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Afgin - Old Is Gold Selected tunes (2006-2015)

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Self-irony? :P

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Maybe "Old is Gold" should be taken literally? :) Not sure how old he is, but I would say he ain't doing bad, look wise.

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without listening as i on bad connection in canada.. what's the go??

u guys paying out on him???




love afgin

Like him too. Must say, I like his "trance side" much more than "goa trance" direction.

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Like him too. Must say, I like his "trance side" much more than "goa trance" direction.


I think his "trance side" is better at being trance than his "goa trance" is at being goa. I often get bored with the euro trance formula, but still, I listened to his Dream Master EP earlier and was reminded of how much I enjoy it! I'm about to listen to his other EPs.

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Can anyone ask The Hypnotic LFO Room, why did he talks about promotion? :) :) :)

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Afgin is back. Since 2006, when he released his legendary Old Is Gold album he has swept the entire Psytrance scene throughout the world, putting the retro Goa Trance sound upfront. With his charismatic Stage Performance Afgin was a big contributor in the renaissance of the old Goa sound and had influenced many new-school Goa Trance artists in the world. Afgin ever since has been playing and DJing around the globe in many parties and festivals as part of the Suntrip Records team. Later on, in 2009 he had released his 2nd album under the Suntrip Records label.


Afgin's music has its own distinct characteristics – euphoric, uplifting, emotional and deep. From Goa vibes to sunrise feeling and Euro Trance anthems, Afgin will take you from the first moment to a journey with a high positive state of trance of melodies and harmonies.


In this album we have selected various styles that Afgin has managed to produce between the years 2006 and 2015. You will find the classic Goa tunes together with emotional uplifting deep Trance and the typical ambient tune as an ending tune to this journey. Some of the tracks are well known classics of Afgin from recent years, some are unreleased and some are released for the first time on an official CD album.


All the tracks in the album have gone through post-production mastering by Ido Ophir (Domestic studio). Ido has worked with the biggest names in the industry such as Astrix, Ace ventura and many more. The mastering in this album is very up-to-date, delivering a full dynamic and powerful sound. The result is a sharp and clear mastering, ensuring your ears will fly with the frequencies into an amazing journey.


We are proud to release this album. Afgin's resume as an artist and a DJ certainly showcases his enormous contribution to the Goa Trance scene. This piece of art you're holding encapsulates Afgin's past, present and future…


Have a pleasant journey through music and always remember – Old Is Gold!



1. Ray Of Light

2. Old Is Gold

3. Old Is Gold (Part 2)

4. Amanita

5. Astral Experience

6. Shine On

7. Fly With Me

8. Violet

9. The Sound Of Goodbye

10. Aden Prayers (Part 2)


for ordering & buying the CD :

Psyhop: http://bit.ly/1Kdn2fW

Beatspace: http://bit.ly/1OmEE82

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