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  1. Hello, It has been years ! I am back with a new EP, self released, available on bandcamp : https://pharaom.bandcamp.com/album/spacenoids It's been 7 years since my last album was released (Under the Sun of Goa). Spacenoids is somehow a sequel to Shelter Ten, with a strong sci-fi influence, but with less story telling elements and more drive ! Enjoy
  2. Thank you so much Mdk, you know how much I love your reviews ! Maybe I'll definitly have to produce bollywood porn to get rich haha
  3. Thanks for the review !! I love the cover so I don't mind if it fills my whole screen \o/
  4. Thank you very much. That's a big request ! I'm still surprised to see how much people enjoyed this album. I mean it was a bit risky to kind of break down the sacred rules of goa trance this way. Anyway I think I never enjoyed making music as much as I did on this one, and I like to make listeners happy so working on a sequel in the future is not impossible.
  5. Thank you very much ! The funny fact is that your favorite track of the album (biomec civilization) was not supposed to be included, we added it only few days before the release ! Cheers !
  6. I found the first track pretty much exasperating. The Beastie boys samples are so ridiculous... I mean come on internet is full of awesome sounds everywhere, why using this lame material ? The second one is bouncy and a little bit better, but still not awesome..
  7. The 2 first tracks sounds very nice, very well made. I like the cover too !
  8. Thanks for your review ! I'm happy that we received (and we are still receiving !) so many remixes of Cellar door ! But I'm still waiting for the gaga and britney one
  9. God I hate this sound... boring as hell. And how can somebody has such bad tastes to make this aweful cover.. The only good stuff about this VA is definitly your review !
  10. OUT NOW : http://futuredisorder.bandcamp.com/album/shelter-ten-ep-fdr-ex-001-2 Thanks GS concept ! Well I'm not really changing style, I'm just trying to make my music evolve with other things I like
  11. Out on Future Disorder Recordings tomorrow !
  12. Coming soon enjoy ! http://vimeo.com/61236895
  13. Your chiptune rox Fil, always loved it since bit-head ! Glad to hear some fresh stuffs !
  14. Made with ableton and several midi instruments. Enjoy !
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