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  1. Hello, Any idea what tune that is? The first tune of this mix: Thank you!
  2. Yeah, I saw that, but when I listen to it, it doesn't seem.
  3. How guys, any idea what this tune is? Thanks!
  4. Ahah!! That's true! (thinking about Radical Distortion's latest album which disappointed me so much)
  5. Hi guys, I feel sad that people refer to such a broad spectrum of electronic music under the "psytrance" umbrella term, ranging from old-school goa trance, all the way to full-on... I mean, when you search for goa trance music, e.g. on Youtube, psy-music.ru or on Spotify, you never know what to expect...It would be like mixing pop rock with hard-rock under one big genre. I like old-school goa trance music and neo-goa, but that's about it...I waste so much time browsing and discarding music online because labelled vaguely or wrongly... On Spotify, there are even playlists labeled as "goa trance", which are actually poor, minimalist, repetitive tunes of no interest to be. Certainly not goa trance music. Regarding the forum, maybe it would be a good idea to divide the top-level section into subgenres? Just thinking at loud...This was the rant of the day
  6. In december, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, which seems to be the cause of my mental disorders.
  7. Yes, it's pretty close! Hard to tell the difference. Here's a sample of TAL that I uploaded a while ago (AdBlock Plus needs to be temporarily disabled to play back).
  8. As a rule of thumb, an SH-101 is a good pick. If you don't like old synths, you can use the very good Roland SH-101 PLUGOUT VSTi, coupled with a distortion, it sounds very good! Another VSTi that you can use for leads is the Waldorf Largo. Try also synths such as these
  9. I love this compilation too! Especially the first 2 tunes: E-Mantra - Sumoning Necromancer Sirius - Not From here
  10. I have that reading problem too, but for me it's due to my ADHD.
  11. My favorite Radical Distortion album from start to end, hands down. I have listened to it an incredible amount of times...
  12. The lyrics of Dying Earth sadden me, but the rest of the album is awesome!
  13. Any plans for Radical Distortion to release a new gem any time soon? My only hope is that they stick to their style and don't slip to the mediocre minimalist, repetitive style that a number of artists have chosen. Can't wait to see their new album
  14. After the excellent Portamento - The Portal album, there doesn't seem to be any more album but on the Cronomi web site there's more stuff.
  15. Melodic, powerful, rich, varied... Really love imba's music!!
  16. Hi! Maybe I've gone through this thread too fast...I haven't been able to pinpoint where the masterized tracks are, and where the CD cover is
  17. Nice! I like it! Recognized the Lately Bass at 2:00
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