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  1. It was released yesterday, November 6th. Grab it now it´s a killer! https://timewarprecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-call-of-goa-vol-4-by-nova-fractal-timewarp126-timewarp
  2. Listen up!

    Does anyone know where to find the man behind the goa trance project "Imperial Project" (The Infinity Float, Overcast Attack and Synthetic Pleasure) from Switzerland. According to Discogs his name is K. Da Lyud or Ken Da Lyud or but apparently he is not easy to find.

    Is he still active in the scene or where did he go? If you know, please tell me. He is searched by many..

  3. Sorry I haven´t read this review until now!! But yeee, thanks for the big words you are giving me Aspartic!! Compilation didn´t become as I had planned from the beginning, but with this rollercoaster energy feeling it describes my feeling for goa trance. It doesn´t have to be 100% full acid power to be good enough to go wild. This compilation is like a flower, it´s growing, become strong and solid like a beatiful developed flower, like a astonishing waterlilly on a mirrored water surface in the warm the evening sun. It´s embracing your soul, litterally. I can happily say that there ar
  4. Thank you for your amazing words! <3
  5. I am, also a Neogoa label DJ.
  6. Gosh!! Thank you Aspartic for THE AMAZING REVIEW!! <3 <3 <3 And thank you all for amazing support. We have after all, set the standard of modern goa trance!! Thank you Timewarp Records, Renato (Nova Fractals) and thank YOU all involved artists!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!! LOVE <3
  7. Label DJ for Timewarp (US)

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