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    Running a promotional channel for psychedelic music on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC0nCAooEGOM6rNF5d2iAiA

    Please contact us if your label is interested in cooperation with us :)

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  1. Thanks. I made you an offer right now, and not a shameful one I know its value. However, if you're going to sell this for 900euro, with 3 others on the market, you'll be having to wait for years. Noone will likely pay that price considering highest offer ever was 250euro on discogs, but you might get lucky! Cheers!
  2. Put it up on discogs please as "make offer" The buyer will be protected via discogs/paypal if so. I'd like to make an offer, just not privately via a forum. Does it include the info-sheet as well? If you could make some pictures available that would be nice too.
  3. If you ask me, all DAT records releases should be on vinyl! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vinyl_revival#/media/File:Global_Vinyl_Sales_Graph_In_US$.png Just sayin'! To those who thought vinyl was dying: we're back in business baby! Is it too much to ask to get the Virtuart CD on vinyl? I really would love that to happen. And remember, the actual material vinyl wont degrade for another 500years with decent care, so it's great for archiving. A CD will start to rot at some point or cause playing errors, probably after 30 years, even if you care for it well. Think of the next generation here, and choose vinyl!
  4. Would you mind putting in timestamps for the set please? Very interested in 1:38:25 mins song if I can find on vinyl
  5. Yeah for sure! I didn't grab Etnica so I will grab both when IFO is out. I understand it's hard to get a deal with a "dead" label like "Blue Room Released". Although you're getting Koxbox permission you still need the labels as well I guess.
  6. I wish to see Koxbox - Live at Burning Man 1996 on DAT rec, you don't have some DAT tapes draeke? I heard a guy had the CDR of the master record. Maybe you can strike a deal.
  7. Awesome stuff man! Really like it. Let me know if we can work out a deal to promote it via our channel
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHcolsu6jOU Arabian nights!
  9. I was hoping for something like "Tulpa" so I am quite dissapointed, but having said that, I am sure this will be a great chill-out album
  10. I'm very impressed by both tracks, great work! Keep on rockin'
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