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  1. Hello. It has been a while since I released anything original as Profetia. Guess this weird worldwide situation inspired me as well. I wanted to produce all sounds on this track with my Virus B synth only, but it's multi-mode was bugging oddly, so I had to take Nord Lead 2 aid. Nevertheless, oldschool style production (as it is also mostly mixed with console/analog compression etc) and hope the outcome would sound like the classic goa of late 90's. The mastering was also made in a way of preserving more dynamic range. https://soundcloud.com/profetia/cme https://profetia.bandcamp.com/track/cme
  2. Glad it's finally up. I added it to Discogs and added the written-by and producer names from Soundcloud. Some are still missing, so can somebody add the missing data, and correct some if I made some mistakes? https://www.discogs.com/release/8671069
  3. Well that sux I noticed one thing, are you sure the file names are correct for Ektoplazm? It seems that the file extensions .wav and .jpg appear twice. I absolutely love the artwork, and the track order, it feels like it tells some sort of a story rather than random tracks. The mastering on the other hand... It isn't Death Magnetic by Metallica, but I'd say it's rather brickwalled. Works for some tracks but some that have more massive layers of sound like Xenofish and Dragon Twins, seem to suffer a bit from this much compression. It seems to be the way things are still done, that's just my opinion.
  4. Thank you very much. Warms my heart to hear that Would not be a bad idea, however it might slow the process down quite a bit... Hope it's not going to be compressed too much.
  5. Second that. If you make an entry you should go with that. You have no idea how much I wanted to change my track once it passed the voting, since the live version (well the end part) I sent you sounded far better to my ears, but I thought it would have been unfair to change it so the track remains absolutely the same as I first sent it. At least if someone wants to book me live with synths, the track will sound a little bit different every time Also what you said about being available for public ears, and perfection, that is my disease, I admit. And that is why I so rarely release anything or even give tracks for even a closed circuit, until I'm completely happy with it. Once it's out there it's out there. This was the first time I really made a track for a specific contest, and I feel I gave everything I could. So BIG thanks to everyone who voted for it or just listened, this really means a lot to me I felt the quality of all the tracks was great and the diversity of styles was phenomenal. A question, is this going to be released on Ektoplazm?
  6. Votes: 1: Xenofish - Made Out Of Stars 2: Phobium - Orbital Resonance 3: dSk - Biosphere (Psybient-Soundtrack mix) 4: Profetia - Rage Against the Crashing 5: Shaman Flux - Lift You Up 6: Cybernetika - Prismatic Reflection 7: Neuropa - Seven Circles 8: Mellow Sonic - Psychokinesis 9: The Mule - Numinous 10: Recursion Loop - The Riddle of Three Turtles Damn this was a lot harder than I thought. So many good tracks I had to leave out of of top 10 :/ After about three full rounds the list changed a bit as some tracks seemed to benefit from multiple listens.
  7. Must say. One hell of a contest, a lot of great tracks. Only about half way through listening to all of them but already found some really neat stuff.
  8. GMT, so two hours left still. I first thought I had wrong date Ironically had another crash when pushing the final track, therefore Rage Against the Crashing was suitable name...
  9. Oh, I didn't even realize I had account here.. Anyhow, finally got mine up, nice to have these contests once in a while to drive me crazy.
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