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Hey all, I was wondering if any of you kind peeps would know of any other tracks alongside the production style of Electrypnose classic, Sunny Heart (Original).


It ticks all the boxes, strong well produced bassline, unique leads that are amazingly atmospheric, emotive without being cheesey and too crowded. Anyway, let me know.I wonder if full-on in this style is being produced these days that isn't just the same formula musical spam full-on.....




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Finding good full-on these days is a tricky task. It is either too cheesy and barely psychedelic at all, or to the contrary, all dark, noisy and unmelodic.


As I'm into morning, melodious full-on sound, I consider these albums/EPs to be really good.


Digicult: The Lucid Nation (2012) and Soul Samadhi (2015)

U-Recken: A Light at the End of the World (2013) and Flames of Equilibrium (2015)

Champa: The Tiger (2014)

E-Mov: Jasmine EP (2016)

Nikki S: Frequency of Space (2015)

D-Maniac: Random Life Stories EP (2016)


Or on more trippy and less melodic side:

Hypnocoustics: Transformational Structures (2015)

Disorder: Transcending Biomechanical Archetypes (2015)

Psilocybian: Godhead (2015) - this one is pretty dark and twisted but really well produced

Spirit Architect: Anthology (2014)


Some vids











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I wouldn't call it Fullon, no.

It's not fast enought not full on enough and it doesn't have any Fullon elements like the baseline.


Great album but for me it's nothing like Fullon.

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as always there are excellent suggestions already but my favorite hasnt been posted yet so here u go



thats freaking classic fullon at its very finest. refined mixing, and uber climax starting @ 03:13 ending with divine 303 tweakage. the peak of the climax starts at 03:52 and it gives me goosebumps everytime.

and no, IM hasnt done any fullon. Its all psytrance and just psytrance.


for more softer fullon i would strongly recommend the whole album called "silicon sound - pure analog"

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