa Trance Music) – BEL K9@4 (Suntrip Records) – ISR Metaverse (Suntrip Records) – HUN Pavane (Suntrip Records) – BEL Payba (Suntrip Records) – BEL Solitare (DAT Recorda) – CAN Stev0 (Suntrip Records) – CRO Sunborn (Independent) – GRE Tobias Bassline (Suntrip Records) – GER Tsuyoshi Suzuki (Matsuri Productions) – JAP Relaxing area. Live: 1000arc (HUN) Alpha Hypnotica (SVK) Brian Grassfield (HUN) Callithrix (HUN) Dharma Beatz (HUN) Dynamic Illusion (HUN) Hypnoxock (SPA) Mindsphere (TUR) N.Sof (ISR) Nuage Vivant (FRA) Ra (NOR) Sounds of Snow (NL) Tin Garden Covert (BEL) Vibrasphere (SWE) Wavespell (FRA) Dj’s: Anoebis (BEL) Bimbiri (HUN) Cabra (HUN) Comsat & Petar (HUN) Czellux (HUN) D.E.K. (SPA) Dréa Yang (ROM) Eden (ISR) Fotel (HUN) Goasis (DK) Ikoza (HUN) Kay-D (HUN) Longchat (FRA) Miska (HUN) Ommsound (GER/TUR) Sabiance (HUN) Sadz (HUN) Shahar (ISR) Sun Link (SWI)
  8. staffan

    20 YEARS

    Let's have a little more Sandman and some Koxbox. =)) 1993 and 2022.
  9. Done, can't wait to hear your new music. You did an awesome set at ZNA last summer, thank you for that. =))
  10. Festivals finally came back after the virus years. =)) The uptempo stuff was not that good imho. A bit of a slow year for me. VA - Beyond Expectation and VA - Mikagura I really like, and some tracks here and there. A couple of old school like Tim Schuldt - Retrospecter and VA - ZNA Gathering Retro-Futuristic Compilation III. The downtempo was much better. Kuba - Relative To The Sun, Saafi Brothers - Make Pictures With The Sound , Ott - Heads and Youth & Gaudi - Stratosphere. So amazing =))
  11. Yes, I donated my ticket. I haven't herd anything about it, so I don't know. Oh, that thunderstorm. I remember it. I also hope we will have better weather this year. =)) Steptime/Spindrift, Dreamweaver, Celestial Intelligence, Texas Faggott, MFG, Dimension 5, Hypnoxock, Battle of the Future Buddhas, Mindfield and Journey Into Sound. That's the line up so far. I've already got my ticket and really looking forward to the festival. Last time in 2018 was great and the line up for the cancelled one in 2020 was great. I belive this edition will be the same. =)) Travel plans I have to do a bit later. I just took a week of in march too go snowmobiling in the mountains here in Sweden. =)) So the festival I do after that, and I'm a little bit tempted to go to Surya Spirits Festival in may. Maybe that's doable. But Apsara yes, I don't want to miss that.
  12. Happy new year!!! Wir schicken dich ins all is awesome. Here, have two more, old as the street. =))
  13. Not the first time this happens. Not sure if it's the same, I'm not an admin. K-Ban had this issue too. Many spammers in the states I guess. Large IP ranges being blocked.
  14. Youth and Gaudi is here, awesome. And I manage to get the Life is cds on Orange Records for under €2. The only record Colordrops Live Version is on. Yay. =)) And some Swedish rap music. First press and still sealed. Not that is that valuable, but just amazing. =))
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