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Merry Christmas Psynews!

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Merry Christmas to you all at PN. A brand new start for Psynews, best of luck to both Insejn and Mars. :)

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Merry Christmas.

I searched to add a video, but I found out that neither Skazi nor Eskimo nor GMS nor any full on star dared to remix jingle bells....yet.

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Yes celebrate your X-mas so that your stomach gets overly full and mind gets hunger for more.

Yes, celebrate it so much that the stores get richer and your family gets poorer. Beh!











Merry christmas everyone all over the glObe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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Who's doing what for the Xmas/New Year period?


Anyone travelling to somewhere or doing something interesting? Maybe a party or a festival?


I'm heading to the Woodford Folk Festival. 25th year celebration. 6 days(27th Dec - 1 Jan) of 2500 performers and speakers, workshops, huge focus on the environment, good alternative vibes and great food set on a 500 acre bushland site! It's only 15 mins from my house. Most people camp. Starts tomorrow, I'm excited!

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