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Psynews Contest: the results


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Ok time for another update.


Everything is ready. The compilation is officially finished. All I need is the application form link from basilisk and I'll submit it on ektoplazm.

Meanwhile it's time to reveal the name and cover of the compilation which was made by Penzoline.



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Not sure about the Dropbox, but last time I gave one mix for download there were some limitations regarding how much single file can be downloaded. Anyway, perhaps you should make a Bandcamp and have the compilation there also (you got I think 1k download slots per month), plus you can have compilation available for free and have an option for name your price (in case someone feels okay to donate some money). Just an idea.

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What do you mean by ektoplazm is closed?


Applications are closed fo now.


Update for winter 2016: Ektoplazm is now closed to applications from the general public until further notice. A limited number of applications from previously established labels and artists will be processed moving forward; please contact us to ask for the link if you haven’t already received it. Thank you for your understanding!

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Another update. Ektoplazm is closed now for public applications, so I don't know when I will submit it.

In the meantime if anyone wants to download the compilation in wav here is the link https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11014236/VA%20-%20Cascades%20Of%20Life%20-%202016%20-%20WAV.zip

Well that sux :( I noticed one thing, are you sure the file names are correct for Ektoplazm? It seems that the file extensions .wav and .jpg appear twice.


I absolutely love the artwork, and the track order, it feels like it tells some sort of a story rather than random tracks.


The mastering on the other hand... It isn't Death Magnetic by Metallica, but I'd say it's rather brickwalled. Works for some tracks but some that have more massive layers of sound like Xenofish and Dragon Twins, seem to suffer a bit from this much compression. It seems to be the way things are still done, that's just my opinion.

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