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Ektoplazm needs your help!

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Ektoplazm needs your help! Since 2007 we've served up millions of releases to music lovers all around the world... but we've reached a limit to how much we can grow. Now, in 2012, we are reaching out to the community to help transform Ektoplazm into a truly next-level music distribution service. Please make a contribution to the campaign and spread the word. Let's make it happen!



If you are new to Ektoplazm and would like to find out what it’s all about please read about our story and download some of our greatest hits:


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Will donate...thanks for all the hard work over the years! By the way, what will happen if you don't reach your goal?


You are very welcome! About what happens if the goal is not reached: I'm hoping I won't ever have to talk about that ;)


Thanks for the support everyone!

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It's surprising (for me at least and obviously not in a good way) that the campaign hasn't been funded yet. 7299 downloads today (at the time of writing). I'll hope for the best though, Ektoplazm deserves this.

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contributed, please guys spread the word and donate!

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Can't you extend it some more, so that you'll reach the goal for sure?


Quoting from here:


Q: Can the campaign be extended?


A: No, the campaign cannot be extended. Indiegogo does not allow us to change the campaign end date, our goal, or the method of funding ("fixed" in our case, which simply means that we must reach the goal for your contributions to be released to us).

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