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  1. So the release of a "million years dance" Atriohm EP is isnanely exciting. I wonder what is your guys' favourite track on the EP. It is seriously hard to choose. Hope ya'll are having a good day. Peace
  2. Yes this is fucking disgraceful. Timmy Trumpet makes me ashamed to be Australian.
  3. Seeing as though there are a lot of Goa Trance fiends on this forum, hehe, I was hoping one of ya'll could identify this track. Thanks all
  4. http://www.mushroom-magazine.com/how-could-you-stand-psytrance-scene/ Some good points made here. However I think there are a lot of factors that make psychedelic parties a bit more prone to dodgy behaviour. Your thoughts would be nice.
  5. Hey ormion, I really find it interesting as reading some of your posts earlier on in the year motivated me to make an account on this forum and in particular it was about the SA twilight sound thread, can't exactly remember. Anyway, I for one am a hater of that SA twilight style but I think an album that lots of my friends didn't really like but I liked was this one EP called Mary Still by Hidden Soul on ektoplazm. Two really great tracks on there.
  6. Maybe. Also cool subtext beneath your post, I assume its referring to the trance dance experience. Flippin sweet!!
  7. Yeah Mr or Mrs Veracohr, the production of psytrance is insanely complex and infinite but maybe that is all. One can modulate sounds infinitely to make no section sound the same but maybe from a musical point of view it is not very complex. Interesting.
  8. Yeah I just want to stress how I know nothing about musical theory really at all. Cool answer, I think conceptually psytrance is complex in that you have the baseline and leads and percussion linking and rolling over each other and changing appropriately as to give a sense of groove and psychedelic flow which seems to soundtrack psychedelic experiences well. But yeah I guess lots of great music is very simple like the beatles is almost like the wiggles but for adults abd it is great stuff. Good point about the randomness and complexity association. When you put it like that, I would be inclined to agree that unexpected added kicks and breaks are not necessarily making a track more complex but maybe adding subtleties that change and shift formulas in the sub genres of psy and have their own effects on syncopating the track. Goa is a hit and miss genre for me. I'm a young psy lover so I haven't really experienced goa at an outdoor party properly. Some tracks do seem quite a lot more "musical" than the Rugga dugga bass line of psy. Anyway thanks for your input.
  9. Also are the darker styles just examples of pareidolia being abused. I love great dark psytrance/hi tech but was wondering ya'll opinions. Cheers
  10. So is it a musically complex genre? I'm asking from a musical theory point of view to any musicians/producers out there who have a musical background and who would be able to shed light on the subject. To me it seems complex but really insanely simple at the same time. A bassline and then leads is essentially what it is for most of the tracks plus certain bridges/breaks. It doesn't have choruses and it is not really tonal in some styles? Anyway, I really don't have any idea. Feel free to post tracks of examples of what you understand to be complex or simple for your explanations if you so wish. Also maybe you might think a subgenre like hi tech is actually really dumb or good for whatever reason (for example then explain please). Anyway, I find nearly all genres of psy sound great just got to find the gems.
  11. Hey all, I was wondering if any of you kind peeps would know of any other tracks alongside the production style of Electrypnose classic, Sunny Heart (Original). It ticks all the boxes, strong well produced bassline, unique leads that are amazingly atmospheric, emotive without being cheesey and too crowded. Anyway, let me know.I wonder if full-on in this style is being produced these days that isn't just the same formula musical spam full-on.....
  12. When I was 18 in 2014, at a small little party in North NSW, Australia. Got into it seriously though only at start of 2015
  13. Dear fellow lovers, anyone able to ID this track? Eternally grateful.
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