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What are you doing right now?


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My best friends broke up yesterday and are going to file for divorce, presumably very soon. Gonna' go over to his house and keep him company once I've finished cleaning this godforsaken apartment.



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Looking up tracks to put into my ongoing mix whilst chatting with a friend online whilst ripping my cd's with EAC on my second computer

whilst dancing around in my room

and checking this forum for some useful information


(taking a 20 sec break from all of this to come and post here - see yaaa)

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I'm in a very good mood, as we speak. My partner and I signed the contract for our new apartment in Malmö this morning where we'll be moving in as soon as possible. I'm so relieved and glad that I finally no longer have to live in this depressing inbred shithole. On top of all that, it's my birthday. The only thing that would make my day even better if I'd get the (part-time) job I've been seeking (managed to get two interviews in a week's time at the same employer). But for now, I'll settle and be happy for what I have this very moment.


Now, I shall get back to do the laundry, watch some Futurama and make me some late breakfast.

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My son is napping, so I'm listening to Tribal Encore again on headphones and surfing the web. His sleeping pattern has changed in the last week so I realized today I need to start going to bed a lot earlier. It will make my day more pleasant as its much harder to enjoy time with a little person who can barely speak when you feel sleep deprived.

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