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Best (non psychedelic) Uplifting Trance ?


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Hi everyone,


Although I love Psychedelic Trance, I love Trance in general and among it Uplifting Trance. I would like to know what are your favorite tracks of Uplifting (not the derived from Nitzhonot one).
Here are some tracks I selected:
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While we are speaking about uplifting trance, I decided to spoil the topic by my own attempts (I'll remove it if you consider it inappropriate)


Ofc, I don't consider these tracks to be even remotely close to the "best of uplifting trance" but they fit the genre definition and maybe someone of you will like it. Free download.



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Copied/Pasted from an older thread:





Some of the best works melody wise


Rank 1 - Black snow

The melody is truly special, i don't know if it was inspired by an existing song or anything, but no mention so I guess it is original - I am truly impressed by the melodic work here


Jaccot - Mu-v express

Truly underrated - Made by an spanish man, the sounds used remind me Veracocha Carte blanche, very touching melody

Track sounds empty and simple but how can you disappoint with such an epic melody?


Ferry Corsten - Sweet sorrow (Thrillseekers remix)

The melancholic and touching approach...what to say just to listen to the track, epic melody again


Bobina - Invisible touch (Ferry Corsten touch)

Melancholic stuff and instant classic IMO


Schiller - Ein shoner tag (Kaycee mischung)

Ok this one is a bit special, it is based on the theme "Un bel di vedremo" from the opera "Madame Butterfly", there is a long build up and the trance melody that follows is really uplifting

Nice work


There are of course many more, but just 5 in top of my head right now that really deserve a mention.




And of course, the best build up/climax ever:

Talla 2XLC - Is anybody out there (Taucher remix)

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The buildup and break in this one is amazing. Had tears in my eyes back in the days. Adam Nickey at his absolute best.



Sean Tyas made his best remix here. He gave Resound a little melody twist that is absolute gold.



The track at my number one spot wil FOREVER remain this Signum remix of Danjo & Styles Duende. Heaven.


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I´ll chime in my fellow tranceheads, didn´t know Vincent De Moor nor that Ferry Tayle remix so thanks for sharing


Timewave has been mentioned in the progressive atmospheric trance topic


Daniel Scott


The great Solarstone adding his magic to an also great track by Driftmoon

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