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  1. Hey, After a long time finally a new album and as always the whole thing with new sci-fi stories. This Album is a mixtour into Psy/Goa Trance to Psy-DnB. You can buy or Stream on my Bandcamp and Spotify. Hope you like! cheerz Bandcamp: https://mellowsonic.bandcamp.com/album/transcending-consciousness
  2. Time for a special longer track This time a mashup of my older Mellow Sonic tracks. I have used samples from Heliophysics, Particles, Blackout, Quantum Mechanics & Paradoxon. Hope you enjoy the Cosmic Sound Download free on my Soundcloud ;-)
  3. yeah now final the track ecstasy for the ultimate oldskool need for speed music feeling, hope you enjoying this :-)
  4. yoo final with this piece! enjoy the trip the result a sci fi dnb with futuristic sounds enjoy
  5. hey there here new stuff now a epic goa trance enjoy btw maybe planning a new goa trance album?? more infos later..
  6. here a track with big influence from the oldskool need for speed soundtrack by rom di prisco, saki kaskas etc... enjoy download here https://www.dropbox.com/s/vcnk02bgbvhr8uy/Ecstasy (Need For Speed Fan Theme).wav?dl=0
  7. hey yoo here a collection of my newest tracks.. from ambient to psy/goa trance & dnb download free on my bandcamp Synesthesics - Archives
  8. here a track from my mellow sonic project in a new cinematic edit enjoy download free on my soundcloud
  9. back with a new sci fi tune.. now a halfstep dnb track with some spacey psychedelic/goa melodies download on my archives https://mellowsonic.bandcamp.com/track/redshift
  10. another new one for my next album release.. more infos later... enjoy We exist in this time and in this space. But where are before we born, or after we die? What if we exist in many times and many spaces...? Perhaps at the end of life's journey, another begins.
  11. download now ready on my bandcamp https://mellowsonic.bandcamp.com/track/shattered-dreams
  12. hey folks yeah I had time again for a new trance track with goa/psy influence...enjoy and happy new year 2018 download soon...
  13. hey whats up... back with some new goa/psychedelic trance with epic hybrid intro.. enjoy download free on my bandcamp https://mellowsonic.bandcamp.com/track/tenarius
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